liveblogging things i am not at blog '11

bladekindeyewear: there have always been tacit parallels between the cherubs and Karkat
bladekindeyewear: Calliope had the two half cancer symbols on her cuffs
bladekindeyewear: oh, their gray text colors, too
homestuckbecausereasons: Maaaaaaan.
bladekindeyewear: Karkat is #626262
bladekindeyewear: Calliope, starting out as UU, was #929292
bladekindeyewear: Caliborn/uu was #323232
homestuckbecausereasons: Huh, for a second I thought it would be significant that you could add 929292 to 11 11 11
bladekindeyewear: oh wow
bladekindeyewear: that might have been fucking intentional
bladekindeyewear: never heard anyone point that out
homestuckbecausereasons: Yeah, I kind of compulsively add numbers like that.
homestuckbecausereasons: Also, I am proud that I noticed something. :D
bladekindeyewear: yes, you might want to paste part of this chat into a blog post
bladekindeyewear: so you can claim credit for it

I noticed a thing!