The following interview was conducted in July 2007 at the peak of EVANESCENCE’s career in support of their album, “The Open Door,” just before they joined Korn for their Family Values tour. The interview recieved over 5,000 hits online in the month of August 2007. The article was also published in The Voice (Ojai/Ventura).

“Pancakes With AMY LEE”

(An Exclusive Interview with EVANESCENCE)

by: Michael Kohli

Published in The Voice (Ojai/Ventura), Aug. 2007

Listening to the music of Evanescence can be just like ordering pancakes! You can either order the song with dark burnt ends or you can choose a song with the sweetest syrup on it. And, you can even add piano-laced-whipped cream if you like! The music of Evanescence can be very moving and hypnotic. Just the voice of singer, Amy Lee, can put you in a trance throughout a whole song. Whether she is playing piano and singing out a sweet lullaby or whether she’s singing with an angry heart full of deep rage, she can move you. Whether it’s the melody, the voice, or just the song—it’s very easy to become consumed by the music. The music can be so haunting, yet inviting at the same time.

Some of life’s most haunting tales and darkest moments can bring the best songwriters. And, when one of these songwriters look good and sing amazingly—they become a legend within people’s hearts. People can relate and people can be moved by hearing a singer pouring out their heart in song. Whether or not, she locks herself in a room—like Shirley Manson or Alanis Morissette for example—you know the music came from deep within her. Take one the band’s recent hits, “Lithium,” for example. The song, written by Amy Lee seems to be about a battle within her own self, trying to find happiness within the darkness of her life. Other hits like, “Bring Me To Life”, “Call Me When You’re Sober”, and the upcoming, “Good Enough,” single all showcase different stages of rage within each song. At times, Evanescence music can be very dark and heavy. Yet, other times, the music can be very light but, eerie at the same time.

On the heels of their recently released album, “The Open Door,” the band is currently on the Family Values tour with the likes of KORN and HELLYEAH! In my short interview with Amy Lee; we talked about the music business, life on the road, and we even talked about pancakes! I have to say that it was a delight to talk to Amy Lee. As short as it was, it was probably one of my most favorite interviews. She seems like such a sweetheart. I hope that—like fellow singers Shirley and Alanis—that by letting go on the 2nd major-label album—that she has found her peace. Sounds like she’s very happy these days. She’s married, gets to shoot videos in Budapest, and gets to tour with one of her childhood favorite bands, Korn! Here is more from our recent interview:

Kohli: “Good morning Amy Lee. It’s great to talk to you. First question: Pancakes or French Toast?” Amy Lee: “I’ll take pancakes with blueberries!”

Kohli: “Outside of Evanescence, how has 2007 treated you so far?” Amy Lee: “Really good, I think. I don’t even mean to say, "I think.” It’s been really good. Life wouldn’t be life without its ups and downs. And, of course, with the band changes, that was the only really hard thing for me, making the call and having to make the call and sort of everything that went on that made the call have to be made. But other than that, everything has been really good. We’ve toured, like I said, all over the place and I got to see a lot of new countries and a lot of new fans and a lot of old fans, too. And getting married kind of trumps it all. So it has been a very good year so far.“

Kohli: "Congratulations on your wedding, by the way!” Amy Lee: “Thanks!”

Kohli: “I’m calling from Ventura, California. Have you ever been here before?” Amy Lee: “Yes, I used to live out there. I actually lived in Calabasas. Took the Ventura freeway all the time.”

Kohli: “What does music mean to you?” Amy Lee: “That’s such an impossible question. Why do people ask that question? Music means so much to me it would take me three hours to answer.”

Kohli: “Has the success in music so far kept you happy?” Amy Lee: “That’s an interesting question.”

Kohli: “I mean, because to the music fans—a lot of times when we see our favorite artists on MTV performing and talking about their music—it would seem to us, impossible that they can’t be happy. But, in recent years we’ve seen artists like Brad Delp & Michael Hutchence just slip away. With your music and your success, have you found happiness through everything? Is it comforting enough to you?” Amy Lee: “I’ll put it this way – I found happiness, but I definitely don’t attribute it to my success. And I don’t mean to say that I don’t appreciate the success, I’m very, very grateful for it and glad to have it, but success will not bring you happiness, that’s for sure. It has made life a lot more complicated and a lot of music, especially when you become successful is business. And I think that’s one of the saddest things of all. And I think the hardest struggle for me is having to unplug my phone half the time and just turn off and remember that I’m an artist. I’m a musician and that’s it and I don’t want to do the business all the time. And you know that when you do that you’re probably being taken advantage of because you’re not on the ball. So I think the success is what makes it hard because people are constantly trying to take advantage of you. But I have found happiness by remembering to stay grounded and by remembering the success isn’t the most important thing in life and by taking chances knowing that I might lose the success, but being okay with that, if that makes sense. You’ve got to have a life separate from it, for sure.”

Kohli: “What’s the worse thing about riding the tour bus?” Amy Lee: (laughs) “The worst thing about riding the tour bus? Well, being the only girl on the bus most of the time usually means there’s pee all over the floor and on the seat and seat’s up and that’s pretty miserable. So I’m basically the cleaning lady of the bathroom all the time!”

Kohli: “I’ve read that you love Family Guy. Who’s your favorite character?” Amy Lee: “Brian!”

Kohli: “Are there any other artists that you would like to collaborate with or work with?” Amy Lee: “There’s definitely a lot of artists that I would love to collaborate with, but it would just have to be the right project. I definitely don’t want to do any more of those ballad duets with some guy. I think it would be really great to do something unexpected with somebody that does, how do I put this? With someone musically who’s completely different than Evanescence or than me and to be able to come together and make something really cool that’s not like either of us. I don’t know who. I couldn’t put my finger on it yet.”

Kohli: “And, what’s your favorite thing to shop for?” Amy Lee: “I actually really love to cook. I love going to the grocery store and stocking up on stuff for getting creative in the kitchen.”

Kohli: “Does your husband help?” Amy Lee: “Yes, because I can’t carry it all. We don’t have a car. We live in New York. So I have to carry everything home, so he’s got to come with me and help me carry everything.

Kohli: "And my last question – if a local band came up to you and asked you for advice, what would you give them?” Amy Lee: “There’s so much advice I would go back in time and give myself. I would really just say, "Stick to your guns and trust your instinct.” If you’re the one that created the thing, then you’ve got to know what’s best for the music. There’s a lot of people that are going to tell you what will be better and how to change what you’ve made and how to make it more commercial, and shorter and more to the point and everything and that’s not satisfying. You need to stick to what you know is the best thing, what you know sounds best and feels best to you because chances are people out there buying records are more like you than the big guy in the office with the cigar.“

Chega a ser assustador o quanto eu me distanciei de mim mesma, Estou assustadoramente perdida nas minhas dúvidas e incertezas, afundando cada vez mais em um mar de ilusões que eu mesma criei e alguns sustentaram sem se importar com a dor que me causaria depois, Estou perdendo a consciência… Alguém para me achar, Alguém para me salvar? (Iasmin Campos)


Bring me to Life - Evanescence (Spongebob and Gary)



Bring me to Life


My version of Bring Me To Life. Done in the Summer of 2009 with my best friend.