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in february, he’s my snow angel ❤︎

just a quick paint for some hair practice! working some new techniques into my rep, so have a simple soft jeonghannie with really glossy hair :))

…Even though I only just met Betty, it really felt like we were meant to be best friends; like it was our destiny. And now… it’s like there was this train heading to the rest of my life, and I just missed it.
—  Veronica Lodge, sounding pretty gay if you ask me.

so james and winn will continue to fight crime alone because kara won’t help them because she doesn’t want them to risk, but she’s fine with alex and j’onn and maggie risking their asses in the field. if she just gave james and winn proper training they would be cool, but instead she wastes her time and effort training the man-baby who can’t listen to her and only wants to be a hero to get into her pants. okay i guess? this episode was just frustrating

so my sister finally made me watch voltron

i hardly knew anything about it except most characters’ names and a few tumblr posts that i’ve seen, which told me that pidge is nonbinary and klance is a thing; we just finished the first ep.

so, what i’ve concluded so far:

  • lance is actually p cool? from what i’ve seen he’s usually the first one to react and also brave as hell idk why i expected him to be a meme
  • shiro seems so reliable and everyone goes to him for advice and yet each time his answers are just shit like “follow your heart’s guideance” ,,he doesn’t know what he is doing 101% of the time shiro pls
  • he defs likes yoga. an d meditates regularly. he owns a bunch of those incence sticks if a psychic read his mind he’d hear sth like ommmmmidontknowwhatimdoing on repeat
  • if a psychic read keith’s mind it’d probably just be 5 hours of screaming
  • yes, klance is indeed a thing i’m yelling. lance is so bi for him he jsut opens his mouth anywhere near keith and all i hear is “i’m bi for this guy” ,,and keith is the physical embodiment of the “move i’m gay” meme
  • also how does he manage to be calm and angry at the same time, all of the time. how
  • i love pidge’s voice so so much
  • i love pidge so much
  • hunk’s fanboying over mechanical stuff is very relateable but i don’t like his character at all. sis tells me he’ll get development though
  • allura is a british magical girl and i don’t like her one bit lmao
  • shiro and keith used to date fite me on this. they probably figured it wouldn’t work because they haven’t seen each other in so long, things have changed the distance grew yadda yadda ,so they broke up
  • still doesn’t stop them from being like thAT tho, i get that anxious third wheel feeling just by looking at them look at each other gdi. they are That One Couple that you feel uncomfortable around, and they’re not even a couple anymore
  • coran (koran? corran? idk man how do you even spell him) is so funny he only just showed up and i already love the guy. he’s kind of an aged up version of lance and i’m cryingn
  • did i mention i love pidge?
  • i love pidge so much

wow obi wan and maul have undergone a complete transformation

*Singsongs* Hunting we will go…

I did the liveblogging-in-one-post-thing again. *Shrug*. Look at my attempt to have a better title than “12x15″:P
  • Aww man that couple was cute:/
  • Okay I get the outrage about Dean germaphobe Winchester’s ooc-ness here. But then again he did spend over a year in purgatory and they didn’t exactly have showers there. Maybe he just wanted to gross out his little brother? (Seriously though, Jensen, that didn’t ring weird for your Dean at all?)
  • “Frodo”.. Really, Sam?:P What’s it with the hobbit nicknames. Is there something I don’t get? Don’t tell me there is, you have no idea how often I watched those movies
  • Caaaas:D it’s been too long:))
  • Aww he’s holding his badge upside down:) Sweet little hunter angel. I wish Dean were here to see this
  • You know, I’ve been told not to follow strange men into the bathroom t- oh they’re going… somewhere else (*whispers* what the hell is this)
  • He’s so uncomfortable, poor angel

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Huh, Akatsuki no Yona is quite good! I’m just really bummed I can’t connect to the dragons as characters on a deeper level, I feel like I should but somehow, none of the boys are really standing out and I feel they are one mass instead of- *Zeno’s backstory flashbacks* OOOOHHHHHH MMMYYYYYY GODDDD MY CHILD MY SON MY PRECIOUS IWILL DIE FOR YOU I WILL GIVE YOU EVERYTHING I WILL DO WHATEVER YOU WISH JUST BE HAPPY PLEASE BE HAPPY PLEAS

So I watched the Flash musical tonight.

And please keep in mind that everything I know about this universe (multi-verse?) comes from 1) the three episodes of Arrow I’ve randomly watched at a friend’s house, 2) bits and pieces of all four shows I’ve caught as my dad watches them all, and 3) general Tumblr osmosis

  • It was cute. 
  • I totally enjoyed seeing Darren’s face on my tv again! 
  • But I thought there wasn’t nearly enough musical numbers in their musical episode, and I didn’t care for most of the song choices they made.
  • Grant’s solo at the end (which I assume was the original number Pasek and Paul wrote?) was good though. And I ship Barry and Iris without even watching the show, so that was a sweet moment for me.
  • I’m kinda annoyed that they put Melissa/what’s his face on the same level as Barry/Iris? The two don’t compare.
  • I never knew how much I needed a duet between Victor Garber and Jesse L. Martin before now.
  • Apparently it doesn’t matter that it’s been a decade, I’m still in love with John Barrowman. I got more giddy over seeing him sing than I did Darren, tbh.

Nice walk off from Hwang there!!!

Giants win 8-7 over the Padres!

My Player of the Game: Buster Posey for the homer and for an interview in which we saw a LOT of his tongue and he cleared up that grey hair thing.