Stephen Colbert

Finally watched Stephen Colbert’s interview with DeRay McKesson. Honestly.. I wish more Late Night dudes would drop the cuteness and take a lesson or two from Colbert. There’s a reason his show’s ratings are’s because he asks tough questions, there’s insightful breakdown of issues rather than asking powerful people about their children’s eating habit. I mean yes, sure I absolutely love Fallon and Kimmel and Meyers and all the puppy monkey baby stuff that comes with it. But maybe once in a while it would be nice to see them drop pup quiz and try Colbert’s line of questioning. I’ve heard a lot of people say Colbert’s Late Night Show lacks the energy and glamour. Well yeah maybe because his is the only show that offers more than “entertainment”. Stephen Colbert has always been more than a “funny guy”. Also, DeRay McKesson is cool.

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