liveblog hour with alicia!

yeah we’re starting here and not at the very beginning because what the fuck was that first serial i don’t.

PREVIOUSLY ON “WILLIAM HARTNELL’S ELDERLY CATTINESS PRESENTS: SCIENCE FICTION” - Susan Foreman is kind of a freak! Her teachers follow her! Her grandfather is William Hartnell! Suspicion! He essentially kidnaps them! Treachery! Cavemen! Fire! Cave of skulls! What do you mean you don’t have a backup supply of mercury, what kind of doctor are you! City! Ridiculous radiation!

Josette was upset when the Jeremiah she fell in love with in
Martinique transformed into a cold, uncaring man. On their wedding
night he claimed his marital rights and then left her alone and
confused. He visited her nightly until she informed him she was with
child. There were days when she hardly saw him. He wanted to finish
Collinwood before the birth of their child.

okay nope jeremiah is pretty out of character too

even for realizing he ~didn’t love her~ like he did in the show

he still wasn’t a douche about it

My name is Victoria Winters.

On a hot, steamy summer night,
do you know what I like to do?

I listen carefully, that all are asleep-

When I hear silence, I take off all my clothes.

Quietly I slip down the hall, and gently creep down
the stairs.

I slip through the door, carefully closing it.

I run across the grounds- feeling the gentle summer
breeze, and feeling the soft, cool grass under my

Reaching the nearest pine tree, I jump I try to
catch the biggest cone- but it is too far for me to

Once again I run, this time toward the beach.

I reach the sand,

I sit in the shallow water.

Taking a deep breath, I close my eyes.

Small waves lap at my body, while moonlight is
reflected in the water.

I am lost in the beauty and magic of the sea.

Suddenly I hear his voice- Quentin’s voice.

He stands before me, and removing a piece of seaweed
from my breast..he says, “You look beautiful in
seaweed, my dear.”

He removes all his clothing, and joins me in the

We swim far, far, into the ocean- until we can swim no

Sea, stars and moonbeams are all around us.

Suddenly, two dolphins stop to carry us, and they
bring us back to the shore