Health is not Capitalist

Our health should not be part of a free market exchange. Saving money is not equivalent to saving lives.

While you can decide to keep your house a bit cooler to lower your electric bill, you can’t have a little less chemo to save a few thousand dollars. There’s no “hey, maybe just forget the insulin so you can save for a few months of retirement money, skimp on the blood thinners or dialysis and get some pocket change for the movies.”

Healthcare is a non-negotiable part of life. So why do we rely on a system which ebbs and flows based on the number of healthy people who choose to sign up and create a market based on humans as commodities; the federal laws (looking at you, abortion ban HR-7) that cause insurance companies to choose their own financial safety over the people who need medical safety?

Don’t let this government turn us and those less fortunate than those I know reading my inordinately long post into market objects for financial gain. Call, dissent.

As always, continue to support the ACA by calling your reps or Sen. Paul Ryan–(202) 225-3031

Oppose HR7 (which bans all federal funding for abortion services, targeting the underprivileged on Medicaid as well as effectively eliminating ability to get coverage for abortion even if paying your own funds through any ACA/gov program) by calling your reps.

who should you fight: overwatch offense edition

Genji: sure. you could fight genji. you probably won’t win. he’s a fucking cyborg ninja with a sword longer than his torso. he’s also a total sweetheart and hanzo already killed him so you would feel bad. unless you’re a healer main, in which case, kick his ass the second he asks for healing.

McCree: Part of me wants to encourage people to fight him. I’ll fight him. But really, the poor guy just needs a friend. fight him, but then get a drink with him if he doesn’t destroy you. he probably gives good hugs.

Pharah: DO NOT FIGHT PHARAH. You will die. she will rain justice in your entire ass and you will be dead.

Reaper: do it. kick his ass. he’ll probably wreck your shit, but if you throw him into a wall and fight him without his backup you can probably 1v1 him and live for a while. if you can keep a distance you might even win.

Soldier:76: absolutely fight him. Reaper will back you up. stay nimble so he cant shoot you easily. he’s a grumpy old man. confuse him with memes first.

Sombra: you could fight her and win pretty easily. But she’ll own your entire ass later. she will get her revenge when she releases those pictures of you that you want buried forever. choose wisely.

Tracer: why would you want to??? let the lesbian live. she’s too pure to fight. besides, she’d probably kick your ass, and she’d feel bad about it, and then take you for tea after. 

Fate (Bucky x Reader)


Pairings/Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female), Steve x Peggy makes a brief cameo

Prompt: Soulmate AU where a timer on your wrist counts down until the moment you meet your soulmate, then underneath appears the date and time that you met your soulmate and the initials of your soulmate written in their handwriting.

Summary: It didn’t matter to Bucky that his timer was extremely long, or that it wasn’t on his left wrist like everyone else’s. No, he just lived his life to the fullest as per the words of his father. A soulmate didn’t matter to Bucky. Until it did. Until a big buff Steve rescued him from the HYRDA base and he saw how happy they were together, Steve and his soulmate Peggy. Until he fell off that train and he realized, that he wouldn’t live to see his own soulmate. Then he regained his memories and realized that he didn’t deserve a soulmate. But then he found her.

Word Count: 2286

Warnings: Holy fucking shit I don’t think there’s any swearing in this, well I just swore but that doesn’t count, I don’t think there’s any warnings, maybe some sad Bucky and a bit angsty. If you see anything that you think is a trigger or warning, please let me know.


Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or any of its characters. Marvel belongs to Disney blah blah legal stuff, don’t sue me I’m poor.

Disclaimer No. 2: I know that a lot of people have written Soulmate AUs about Marvel characters and the timer seems to be the most popular one, this has been sitting in my docs for months on end and I just cleaned it up a bit. But I have read a couple stories about the timer so if you do see anything familiar to something you wrote here chances are that I’ve read your story and somehow remembered little details and wrote them in. If this is the case and you aren’t comfortable with it just message me or send an ask OFF anon and we’ll work it out.

A/N: OMG I’m alive! My first Bucky x Reader fic I’m screaming internally I have my laptop (YAY!) and I’m spending the night at my grandma’s place so I have WiFi (double yay!) and I found this sitting in Docs from like, way back when i don’t even remember and I haven’t written anything soooooo long, so I cleaned it up and I thought why not? Feedback is always welcomed, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a command, you tell me what you think! jk. On with the story!

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When he’s in fourth grade the word ‘soulmate’ is one of the questions his teacher asks the class if they know the meaning of. Bucky does, but still he copies down the statement written on the board.

Soulmates – People that the universe destined to be together.

There’s a box on the underneath, for him to draw a picture that represents the word. The girl and the boy in front of him try their best to draw pictures of themselves, writing their names underneath, their timers having stopped two weeks after the start of the initial school year when the girl transferred into their class. Bucky draws the best stick figure of himself, holding hands with another mystery figure, a question mark in the place of their head.

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Wolfstar: fear

Yay! I hope this isn’t too angsty. I kinda ran away with this and i would’ve gone on longer if i didn’t have self-control. Hope you enjoy.

He looked at Sirius from across the scrubbed table. The Order meeting in full swing, but Remus could not seem to lend his ear to Kingsley’s recent report on the infiltration of Voldemort’s ranks. His mind on the dark haired man he’s known since he was eleven. 

Remus could see the subtle lines in his handsome face that suggested his time at Azkaban had taken a bigger toll than his luminescent smile had led on. Sirius was never one to make those around him fret over his emotional state. He would laugh and carry on with James and Peter, but Remus always knew. 

He could see the way he held his body. The tense set of his shoulders. The fidgety hand gestures, and the ‘just this side’ of too loud his voice would become before a forced joke. Something was wrong. He knew he had to approach with care, or be faced with the dramatics that was the man Sirius Black. It was only a matter of time before his destructive tendencies reared their ugly head.

He knocked on the door twice before he heard the calm command to enter. Remus was not a man afraid of confrontation. He would rather defuse a situation with calm insight and chocolate. But approaching Sirius in a strop was a different game he learned to play well over the years. Subtlety was not the key. 

Sirius had grown up in a house full of Slytherins, where manipulation and power plays were a favored hobby. No. He needed to be transparent. He needed Sirius to see that he did not want to use his vulnerabilities against him. But Remus also knew he needed to be rational where Sirius would be impulsive. He had his work cut out.

“Padfoot?”, Remus called into the dark room. The eerie coos from Buckbeak and the slanted lamplight from the city street creating a morose atmosphere. He could see Sirius’ profile as he perched on a torn chaise. The perfect cameo his face created, although he liked to joke on how years of inbreeding could create such a specimen of a man. He truly was beautiful, but Remus mustn’t get distracted. 

“Is everything alright?” Remus asked when he got no other answer than a grunt.

Sirius turned to him then. His shadowed face casting a haunted mask not seen in full light. He looked so young. So broken. So many unsaid things etched into the frown lines around his mouth. So many unheard pleas. Remus took a step forward but stopped when he saw the delicate jerk of Sirius’ right hand. He would wait. It always paid to wait. Remus should know.

“Moony. I thought you were leaving tonight” Sirius mumbled, turning his head just a fraction towards the window to avoid Remus’ concerned gaze. “No. I decided to stay another night. This mission isn’t a very important one.” Remus replied, never taking his eyes off the man’s silhouette. 

“Well…you know you don’t have to stay cooped up with me all night. Go have fun! I see my cousin is very interested in you. Couldn’t keep her eyes off of you.” Sirius chuckled gruffly. The last word sounding a bit more hollow than Remus would’ve liked. 

He took another step into the room, and then another, letting the door close softly behind him. Not even stopping when he saw Sirius stiffen further. “Sirius. Tell me.” Remus insisted. His calm voice holding none of the patronizing tone Dumbledore’s did when telling Sirius that he must remain at Grimmauld Place. 

