live: a lesson never learned

Five things Marcus wants to do when he sees Abby again

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1. Hug her.

The first thing that happens between them when the group from the island arrives is the one thing he has wanted above all else.

Abby, in his arms, at last.

He almost staggers with the force of it when she rushes to him and her body collides with his. He marvels all over again at how small she is as her head tucks neatly under his chin, but her strength has always far surpassed her stature and her arms wrap just as tight around him as his do around her. And then they just hold each other for a long, precious moment while everything else fades away around them - the noise, the people, the end of the world.

He hears her whisper, almost to herself, “I needed this.”

He kisses her hair and clutches her a little closer and tells her, “I needed you.”

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Time Lord Victorious

Ha ha, that was quick, eh? Here we are, Time Lord Victorious request. I hope this is what you had in mind because most of it wasn’t what I had in mind, it just soft of happened. I hope you enjoy littluns.

word count:1690

So, without further adieu,


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Travelling with the Doctor was the greatest thing that could ever happen to a human. Not the least of which you, who had, in your opinion, absolutely nothing to lose when you stepped into that blue box, and everything in time and space to gain. The Doctor was a rather strange man by all accounts, that much was obvious. But you had seen beyond the bubbly childish persona before, if only for a moment. The Doctor had a dark side. The Oncoming Storm was always there, just beneath the surface. The time he’d thought you dead after you were kidnapped, you caught a glimpse of a Doctor who was like you had used to be. With nothing to lose. Of course he had nothing to lose, his whole species was already gone.

But even after seeing that side of him, you never thought you’d see the day you might regret following him. The day you might leave the Doctor. Of course, first you needed to stop him from breaking time.

“Doctor, you need to stop!”

He turned quickly and you almost backed down immediately at the look in his eyes as he stared you down. There was none of his usual compassion or concern or childish excitement you so love to see. Those warm brown eyes had turned cold.

“No, I really don’t” He responded simply. Even his voice didn’t sound right.

“You can’t control time!” You snapped. “You can’t change something this big! You just can’t!”

“Don’t you see?” The Doctor started moving towards you and you found yourself stepping backwards in time with him. He didn’t even hesitate to keep stepping closer. Another red flag. The Doctor was always the most worried about making sure you were okay. He’d do anything to make you comfortable and happy, even if that meant staying away from you and letting you have your own space. But now… he didn’t seem to even care.

“I can”

Your back hit the wall and you let out a sharp gasp. He took the last couple steps so that he was right in front of you, making you have to look up to see him properly. He leaned closer like he only wanted you to hear, both hands braced against the wall on either side of you, trapping you in. You’d only been this close a couple times before, and those were after particularly stressful or scary adventures when he’d hug you and end up holding you for a longer time than either of you had anticipated. Those times you never imagined the Doctor surrounding you could be so terrifying.

“The Time Lords are gone, and it’s taken me so long to realize. I’m not the survivor, I’m the winner”

“No, Doctor, this isn’t you, please” You insisted. “You wouldn’t do this, I know you”

“You used to” He responded quickly. “I’m not who you knew. I am the Time Lord Victorious, this is me now. Time is mine and I will do with it what I want”

“Then you should have died with the rest of your people” You spat back at him. His eyes darkened further if that was even possible.

“Don’t challenge me (Y/N). You think you know what I’ve done. You have no idea what I could do”

With that, he turned back and went back to what he was doing. The Doctor had made his decision. He was going to save these people, even if it broke time itself. Because he was right about something. He wasn’t the Doctor anymore. The Oncoming Storm became the Time Lord Victorious.

You were still there when he saved Adelaide and her crew. You were there when she tried to convince him what he was doing was wrong. She had looked to you when he shot down everything she’d said. He paused a moment, as if he wasn’t sure what she was looking at. When he turned, he looked like he barely knew you. He just looked at you. If he hadn’t been looking at you when Adelaide went inside, maybe he would have noticed. If you weren’t staring right back at him, maybe you would have noticed. Maybe when he brushed past you and went back to the doors of the Tardis, you would’ve seen her in the window if you weren’t doing everything in your power not to cry. You might’ve seen her sad and sorry expression, half of it aimed at you. Because it was obvious even to her that this man was not the one you knew.

When the gunshot rang through the air it was unlike anything you would’ve heard before your time with the Doctor, but you still knew exactly what it was the moment you heard it. Your head snapped up, gaze locked on Adelaide’s house and mouth open in shock and horror. After a moment you risked a glance at the Doctor. He was on his knees in the snow beside the Tardis. He looked like he was talking to someone, but you could see no one. You took a tentative step towards him. Then another. He glanced at you over his shoulder and your breath caught at the broken look on his face. This certainly was not the Time Lord Victorious. The Doctor was back.

