Maybe Namjoon isn’t so much clumsy, maybe he’s just always being distracted by Jin and shit happens.  

  • rose: fuck scorpius malfoy >:(
  • albus: ......i'm tryin

“I know that you don´t want to hurt anyone, but I can´t stay calm while knowing that you don’t know how to protect yourself.
Please, let me teach you how to fight, Sakura.” (The quote is not from the game.)

I CAN´T WAIT!!! Only about one month until I can play Fates!

I´ll totally marry these two. They´re so cute together:)
I always headcanon, that Sakura becomes a badass warrior due to Saizou teaching her how to fight like a ninja.


But some of you want me to feel sympathy for this woman, to pity her? Look what she’s doing, read the words she’s saying to a teenager who experienced severe abused from his mother. 

 “You can no longer trust Saeyoung. If you do, you will be faced with an unrecoverable disease in your mind. Then no one will be able to save you…” I MEAN WTF?

“You dont want to live with people like that woman again, do you? This is all so that you can live.”  Excuse me while im going bald. You know what his mother did to him, right? His mother tied him up, choke him, starved him, yell at him. After Saeyoung left his mother didnt give him water for TWO DAYS. He was so dehydrated he couldnt shade tears and he thought he was going to die. Now, R*ka has the guts to tell him this, really now? Is she really comparing Saeyoung and V to his mom? REALLY?

This is not right and she needs to pay.

Health is not Capitalist

Our health should not be part of a free market exchange. Saving money is not equivalent to saving lives.

While you can decide to keep your house a bit cooler to lower your electric bill, you can’t have a little less chemo to save a few thousand dollars. There’s no “hey, maybe just forget the insulin so you can save for a few months of retirement money, skimp on the blood thinners or dialysis and get some pocket change for the movies.”

Healthcare is a non-negotiable part of life. So why do we rely on a system which ebbs and flows based on the number of healthy people who choose to sign up and create a market based on humans as commodities; the federal laws (looking at you, abortion ban HR-7) that cause insurance companies to choose their own financial safety over the people who need medical safety?

Don’t let this government turn us and those less fortunate than those I know reading my inordinately long post into market objects for financial gain. Call, dissent.

As always, continue to support the ACA by calling your reps or Sen. Paul Ryan–(202) 225-3031

Oppose HR7 (which bans all federal funding for abortion services, targeting the underprivileged on Medicaid as well as effectively eliminating ability to get coverage for abortion even if paying your own funds through any ACA/gov program) by calling your reps.

who should you fight: overwatch offense edition

Genji: sure. you could fight genji. you probably won’t win. he’s a fucking cyborg ninja with a sword longer than his torso. he’s also a total sweetheart and hanzo already killed him so you would feel bad. unless you’re a healer main, in which case, kick his ass the second he asks for healing.

McCree: Part of me wants to encourage people to fight him. I’ll fight him. But really, the poor guy just needs a friend. fight him, but then get a drink with him if he doesn’t destroy you. he probably gives good hugs.

Pharah: DO NOT FIGHT PHARAH. You will die. she will rain justice in your entire ass and you will be dead.

Reaper: do it. kick his ass. he’ll probably wreck your shit, but if you throw him into a wall and fight him without his backup you can probably 1v1 him and live for a while. if you can keep a distance you might even win.

Soldier:76: absolutely fight him. Reaper will back you up. stay nimble so he cant shoot you easily. he’s a grumpy old man. confuse him with memes first.

Sombra: you could fight her and win pretty easily. But she’ll own your entire ass later. she will get her revenge when she releases those pictures of you that you want buried forever. choose wisely.

Tracer: why would you want to??? let the lesbian live. she’s too pure to fight. besides, she’d probably kick your ass, and she’d feel bad about it, and then take you for tea after. 

Woman [woo m-uh n]
—  A beautiful creature make by the God who will make you fallin’ in love with her, drown yourselves into beautiful kind of living, giving as the best she can while she with you and make you dream her to be your wife, accompany your day-to-day life several years and then leaving.
emma’s bracelet giveaway

In celebration of 400 followers, I’m doing a bracelet giveaway! There will be three winners and each winner will receive four bracelets. All bracelets are handmade from yarn and/or embroidery thread, and each will wrap around your wrist 2-4 times. Assorted weaves, but mostly crochet. Some have beads on them as well.

Entry requirements

-Must be following me (yeah, I know, what a drag)

-Must reblog this post (you only have to do it once, reblogging multiple times won’t help you win)

-Must live on Earth. Sorry. While I can do international shipping, interplanetary is just a little too pricey for me.

And I think that’s it! Any questions/comments/concerns/declarations of adoration can be sent to me via PM or ask. Winners will be posted sometime on January 6th (or possibly 7th because I’m always late with everything. We’ll see what happens.)



I hate seeing something that kills me right through the bones and I just have to act like I don’t care. I abhor remembering how happy I was yesterday and realize that I am not feeling the selfsame today. It’s difficult, really. It’s difficult to have the good old times back when you just know that things don’t happen again the identical way twice. Life probably is just a matter of living the moment while you can or miss and regret it later on. And guess what? I hope that I did live. Because frankly, I didn’t live enough.
—  R.