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Hi, I love it when Chris articulates voice in the songs that he loves the most, when he did Single ladies, he does the dance routine as he sings it, was it a challenge to sing and dance at the same time? Or was it easy? I wonder what notes that he sang on a song like that. Anonymous fan

Do you mean during the live shows in 2011? Because Kurt didn’t sing ‘Single Ladies’ himself on the show (and even if he had Chris would have pre-recorded it and would have been lipsynching during filming).

As for the live shows: it’s true you can clearly see Chris saying the words to the song while he’s dancing. I’m not sure if he actually was singing along though, he was probably just moving his mouth with no sound coming out, as it was Beyoncé’s version and her vocals you can hear.

Singing and dancing simultaneously is very challenging, yes. You only have so much breath you can inhale and use at once, and now it’s getting divided between 2 activities that both require a lot of oxygen. It certainly takes a lot of stamina and training to not get out of breath when you’re dancing and singing at the same time (one of the many reasons I admire excellent live performers like Beyoncé and Pink so much). But as Chris was probably not really singing along with ‘Single Ladies’ at the live show, only mouthing the words, he didn’t really need any extra breath for that, so all that oxygen and energy could go to his (extremely sexy!) dancing. 

If Chris had sung along to ‘Single Ladies’ (as I’m sure he sang that song at least a 100 times in his shower and/or car, lol) the high notes in it would have been no problem for him.   ;)

(Sorry for the late reply: I was on a little holiday [Disneyland Paris!] and only had very limited wifi access there at my hotel, using my smartphone.)