You tore your gaze from his, walking into the Tardis without looking back. You debated what you had to do in your mind as you entered the hall. Perhaps you should leave. Yes, that seemed best. You didn’t need him, you told yourself. Even if you knew you were lying. You frowned as you passed the same door for a third time. Your bedroom wasn’t anywhere in sight, but if you were going to leave there were things you needed to pack. The console room door appeared again and you scowled, realising what the Tardis was doing.

“Stop it” You snapped, turning on your heel to walk back the way you came. But the way you came was different now. At the end of the hall was the console room door. The soft hum in your mind told you all you needed to know.

Talk to him

“No!” You shouted, pulling open the closest door and practically throwing yourself inside before slamming it shut. You found yourself in a lovely looking garden that you were sure you’d better appreciate if your day hadn’t gone the way it did. “I can’t” You added softer, leaning against the door behind you. “Not after what I…” You slid down the wall, sitting on the soft grass as you pulled your knees up to your chest and buried you face in your arms with a huff. You thought over all of what had happened. Had you really said that? You looked up at the ceiling, knowing there was only one person, if you could call her that, that you could talk to now.

“I can’t talk to him” You reasoned with the machine. “Not after what he said, or what I said. I need to leave. It would just be best if I leave. But if I see him again I…” You took a long shuddering breath and the Tardis hummed comfortingly, urging you to go on. “If I see him again, I won’t be able to leave. I won’t be able to live by myself after knowing him. It’s like I’ve never realized I was half empty until he filled the empty space perfectly. If I didn’t have him… But it wasn’t him. When he… I don’t know”


The voice was soft and more hesitant than you could ever have imagined. You glanced over to see the Doctor standing in another door which was still open. He didn’t step inside. The moment your eyes met you looked away.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry, I really am. I don’t know what I…” There was a pause, silent for all but the Tardis’ encouraging hums. “Do you want to go home?” After a moment of your silence he stepped out into the grass and closed his door behind him. You sighed, still not looking him in the eye, you focussed on his trainers as you answered.

“I don’t know”

More silence.

“Were the rest of them like that?”

He stared at you a moment, not understanding your question.

“The Time Lords. If any of them had been the last one left, would they have done that?” You elaborated. You knew it was a far from okay question to ask, but you needed to know.

“I believe so, some of them” he answered hesitantly. You gave a small nod.

“I see”

Nothing but silence. He didn’t seem to be about to say something anytime soon.

“I’m sorry”

“For what?” he frowned at you.

“For saying you… you should’ve…” You couldn’t say it now. Before had been heat of the moment, but now you were painfully aware of every sound leaving your lips.

“It’s okay. You were right” he muttered softly. You looked up quickly, staring at him in shock.

“No… No. No I really wasn’t” You insisted, scrambling to your feet. “And don’t you ever think that” The two of you stood facing each other with several feet of space separating you. He moved to close the space, but as he took a step forward you took an instinctive step back. He froze immediately, backing away and muttering apologies. It was then that you knew for sure. The Time Lord Victorious was gone. This was the Doctor, and he would be for your foreseeable future.

You ran the space between you to practically tackle the Doctor in a hug, he froze, momentarily confused before he hugged you back, tighter than he ever had but still careful of his inhuman strength so that it wouldn’t hurt you.

“I thought about leaving” You admitted, feeling him stiffen under your arms even as his arms loosened around you, like he was getting ready for you to push him off and demand to be taken home. “But I couldn’t. I could never leave. I could never live without you”

“I learned my lesson” He admitted. “And I’m not going anywhere soon”


(( okay no more angst headcanons today. nope. no more.

hey so do you ever think abt the fact franziska def still lives in her father’s house? and the fact how like she def hasn’t cleaned out his office or bedroom even two years after his death because you don’t just Walk into Manfred’s office

like she tries to commit to going in there and cleaning his shit and moving out old case files and seeing what she herself can still use but she gets to the door and just… can’t

it’s both an acceptance issue & a “for 17 years i lived under this man and the main lesson i learned was to never disobey & he always told us to not enter his office without permission & i can’t ask but i also can’t disobey” issue

& one time she asks miles to help under the guise of letting him pick up whatever he wanted but when it comes down to it they both just stand outside the door waiting for the other to make a move they can’t

miles reaches for the doorknob once, but retracts his hand at the sound of the house settling, irrationally scared that manfred was turning the corner and would catch the two of them red-handed and demand to know what they were doing loitering around

miles suggests letting the house staff handle it
franziska insists they’ll screw it up
they part ways and don’t talk about that day ))

“Now that summer is over, I don’t know what to do with myself.”

“Something has to be done about this.”

“Expose one weakness and you’ll never live it down.”

“The lesson learned here today is to not grab a hot pan without gloves." 

"You’ll have to try harder if you want to kill me.”

“Pointing out how wrong you are won’t help, but it is fun.”