I’m sorry that the…?.. size of my noodle…?…. was smaller than you all expected lmao

Snowflake eels can grow up to 48 inches in the wild but in captivity they usually don’t exceed 30. Noodle is about 20-22inches long right now. So they really don’t get that big. 

also her name is noodle, not, like, firehose haha!

shout out to the one person who had reasonable expectations for my noodle :U

don’t worry, noodle, liveaquaria classifies you as a large

killedabear  asked:

Do you have any reliable links to info on the snowflake moray? I lost my American eel to a tail wound that just wouldn't heal despite my best efforts. I still love eels of all sorts, and would love to learn about this species. Thanks !

I’m sorry to hear about your eel friend!! :<

I don’t really have any scientific articles. Most of my info is from forums and articles written by hobbyists. 

This one is pretty good


Two  ….are a little less professional but their info is pretty good.

Most places that sell them have decent info like LiveAquaria, and saltwaterfish,  (Some websites say 30 gallons is adequate minimum tank size but I wouldn’t put anything larger than a young juvenile in there. )

i hope these were… kinda helpful? Most of my info is anecdotal because every snowflake seems to have a different personality. (some are aggressive and eat all of their tankmates, others let cleaner shrimp clean their teeth, mine is very timid and scared of live shrimp. they’re all really different)