A compendium of helpful saltwater websites:

Places to look for advice or ideas:
(Great for a bit of everything)
(Also another good one for everything)
(Excellent for smaller tanks)
(Lots of useful stuff)

California reef clubs(because I live here)
(Bay Area reefers)
(Northern Valley Reefers)
(Southern California reefers)

Good websites to buy from(personal opinion and what I’ve heard word of mouth:
(A bit more pricey than most but excellent quality)
(Good site and decent quality. Not exorbitantly expensive)
($15 California shipping! And $19 continental US! And nice quality and selection)
(More high end I think)
(Amazing quality and has lots of videos on YouTube that can be educational)
(Great for any equipment. Has frequent sales)
(Lots of equipment. Giveaways/contests a lot)

And I’m sure there’s a bunch that I know but am forgetting

*if anyone would like to add any feel free*