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Spoiler free Luke Cage impressions thus far (on episode 4)

You don’t need to have watched Jessica Jones or Daredevil to enjoy this series. Things that happened on those two shows are quickly referenced so you won’t be lost if you didn’t watch the other two.

It has a really heavy 70s blaxploitation vibe to it. Bad dudes trying to take over a neighborhood, even badder dude steps up to take care of it. I think the creators know this cause the music and the way it is shot, it feels like a throwback.

Misty Knight is a goddess. Bow down to this goddess and give her a spin off. 

Luke Cage wears a shirt too much. The only downside for me so far. 

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:I'm sick of Mattel™ playing me like this. How many episodes of Raven Queen™ and Apple White™ being the lesbian power couple ruling over the Ever After High™ do we NEED before it becomes OFFICIAL??? The fact that you clearly made Daring Charming™ the beard and gave both him and Dexter Charming™ several other love interests only cements the facts further. With the legalization of Gay™ we can finally have the Gay Cartoons™ deprived of earlier generations!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!! REEL!!!!! IN!!!!! THE!!!!!!! BAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bones wringing is hands has got to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen in my life.

People act like its so easy for the Nohr sibs to hear that their father is a bad guy and prop this up as the reason conquest sucks in regards to birthright when its really not that simple.

Sure, us as the basically omniscient player on the outside of the screen know this, but the Nohr sibs dont want to believe that the once good man there father was is gone- especially Xander.

He follows his fathers orders everyday without question knowing that hes hurting others and doing despicable things- in his words, “things that tortured my soul”. Heres a man old enough to remember the good that Garon did for Nohr to the point that Xander at one point in time was terrified to talk to his father- and you want him to believe that his idol, who he looked up to basically all his life, isn’t present in his father any longer.

He spends all of Conquest doing this, and then, when he realizes that his father can’t be saved and that you’ve been right all along, hes the first one to TAKE AN ATTACK FOR YOU from him while everyones still stunned.

TLDR; stop saying stuff like the Nohr sibs are bad because they didnt take down their father the first chance they got and that Conquests plot was useless when it makes sense.


Bones starts off the episode with the proper amount of sass.

Kirk starts off the episode with the proper amount of “darn it, he guessed my secret.”