liveblogging lab

i work in a bilingual lab, so we all speak english and french, but two of us also speak spanish and one of the phd students speaks arabic. so basically this results in us speaking a version of what we call “franglais” (french and english mixed together) that also encompasses several spanish phrases and the 2 arabic words that we all know. and to us this is normal because it’s how we all interact every day, but last week we had a volunteer come in for one of our studies and we were getting her set up in the chair and she just gave us this really confused look and then whispered “what language are you speaking?”

Hey Gil. Nice to see you again. What happened between these two. 

So here’s what I think. Gil was with them as some normal dude, but then he left and later they found out he was the baron’s son. They then sent him some letters, but they got lost in the mail. Gil assumes they hate him (his father is imprisoning them) and would only talk to him if they needed. Theo and the rest of the students assume Gil is too important for them. Makes sense for now. 

my lab studies electrical and magnetic neurostimulation. essentially, a lot of what we do involves hooking up electrodes to someone’s scalp and then sending either an electrical current or magnetic pulse across the brain. and like all good scientists, we test our experiments on ourselves first.

being the youngest person in the lab, i’m somewhat of a guinea pig for all these experiments, which means that i spend a lot of time in the lab hooked up to neurostimulation modalities. which can only mean one thing.

guys. i’m gonna turn into a superhero.

Can Barry just please tell Wally he was Kid Flash in Flashpoint already? Not only would it help his self-esteem, it would warn the team that he’s a potential target for Alchemy since he’s targeting people who had powers in Flashpoint.

Either Zami or Theo is going to die and/or leave, because it’s messing up the nice colour scheme the rest of the cast has. 

What does that sign say?

EXPERIMENT IN PROGRESS! No clanks, cucumbers, clocks, or dancing. 

Clanks sort of makes sense to ban. They are mostly weapons. Dancing in a lab doesn’t exactly seem safe. But cucumbers? Clocks? Who the hell runs this place, Captain Hook?

It seems like a one-off joke, but I’m going to keep this in mind in my notes.