Sweet Sacrifice 

Shizume was one of those city’s with lots of dark alley ways. And it perfectly suited their purposes. Homra family, the red clan, who were cursed with vampirisim, preferred dark places. Yata Misaki who was part of that family, sought out many of the alley’s around town to find food and speak with informants. There was nothing special about today; He didn’t have any missions to preform for the clan so he had been skateboarding out of sheer idleness, thinking of possibly grabbing a light snack. 

Yata jumped off a curb and rounded around into a nearby backstreet. It was dim and he caught the scent of blood. No one should be hunting in this part of town except other Homra members. In the shadows there was a young kid standing there with purple hair, holding a teddy bear. He frowned thinking that was weird, what was a kid doing in this part of town. Misaki pressed against the back of his board, coming to an abrupt stop in front of the strange youth. 

“Tch..are you lost? It’s dangerous in the city, kid!" 


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