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this week on “why AA is the only Good avengers universe left”
  • the team has game nights
    • specifically, card game nights, because steve is an old man/dweeb who loves Pinochle
    • everyone hates Pinochle
    • but, everyone loves steve more than they hate Pinochle, so they play it anyway
    • (and apparently, steve is undefeated)
  • the government tries to control the Avengers under a “New Powers Act” and, quote:
    • Tony: “Some government pencil-neck giving us orders? I don’t like it.”
    • Steve: “I’m with you.”
    • WOW!!!!!!
    • they agree with each other…….they Support each other
    • thnk u @god i never thought i’d live ot see the day…….
  • the government aka shady, self-imposed liaison Truman Marsh tries to get rid of Hulk (and replace him with Red Hulk)
    • cue the team expressing unfailing support of their friend
    • cue the team taking Hulk aside and encouraging him not to let “critics like Marsh” get him down
    • cue the team working together seamlessly to save the day even with added pressure from the government
    • cue me weeping
  • last but not least, Steve and Tony continue to be shamelessly married
    • what a world
Essential Avengers: Avengers #113: Your Young Men Shall Slay Visions!

July, 1973

So. I guess Vision is super dead this time.

And he was killed by young men. There was no need to take him down. I said, young men. Pick that synthezoid off the ground.

Gotta give Englehart this, he sure knows how to change one word in a bible verse to make it into a title for a comic book.

Anyways, Wanda is going to Avenge him. And then she can date Lil’ Vision.

Just a heads up, this is kind of a weird issue. Not incomprehensible. Just eyebrow raising.

We start off before Vision is super dead. The Avengers are repairing the Statue of Liberty after Gog tore it up in Astonishing Tales #18. I guess Damage Control doesn’t exist yet.

Its good to see the Avengers uncausing some property damage for a change. And just look at Vision and Cap recapitating Liberty.

Not that they’re actually good statue repairers. The torch hand falls off and falls toward Scarlet Witch but Vision flies down to intercept it and lets it break across his back.

Guess Liberty is a southpaw now.

He also leaves Cap holding the entire crown but I guess Cap has super-strength or something now.

In the heat of the moment and grateful that nothing bad happened to anyone that wasn’t a statue, Wanda and Vision start making out.

This happens to be in public where everyone can see. And it causes a bit of a to-do.

Although what causes more of one is that Cap loses his grip on the crown and Iron Man barely catches it before it smashes into the ground. All while Wanda and Vision continue to make out, oblivious of the outside world or the people that almost died.

Ah, young love!

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Essential Avengers: Avengers #108: Check -- And MATE!

February, 1973

108! A very significant number in a lot of things! This issue is not quite as significant although its entertaining enough.

Avengers held captive in the D20 of doom and Cap’s shield has gotten awfully flat. Lil’ Vision does not approve, no sir.

So, last time: Space Phantom captured most of the Avengers by using his powers to fake a disappearance and then putting them in an anti-gravity chamber. Meanwhile, Captain America investigated some erased memories and found a hidden base where he once was tested and challenged by a Space Phantom-led Hydra cell. And Grim Reaper tempts Vision with the possibility of humanity, promising to give him Cap’s excellent body. And Vision agreed on the very last panel.

This time: Grim Reaper is pretty hype about that.

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I think people miss how important this is. For me personally, this is why I don’t think Tommy has damage with the world and will never write him like that. I think he still has scars, sure: from juvie and from Cassie and Vision. But I don’t think it’s as fresh for him as it is for the rest of the team. This is, what? A year? Two? Since he was sprung from juvie. Imagine how long that is for him. He has long since made his peace and moved on. And the same deal with Vision and Cassie. It’s not that he doesn’t care or doesn’t feel, it’s that he does it from a different time frame than everyone else. To him, his time in jail and the end of Young Avengers may have been years ago, and they’ll never be fond memories for him and it’ll always hurt, but he’s moved on. Give the rest of the team years to move on from things and they’d do it too.

This is the same for Pietro and Bart. The three of them have never known life without way too much time to do anything and everything. And it’s not that they aren’t aware of the rest of the world, and they do participate in it and live in the “normal” time frame, but it’s different. It’s like this weird juxtaposition of two different time frames that they live in. It’s not that they don’t care or are impatient, it’s that in one hour, they’ve had a week, and in one week, it’s been months. And then they look up and realize that it’s only been about 5 minutes. Somewhere in the back of their mind, they’re aware of the actual passage of time, but they just can’t be expected to process things that slow for long.

So my version of Tommy is well put together and stable (in his own way) compared to the rest of the team because he’s literally had so much time to reach that. And that’s hella cool.

This isn’t to say that Tommy’d be spewing his feelings everywhere and be any less ornery as hell if he moved at “regular” speed, I mean that’s why we (I) love him, but it’s just something to think about. Perspective, yo.


tfw your teammate is perfectly Smart and Capable of explaining what he just said about bruce’s gamma levels, but you still ask the bae for the 411 because you like the sound of his voice

Essential Avengers: Defenders #8: “... If Atlantis Should Fall!”

September, 1973

So, here we are. Looking at something completely different.

There’s no tiny disappointed Vision judging us. No A that’s gone off exploring the cosmos.

We’re in new waters. Except for Silver Surfer, all these folks have appeared in Avengers before. I think that purple guy on the cover has appeared a few times.

But what we have in the Dynamic Defenders is something quite different. Its the book about the non-team. Kind of like a support group for ornery loners that work best alone. But frequently accidentally team up.

This is part 2 of the Avengers/Defenders War (well technically part 1 since last time was a prologue) but it doesn’t get to that for most of the book. There’s some Red Ghost/Atlantis Nonsense that is more pressing.

Honestly, before I can get to the / War, I need to go over some context. Because Defenders is the book that explains what happened to the Black Knight and why Strange put a Troglodyte-repelling shield around Castle Garrett.

So how did we get here?

It all started when Namor was dropped from the sky in front of Hulk like a limp bag of smelly fish.

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