liveblogging young avengers

I think people miss how important this is. For me personally, this is why I don’t think Tommy has damage with the world and will never write him like that. I think he still has scars, sure: from juvie and from Cassie and Vision. But I don’t think it’s as fresh for him as it is for the rest of the team. This is, what? A year? Two? Since he was sprung from juvie. Imagine how long that is for him. He has long since made his peace and moved on. And the same deal with Vision and Cassie. It’s not that he doesn’t care or doesn’t feel, it’s that he does it from a different time frame than everyone else. To him, his time in jail and the end of Young Avengers may have been years ago, and they’ll never be fond memories for him and it’ll always hurt, but he’s moved on. Give the rest of the team years to move on from things and they’d do it too.

This is the same for Pietro and Bart. The three of them have never known life without way too much time to do anything and everything. And it’s not that they aren’t aware of the rest of the world, and they do participate in it and live in the “normal” time frame, but it’s different. It’s like this weird juxtaposition of two different time frames that they live in. It’s not that they don’t care or are impatient, it’s that in one hour, they’ve had a week, and in one week, it’s been months. And then they look up and realize that it’s only been about 5 minutes. Somewhere in the back of their mind, they’re aware of the actual passage of time, but they just can’t be expected to process things that slow for long.

So my version of Tommy is well put together and stable (in his own way) compared to the rest of the team because he’s literally had so much time to reach that. And that’s hella cool.

This isn’t to say that Tommy’d be spewing his feelings everywhere and be any less ornery as hell if he moved at “regular” speed, I mean that’s why we (I) love him, but it’s just something to think about. Perspective, yo.

Tommy watching the only family he’s ever really felt connected to just dismantle right before his eyes and not being able to stop any of it. He’s always felt like he’s not good enough, probably like he’s had to make up for past mistakes. He doesn’t have feelings and he doesn’t hold hands but his family is falling apart and i’m going to cry in a corner.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #09