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Hi, I love it when Chris articulates voice in the songs that he loves the most, when he did Single ladies, he does the dance routine as he sings it, was it a challenge to sing and dance at the same time? Or was it easy? I wonder what notes that he sang on a song like that. