• Cabalite: "Yeah, I love Arun and Montgomery. Their relationship as colleagues who have worked together for ever even though they don't see eye to eye just felt really authentic."
  • Cabalite: They're lovers.
  • Me: How do people not realize that?
  • Cabalite: UMMM
  • Cabalite: *ominous music plays* The heteropatriarchy.
The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty-Five

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

Alexia stared at the neck piece that Thor had bestowed on her. All of Loki’s seidr was contained in one small stone and a substantial part of her cursed Thor for giving it to her. Her mind conflicted, part of her wanted to just go to Loki and give it to him immediately and be rid of the burden, but she knew deep down, that as much as she wished to, it was not time yet, though what would make it time to do so, she was unsure, but she simply knew it was not time yet.

“Wielder.” She looked up to see Diarmaid standing in front of her.

“I do actually have a name you know.” She declared.

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I was tagged by @purgatoan to post the first line of my WIP and tag as many people as there are words in that line (thank you Karo, I love this!)

“I felt the best I had in ages as I crossed the border into Maine.” 

This is from a series I have been working tirelessly on! I don’t have a date for when it’ll be out (as I want to finish it before I start posting) but I’m so excited to release it! It is Dean x Reader, and I’m about 9k words in! 

Tagging: @thinkwritexpress-official @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @winvhesters @wanderingcas @mrswhozeewhatsis @imagineteamfreewill and anyone else who would like to! I’m not sure who does and doesn’t enjoy taking a part in these things, so I’m sorry if I tagged you and you’re not interested!

The last thing I need is (are??) more sideblogs to take care of
I KINDA want to make 2 more

1 for my art that focuses on OCs

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I don’t know, it’s be interesting I guess?