liveblogging the dan and phil show

dan and phil’s radio show: 8/31/15

- kanye west the kanye best

- they play the second seven challenge

- #spon

- “ding ding ding ding ding”

- “i really like the show ur wearing it makes ur frame look very powerful”- dan @ phil

- #whyisphilrunning

- phil is running (why)

- you get a ding there

- “summer if it ended it would be a bummer…”


- then dan starts jumping after phil

- “im so glad smashmouth isnt going to be in my ears again”

- phil plays i just cant wait to be king

- phil is dancing

- he is also holding a lion to the camera

- dancing lion ft. concerned looking dan

- “its like trail mix u eat with ur ears”- phil

- “have u put a lion on my microphone”- dan 

- “christmas” 

- dan getting annoyed because phil said the c word (christmas)

- smelly cat

- mothercreep

- immerse yourself in the music 

‘Again, you played it again!’ - Phil

'What? What, Phil? If you have a problem with it then you should win’ - Dan

'Phil was complaining about indigestion during that’ - way to share too much Dan

Speaking about the marshmallow selfie from earlier

'If you cut yourself just individual marshmallows will pop out’ - Dan

'Don’t marshmallow shame me on the radio, Dan’ - Phil (YOU SHOW HIM FIL)

Speaking of typos

'Anti Internet day’ - “WHAT” - Dan is not a fan

Phil’s number one of 2015 is uptown funk hell yeah my jam