Mink Day?

So I know this is a little late, but would anyone be interested in having an unofficial Mink Day? I seriously thought about hosting a Mink Week blog for awhile. Unfortunately I’m way to busy with my new job to manage a new blog. As in I just became the temporary director of a museum busy (Last Friday I had to give a tour to about a grand total of 105 7th graders!) Also I barely know how to use Tumblr properly, so any blog I would make would look bad.

As much fun as it would be to have another mink apperception week, it’s a big commitment. I absolutely love all the themed days that come with character weeks. But it can definitely be time consuming.

So instead of having a entire week with preestablished prompts, what do you all think of having a mini celebration on Mink’s birthday? No prompts, no deadlines. Just a bunch of people celebrating a bara cinnamon roll anyway they see fit! Draw some cinnamon scented fan art, write about our favorite buff cinnamon stick or even bake some cinnamon rolls! The sky is the limit! Perhaps we could use a hashtag to keep track of it, something like #MinkDay

Feel free to message me or comment on this post to tell me what y'all think.