I don’t even love the song that much but consider…..a Harry live lounge cover of Wild Thoughts. It’s got the guitar, it’s got lower register vocals he could make really hot. Like the classic Arctic Monkeys LL cover of Hold On, Were Going Home but you know. HARRY.

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Immortal LarsTheory 

With everybody asking questions on Lars’s immortality, I decided to do my own research.

Heart Beat 

When Steven listened to Lars’s heartbeat it took 6 seconds per beat or 12 bpm (Beats Per Minute). This is far less than the average bpm for a human around Lars’s age. It would usually be 70-100 bpm on average (to keep it simple I used 80 bpm). This means his heart is beating at 15% the average for a boy his age. So his body is functioning at 15% of the time it normally would be. So if his body ages at that rate given the average male life expectancy being around 80 years would mean he will live to 1,200 years!


Applying this to Lion is pretty easy, the average bpm of a healthy lion is about 60 bpm, giving our lion 9 bpm. Lions in the wild live to be about 16 making our lion live to about 240 years.In “Buddy’s Book” Rose is seen with lions and many people theorize one of them died and that’s how Lion was created. In “Historical Friction” it is stated that beach city was founded nearly 200 years ago. So that would make lion around 200 years old give or take. 

The Trees 

 Some people have said that a number of leaves on the each tree represents the amount of time they have left, Lars’s tree is full and young, while Lion’s has only a few clumps of leaves. This corresponds quite nicely, with Lars having over a 1,000 years left and lion having only about 40.

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Instead of ageing, everyone in the world gets younger and younger. Your parents eventually reach 18/17, and you have a hard time, as a 48 year old child, keeping them from living a rebellious and wild teenage lifestyle.

Brave Girl,
You were made for far more beautiful things. Chaos is only understood when it is loved by the wild, not the weak.
Be strong, and wait for the one who will cherish your darkness and live for your wild heart.

Steve Rogers


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Do you ever just think about how Lena Luthor almost died like 5 times this entire season??

- chopper scene
- renaming ceremony
- L Corp sign being hurled at her by Cyborg Henshaw
- left to die by Lillian as Metallo’s kryptonite heart was going to explode
- fell off her own balcony because of Lillian’s goons

and she still comes out of it in one piece giving life the middle finger like, “I lived bitch.”