Sirius turned and looked at Remus head on. Eyes hard and walls pulled up tight with no crack in the seams. Remus didn’t need to look for a crack though. This was not about breaking. This was about choice. It was always about choice.

With a shove of his hands into his jean pockets, Sirius tilted his head a bit and placed a bitter smile onto his face. “What is there to tell Moony? It’s all out on the table already. You-Know-Who is back. This won’t be like last time. I won’t let it be like last time.” 

He shook his head slowly and turned his back to Remus. “We’re not kids anymore, Remus.” Sirius whispered. “We can’t hold ourselves back again for the sake of wanting something we know we were never meant to have.” Remus could see the indentations in the chaise where Sirius was pressing hard into the fabric with his fingertips. 

“What do you mean, Sirius? You’re not making any sense.”

“What I mean is, It’s time for us to move on, Remus. I’m not the man you used to know. I…I don’t want you to ever regret making the decision to forgive me that night in the shack. I couldn’t bear it.” His voice warbling toward the end.

You couldn’t bear it. Sirius, exactly what are you on about? I’m not the man you once knew either. You’re right. We have grown up. But what does that have to do with moving on?” Remus intoned. He couldn’t understand where any of this was coming from. No, he wasn’t expecting them to pick up where they left off. There were too many things left to unpack, but moving on. It wasn’t an option. At least not for Remus.

“You deserve a life, Moony. Merlin knows you’ve worked so hard all these years. Your life isn’t here with me and a damned…hippogriff. We’re in the middle of a war, Remus. Who’s to say we’ll live this time around? You should-You should be living while you still can. You should be starting a family.” declared Sirius as he looked back at the distant London skyline. 

Remus was dumbstruck by the candid way that Sirius spoke. He could hear his blood pounding in his veins. The bitter taste of rejection making it’s way up his throat… No. He waited too long for this man to have him just decide where and how he was going to spend the remainder of his days. He deserved more dignity than that, and so did Sirius. Remus would not allow it.

“Why?” prodded Remus. “Why now, Sirius? Why wait twelve bloody years to throw it away, again? Don’t you think we’ve earned it? Don’t you think we’ve both done the time?” He could feel the emotions bubble underneath his skin. It sizzled through his fingertips and upward, making his arms feel like he had been struck by lightening. Not again. He would not lose Sirius again to his silly notions of what was for the best. Sirius didn’t get to decide that. Remus was a grown man. 

“Sirius. Do not give me that flimsy excuse. Tell me.”

Remus could tell from the sudden hunch of Sirius’ shoulders that the conversation would soon come to a head. He stood his ground. He would not let the love of his life walk away out of self-pity. Remus and Sirius both had too much to lose. They already lost so many people. They will continue to, but merlin fuck, didn’t Sirius realize that that should be reason enough to see it through?

Sirius barked a low bitter laugh at Remus’ words. His body taut with barely constrained emotion. His hand grasped the chaise until his knuckles were white, while his free hand twitched with every harsh, silent breath he took. He turned toward Remus again, but this time Remus could clearly see the unmasked emotion in his eyes. 

“It’s not an excuse, Remus. This is real life. No more games. We’ve played too many games and we lost. We lost, Remus! We lost everything. I lost everything. It’s not the same.” Sirius pleaded, shaking his head in a sorrowful manner. 

“It’s me, Sirius. What are you so afraid of?” observed Remus. “Sirius.

“EVERYTHING!” bellowed Sirius as he whipped himself into a frenzied pace. “I’m afraid of everything, Remus, don’t you see?! I’m afraid of losing everything again to a fucking madman! I’m afraid that I won’t get to make up for the years I lost! I’m afraid of not knowing if there will be a tomorrow! I’m afraid of losing Harry…I-I’m afraid of losing you.” he broke, finally letting the dam of fear and uncertainty break through his facade. His knees buckled as he wept, Remus grabbing him around the middle before his knees hit the floor.

