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i feel like the writers are testing all these apocalypse solutions to see which ones the audience likes best and then they’re gonna leave us on a cliffhanger and choose next season… like let’s count the number we’ve withstood

  1. living in the ark
  2. living in the ark WITH the ice nation
  3. jaha’s weird spiritual retreat 
  4. going into space with raven
  5. now this bone marrow shit

vote now on ur phones for which one u like best

One of my fave things about Yatori is how smooth Yato can be when he isn’t paying attention. In the heat of the moment he can kiss Hiyori’s hand, pull her into a dance, lean close and smile just the right way, all completely by accident, because once he starts trying to be flirty, oh boy,

Other things that are baffling me about Heavy Rain so far:

  • I’m still unclear as to why Jason was immediately killed in the accident, when Ethan was in the process of trying to push him out of the way and – based on their body positions at the time of impact – Ethan’s the one who would’ve taken the brunt of it???
  • I mean, I’m only an ER nurse, what do I know about traumatic injury or anything
  • why do they keep talking about an “abandoned wasteland”?
  • it’s a shitty section of train tracks in an obviously occupied industrial district? so it’s neither abandoned NOR a wasteland?
  • like no wonder the cops haven’t caught the guy THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW HALF OF WHAT’S GOING ON APPARENTLY
  • I know that if *I* was worried about having a psychotic break of some sort, I’d want my therapist’s office to look like it doubles as a rave location and boast the word EGO on the wall in giant stenciled letters
  • chickens?????
  • live chickens??????
  • IN A SUPERMARKET??????????
  • ???? ????????? ???
  • for a city that’s so obviously coded as “industrial,” there sure are a lot of techno nightclubs with lasers and shit around
  • no wait I’m still stuck on the chicken thing what the fuck what the fuck
  • so Ethan hasn’t unfolded ALL of the origami thingummies because…?
  • I mean, the killer GAVE ALL OF THEM TO HIM
  • it’d be one thing if the killer gave him a new one at each location, but…nope, just all of ‘em in a box all at once, no real reason why he can’t just unfold all of them and try to get ahead of the killer somehow
  • why are all of the children so creepy. why do they all act like they’re five. have the game devs ever met an actual child at any point in their lives before
  • correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure you need some actual evidence beyond “this guy’s psychologically fucked up” before you can arrest him for being a serial killer. at least INVESTIGATE a bit first, christ almighty
  • those fucking chickens, man. I’m never getting over that

The High Priestess walked onto the stone platform and raised her hands above her head. The folds of her midnight-blue gossamer robe fell around her, and her white hair was long and unbound. An eight-pointed star was tattooed upon her brow in a shade of blue that matched her gown, its sharp lines extending to her hairline. - Throne of Glass. 


Beneath her pale, blue-gray hood, Ianthe furrowed her brow, crinkling the tattoo of the various stages of a moon’s cycle stamped across it.
All the High Priestesses wore the billowing, artfully twisted and layered robes.
The tattoo on her brow was of midnight-blue ink—but somehow still fit, still accented the feminine dresses, the bright silver jewellery. - A Court of Mist and Fury. 

Is interesting

The shared name of ‘High Priestess’ across both series and both religions. The tattoos that depict alternatively the moon and stars in exactly the same coloured ink on their foreheads. The robes. The fact that females appear to be the main figurehead for both religions. Who knows what it means but I like my parallels and these are cool and feel deliberate. 

WELCOME, ONE AND ALL, TO THIS BLOG’S FIFTIETH LIVEBLOGGING SESSION!  It feels like it’s been a lot more than than, and a lot less, somehow, but today marks a special landmark for me, so we’re doing a couple things differently!  I already livebageled my way through the new intro, but I’ll be pausing before I start the episode to liveblog the extended version of the first intro!  Then will come tonight’s episode, Sworn to the Sword–which a lot of you are excited for, I can tell–and then we’ll be discussing what will happen when I catch up on Steven Universe!