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Hey Kourtney! I need some advice. I've never had a boyfriend and I'm 19. All the guys I talk to or interact with me always flirt with me and want to just hook up. Even when I'm trying to be friends with them, they act all flirty and want to just have sex with me. The guys who like me (which is rare) I don't like them, but the guys I like have a girlfriend or are not interested. I don't think I'm ugly I'm just confused why I'm never meeting the right person and why I haven't had a boyfriend yet.

it literally feels like i wrote this…we have such similar love lives!

so i’ll tell you what i tell myself:

just so that i don’t cry or feel sad, i remind myself that the right guy, my soul mate, is out there waiting for me. my past crushes didn’t become my boyfriends because they were not right for me. trust me, it’s so much better to be alone/single, than to be surrounded by or with someone who is just not right for you. this is life’s way (or if you’re religious, God’s way) of protecting you from the bullshit. i have liked guys in my past, 3 to be exact, and they all turned out to be…not that great. i  dodged a bullet on all 3 of them, thankfully. though at the time, i was extremely down on myself for them not wanting to be with me. but now, i’m very happy about how things have turned out. i’m sure that things will turn around for you, and you’ll see how guys you’ve liked, aren’t right for you.

there’s also a time for everything. the way that i look at me being single now is that it’s just not the right time for me to have a boyfriend yet. but, that time will come. that time is coming. so that’s my advice for you. right now may not be the best time for you to fall in love, only because there’s a better time coming down the road.

focus on the positives. be hopeful. and trust that everything will be okay. the right guy for you is on his way.

You will not always be happy with me, as I have scars from countless battles engraved on my skin and soul. I may not remember the date of the first day we met, and I may forget the name of your favorite shows. But I will always remember the way you wear your smile, the smell of your skin and how you like your food spicy.

There will be times when you may feel that I am becoming a little distant, like I am a little lost inside of my head. But please know that in those times, I still love you. In those times, I will quietly hum to the sound of your laughter at the back of my head, and I will fall quietly. I may not always say it, but you will always be the home to my heavily scarred soul.

And always, behind your back, I will run to strangers only to show them a picture of you just to tell them:

This is what I live for.
This is what keeps me going.
This is why I am still smiling.

—  Lukas W. // This is what I live for

for @allmycharactersare-dead: oikawa, iwaizumi & the flock 1 and 2 trainees from wingbeats!! because dragons and dragon riders are. the coolest. also I promised you a thing!! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 

four word first impressions of anime

code geass: highly unrealistic leg standards

assassination classroom: really fast tentacle dude

fairy tail: omG JOIN MY GUILD

free!: wow this is gay

ouran high school host club: ok this is gayer


haikyuu: IM SHORT OH GOD

attack on titan: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL

tokyo ghoul: TAKE IT FROM ME

black butler: LOL STEP ASIDE JESUS

hibike! euphonium: gayer than originally perceived


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

Zodiac signs as important advices

Aries: “Wake up early”   
Taurus: “Do well”    
Gemini: “Be ambitious”
Cancer: “Love what you do” 
Leo: “Dress really well” 
Virgo: “Work hard” 
Libra: “Do what you love”  
Scorpio: “Keep your head up”
Saggitarius: “Live well” 
Capricorn: “Drink coffee”
Aquarius: “Keep your priorities straight” 
Pisces: Keep your mind right”


                                there’s only one thing we all know for certain and that is …

The sun
  • Chris: you know my dick has a lot in common with the sun
  • Victor: why? Because nobody likes to look directly at it?
  • Yuuri: because it gives people cancer?
  • Phichit: it rises at the crack of dawn?
  • Michele: it disappears at night?
  • Seung: direct exposure to it often leads to nasty sunburns?
  • Yurio: it needs to stay approximately 92,960,000 miles away from me?
  • Otabek: nobody will ever touch it?
  • Chris: gee thanks you guys! You're all such supportive friends!
  • Victor: we try
  • Everyone: *grunting in agreement*

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

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