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in february, he’s my snow angel ❤︎

just a quick paint for some hair practice! working some new techniques into my rep, so have a simple soft jeonghannie with really glossy hair :))

…Even though I only just met Betty, it really felt like we were meant to be best friends; like it was our destiny. And now… it’s like there was this train heading to the rest of my life, and I just missed it.
—  Veronica Lodge, sounding pretty gay if you ask me.

so james and winn will continue to fight crime alone because kara won’t help them because she doesn’t want them to risk, but she’s fine with alex and j’onn and maggie risking their asses in the field. if she just gave james and winn proper training they would be cool, but instead she wastes her time and effort training the man-baby who can’t listen to her and only wants to be a hero to get into her pants. okay i guess? this episode was just frustrating

wow obi wan and maul have undergone a complete transformation





Whoever said the troll race was logical?

Disclaimer: that title really is just me using a quote from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home to say that this is an emotional subject, with someone who is very logical trying to understand a more emotional conundrum. 

Yeah, that always seems to be the case, especially for us humans. One person goes off the deep end of matespritship, and that action causes the other person to either jump head first as well, or back away into either moirallegiance or completely off the quadrant. 

… Huh.

And if the latter happens, and the one wanting matespritship doesn’t take it too well, that person could flip into kismessitude. And in order to calm them down and sort things out, sometimes it falls to a mutual friend to act as an auspistice.

There it is. That’s how humans navigate the quadrants.

That last line hurts more than it should, really. I think it’s because I’m taking it out of context. But this bit here really makes me care for both of them, because it’s showing how Kanaya’s sadness and Karkat’s bitterness are feeding each other.

We can’t help who we fall for, because matespritship (and kismessitude) throw all kinds of logic out the window. Hindsight is the only way that one will see if it was a good decision or a bad decision. 

Sometimes, it’s not intelligence that gets the job done, but deductive reasoning. Karkat may not be the most learned troll, but he is an authority on quadrants.

patty is seriously smart and incredibly observant. she picks up on things in the lab. she pays attention to what the other girls are doing and she learns things about their scientific fields. eventually she starts reading books on nuclear engineering and particle physics. she reads everything she can find. one day when holtzmann runs into a problem with an invention, patty suggests a way to make it work. this makes holtzmann so happy that she jumps out of her seat, plants a huge smooch on pattys face, and squeezes her in a hug while excitedly babbling about working on future projects together.


heres mysteerikäpy whacking people with his stick. the daredevil combat is a lot more fun than i thought it would be