Remus held on to Sirius as he cried, rocking him and whispering soothing words into his hair. He felt his eyes prickle as the sobs wracked Sirius’ frame. Remus knows fear. He knows it like an old family friend. It’s one of the few constants he’s used to. Fear and love. 

Throughout his life, they’ve warred for domination. Too often he let fear win, when love should’ve prevailed. Especially concerning the man currently in his arms. Too many times he let fear shadow his judgment and had suffered because of it. Fear is inevitable, no matter the circumstances. But this time, he will not lose his life to it. He will not let Sirius throw away their happiness in spite of it. Fear is a constant that will never change. But so is his love for this man.

Is she saying “Live while you can” or “Leave while you can?” I mean, it might just be a cynical quip, but this is a wedding after all and that’s exactly what you think when you’re standing at the altar, isn’t it? Live or leave.
—  Man in Chair from The Drowsy Chaperone

This is one of the saddest quotes in all of musical theatre, The Man becomes obsessed with this moment of the show when the actress playing the Chaperone utters:

“L-ve while you can.”

A cane falling blocks out the true meaning of the line. The Man in Chair grasps at the idea that Beatrice Stockwell is either saying “leave” or “live”, but only recently have I realized (after playing Man in Chair myself over a year ago) that Dame Stockwell very well might have been saying “Love”.

This, in my opinion, is the most painful subtext in any piece of musical theatre. Even in his musical escape from reality, the dejected, heart-broken, nameless Man cannot fathom (or possibly accept) the idea of love. “Love is not always lovely in the end.”, and for some, it is not even an option.

J. Michael. R.

“You know what?” Lee nodded as she thought, her round blue eyes were wide as she came to a clear realization, it was as if a light bulb had clicked on in her head. “I’ve never ever been to one of those super scandalous house parties. You know like in Clueless or Sixteen Candles. And I’m starting to think I should totally get on it before my time runs out and I miss out on my chance to kiss my very own Jake Ryan. What a real tragedy that would be.” Lee was half joking, but the truth of her statement rang clear. 

I hate seeing something that kills me right through the bones and I just have to act like I don’t care. I abhor remembering how happy I was yesterday and realize that I am not feeling the selfsame today. It’s difficult, really. It’s difficult to have the good old times back when you just know that things don’t happen again the identical way twice. Life probably is just a matter of living the moment while you can or miss and regret it later on. And guess what? I hope that I did live. Because frankly, I didn’t live enough.
—  R.

I’ve been having a dialogue with myself for months on whether or not I should carry out my next “big” cosplay - Robbie Rotten.

Yes, it’s being going on for that long. Literally, every night before I went to bed would load up the website where they sell Robbie costumes, put it in my shopping cart, but I can never bring myself to press the “Checkout” button.

It’s always, “Today’s the day. TODAY’S THE DAY.” But it never is.

Every day since January it’s been a devil vs. angel situation.

Angel: Don’t do it!

Devil: Dude you should totally do it.

Angel: Are you really going to sink $200+ into a dead meme costume?

Devil: It’s your money, dude. Live it up while you can! #YOLO

Angel: Okay, are you really going to take advice from someone who still uses YOLO in 2017?!?!

Something like that.

So far I’ve bought some assets for pulling off the character, namely a prosthetic chin (a detail that most Robbie cosplayers in the past often leave out), hair gel that also dyes your hair black, and finally spats (again, another detail that past Robbie cosplayers leave out/forget altogether).

I am well aware that the We Are Number One meme has come and gone, but I’ve grown to enjoy LazyTown itself. It’s an entertaining show, memes aside.

So, in conclusion, I just don’t know.

Alex G

if you never drink the poison then you’re never gonna cry
if you don’t believe in magic then you shouldn’t even try
you look nice babe
don’t think twice maybe
the world is a really scary place
but i know from the look that’s on yr face
yr life has been over way before it all began
if you don’t want to be lonely then i can be yr man
i know that yr mommy’s getting underneath yr skin
but girl its all a fucking joke so just live it while you can