liveblogging gif

Holy… shit.

You’re gonna have to take my word for it that this gif didn’t do the scene justice. To get into Tumblr’s 3mb size limit, I have to record at 20 frames per second. Meanwhile, most shows are animated at 24… though I think RWBY is 30 frames per second. A lot of detail is lost here. In the episode, it’s a lot less random looking than this made it look.

So. It seems Sun has, of course, a bo staff. That is also a nunchaku.

And the nunchaku are flintlock pistols.

We have a winner for RWBY’s most absurd weapon, folks.

That is SO unfair! Freakin’ bullshit arrow bullshit…

Alright, lemme level with you. The entire cast of RWBY are inspired by various things. Sometimes historic figures, sometimes fairy tales, sometimes… ugh, internet memes.

I am aware that Pyrrha is based on Achilles.

So the fact that she just took an arrow to the ankle terrifies me.


I thought, uh

Ruby was supposed to arrive just in time to stop… this… Uh, hello?



What an utter shame. This is a very painful death indeed… Holy shit.

She’s dead. She’s actually dead. Incinerated from the inside out until she’s nothing but… cinders.


1: Ruby is a complete and total dork, I mean, just look at her

2: The gunscythe is one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed

3: Ruby attends Signal Academy, and her uncle, a man named Crow, teaches there. He took her under his wing (ha. ha. ha.) and taught her how to use the gunscythe.

4: Ruby isn’t just a dork, she’s an ultra dork

5: She aspires to become a Huntress herself, a slayer of monsters(!)

6: She’s on her way to graduating Signal, and entering Beacon Academy, where her sister (probably Yang) is, who also wants to be a Huntress

7: Ruby isn’t just an ultra dork, she’s dork supreme.

Back at the arena to witness another fight, Ruby saw her. Emerald.

Emerald, who is supposed to be accompanying Mercury and the rest of her Team back to Haven.

This is it. Ruby’s realized something is seriously wrong.


That was one FUCK for every bad thing happening.

1: Ruby’s ran into Mercury in the inner workings of the Colosseum.

2: Ruby is weaponless and Mercury is about to attack her, to keep her mouth shut.

3: The next fight has been chosen and it’s Penny vs. Pyrrha. Do you fucking know what happens when a magnet is applied to a computer? Bad fucking things.