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The New Avengers, Vol. 1 - Issue #23 | Bendis & Coipel

Coipel is one of the artists who draws nudity, bed scenes, and what might otherwise be compromising positions for women in a way that manages to be sexy or sultry, but not sexualized or exploitative. It’s obviously a fine line that people will have differing opinions on, but even though he’s drawing Veranke-as-Jessica Drew in bed and in a state of undress, here, it’s not just a female body–there’s personality and expression and Veranke remains a character/person, not just a figure. 

I think the spread of Sif wielding a sword naked (from one of the first few issues of the Mighty Thor) has made its rounds on tumblr several times, but that’s another scene where Coipel draws something that could so easily be objectifying but manages to keep it within a certain level of taste and dignity. 

Basically: scenes like this can be artistic, portray character, and still be pretty! All in a way that doesn’t objectify women. Bravo, Mr. Coipel. 

bobbi: weird. dating. we never did that.

clint: not together.

bobbi: we’re taking it slow. nine days from now, we are not getting married.

clint: with us, nine days from now, who knows if we’ll even be alive!

bobbi: if not, we’ll get better.

clint: we always do.

from new avengers: the reunion #4 (mccann & lopez)

warren: so, wow… i’d ask what’s gotten into summers, but i think i have a pretty good idea.

jean: shut up, warren.

warren: you fixed him, didn’t you? that’s what you do, make people better. you two are going to be great.

from x-men: season one (dennis hopeless & jamie mckelvie)

you two are going to be great.

angel: i for one would rather solve our problems through discourse or perhaps group meditation… but instead this purple man keeps firing arrows at me. apologies, avenger, but even an angel can be pushed too far.

from wolverine and the x-men #11 (jason aaron & nick bradshaw)

alas, hawkeye’s poor glasses: they will never stay on.

jo: wha–? c'mon, jeremy renner was just about to propose.

megan: i’m sorry, ms. wilson, but my shift’s over. i can’t keep the next shift from kicking you out after visiting hours.

from mind the gap #01 (jim mccann & rodin esquejo)

mccann, writer of hawkeye & mockingbird and hawkeye: blindspot, slips in a shout-out to renner in the introduction to his latest comic. :’)


there will be no funeral service or memorial at the deceased’s request.

anyways, as i was saying, at my funeral…

so, i know this was just a dialogue thread for the sake of moving things along and giving clint something to babble about, but i couldn’t help but think of his obituary every time he mentioned his funeral. clint, you already died. and you didn’t want a funeral. (maybe he thinks now that he gets a do-over, it should be done differently??) i guess it’s true-to-form for clint to be a bit blase about these things, but you’d think that bendis would remember something that he wrote not all that long ago.

it just seemed a rather random topic of conversation. it’s not like natasha and clint don’t have other things to talk about. (they should have kept that movie thing going, instead.)

from house of m #8 (bendis & coipel) and avengers assemble #1 (bendis & bagley)