It was an odd thing, for a mermaid to love fire, but ‘odd’ had never stopped him before.

For anon.

Zayn | Niall


Robin and Will saying goodbye to each other (✿ ♥‿♥)


Jill Scott “Hate on Me" 

Black feminist music is about uplifting women, and what better way to do that than say I’m gonna do me while you hate on me? Jill Scott lets all her haters know she is gonna do what she does, in all her plus size and natural hair glory, while so you can keep hating, failing to live your own life.  

The World For Gus

The Story

Gus was diagnosed with a relatively rare brain cancer on October 1st of 2012. He was three years old.

In May of 2015 the tumors returned, in July they discovered it had spread into his spinal cord, and in December it returned again. Gus endured three surgeries in seven months, 43 days of radiation, and three months of immunotherapy in the hopes of stopping it.

But on June 27th, at seven years old, Gus’ oncologist confirmed that the cancer has returned, and spread so aggressively that there is nothing to be done except address his symptoms and do whatever they can to keep him comfortable for as long as possible.

Gus is still blessedly healthy despite significant pain that is so far manageable. However, he is heartbroken that his life is ending and that he hasn’t had the chance to see the world.

This is where you can help. Please donate to Gus’ travel fund. Gus has always planned to spend his life traveling the world, find a previously unknown dinosaur, and have endless adventures. You can help his dreams come true.

Gus has narrowed the places he would most like to visit down to:

Smithsonian, Washington DC

Field Museum, Chicago

Legoland, the beach, and friends in California

Disney and Universal, Florida

We hope to be able to make as many trips as possible in the time Gus has left. Please donate to help Gus see some small part of the world he wanted to, and let him and his 6 year old brother, Charlie, make some lasting memories.

Your donations will help cover:


Accessible hotels in areas close to hospitals

Rental cars that can accommodate a wheelchair when it becomes necessary

Food and park admission

Thank you, beyond what words can express, for helping us make his last months what he most hopes for.

The World For Gus on YouCaring

UPDATE to the Halloween Masquerade Flesh Mask FX Makeup from Sandra Holmbom 

This post here has received 82,000+ notes, and is one of my most popular HalloweenCrafts posts. Sandra Holmbom stopped posting a while back, but her blog lives on. You can find Sandra Holmbom on Instagram here.

For more amazing Halloween and Cosplay makeup from Sandra Holmbom go here:  

YouTube’s BonnieCorbinSFX has recreated Sandra’s Halloween Masquerade Flesh Mask in 2 video tutorials: 1 for just the makeup; 1 for the masquerade flesh mask.

The video makeup tutorial by BonnnieCorbinSFX below or here:

The Masquerade Flesh Mask video tutorial can be seen below or here:

GIF by me using and Original video by BonnieCorbinSFX.

cool. good to know arthur pendragon is coming back to britain soon to save y’all’s asses. you’re gonna need it once the civil war happens.