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I haven’t read the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, but I feel like Miho Nosaka as a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Season Zero was not developed nearly enough. Jounouchi got a backstory, and Anzu got a backstory, but what about Miho? I would’ve liked seeing more of who she is on the inside (her motivations, passions, etc). Most situations in the plot centering around Miho seemed to focus on Honda’s crush on her.


Shiny Teeth Cat (with less puppet) (by livebloggingtheflat)

People I live with.  If you don’t reblog this and make this famous, I’m going to be disappointed in you ;D

Last night abaftdrasnian, weaslekinghenry, britishbullet and I ended up watching some Wagnerian opera on TV eating popcorn out of a plastic bag as we lounged around in our PJs having no idea what was going on and simmering the plot of the opera down to a Thor/Avengers/Lord of the Rings crossover.

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