Hogwarts House v. Best Girl Results

Gryffindors best girls are Nozomi, Maki, and Hanamaru

Nozomi and Maki tied with 25.8% of the Gryffindor μ’s votes each and Hanamaru won with 19.4% of the Aqours votes. I just went ahead and said that Maki is the best girl of Gryffindor since Nozomi won Hufflepuff in a landslide.

Ravenclaws best girls are Rin, You, and Mari

Rin barely won overall with one vote for 17.6% of the μ’s Ravenclaw votes and You and Mari were tied with 16.2% of the Aqours votes.

Slytherins best girls are Nico and Yoshiko, with 18.8% votes and 24.6% votes respectively, making Yoshiko the winner

Hufflepuffs best girls are Nozomi and Hanamaru, Nozomi with 22.4% of the μ’s votes and Hanamaru with 20.4% of the Aqours votes, making Nozomi the winner!


Gryffindor- Maki

Ravenclaw- Rin

Slytherin- Yoshiko

Hufflepuff- Nozomi

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My first coherent thought about the new Aqours SIF cards wasn’t “Aww, Chika’s so cute as a pet store employee(?)” or “oh my god detective You-chan YAAAASS” or “i knew You would be a dog, she can smell uniforms after all” or even “cat and dog ChikaYou waaaah!”

No, it was “wait why do they have tails?”

I can’t believe You dragged Chika into furry cosplay smh

the-17th-imagineer  asked:

What if, at the beginning of Marco's imminent quest to find Star, he stops by Heckapoo's for information and Nachos the dragon cycle?

Well, I don’t think Heckapoo is there, but you know what??? He would be totally weirded out if he went to pick up Nachos that she was gone he might get suspicious, and my boii knows about the Counsel. So, second stop. Good plan bro.