I watched Jimmy Kimmel last night. I was excited cause Mark was going to be on. I remember following him way back when he was still in Cincinnati with only a few thousand subscribers, and with his fast spreading fanbase and followers, this was a big deal for my precious child, I was hella proud.

Needless to say I was a bit disappointed. 

I should have expected it, it is somewhat of a comedy show, but it was all kinda quick and mushed together. I don’t feel like he really covered much other than made it about [Jimmy Kimmel] himself and constantly turned anything that Mark or the other lady (Whom I don’t know of, I’m afraid. I’m sorry) said back into “all about me” topics. It seemed like it was all a joke to me, which maybe it was supposed to be, but I still don’t like people who call other’s professions “insignificant”, “doesn’t count”, or “pointless”. It’s like calling a tattoo artist “Not a real artist”. 

This is how these people make a living, and it was all with their own hard work. Sure it may seem easy, or stupid, but it still counts. For people like me who don’t have the money or space (Or balls in the case of horror games) To play half the games that let’s players play, watching someone else play it is amazing for me. It’s so much fun to see unfiltered reactions to some of these games, be it disappointment, disgust, or horror. It’s also as if they’re in the room with me playing. It calms me down, and makes me happy.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Not like it really matters, can’t change what’s already happened. I just wish people like Mark got a little more respect from older people, just because it’s a video game, doesn’t make it an easy job, please try to understand. 

I love you Mark, please continue to make videos and help all of us along throughout each day, in return, we will always have your back.


Megan Wendel <3