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Can Barry just please tell Wally he was Kid Flash in Flashpoint already? Not only would it help his self-esteem, it would warn the team that he’s a potential target for Alchemy since he’s targeting people who had powers in Flashpoint.

A Lab Full of Humans (and a Couple of Trolls)

Well it seems like it’s been a while, I got distracted by drawing. All right, lets carry on with Rose’s guide to Homestuck. 

Look, it’s the little babbies! Ready to head off on their adventures. Thinking back I think the stuff about there only being one set of players not two lots of ectobilogifying - I hope you know what I mean - was explained by Scratch way back when, I’m not sure, I lot of dramatic stuff has happened since. 

So, the only think Skaia can really do is mess with the portals. So I guess it switches the players around to try and make things turn out different. 

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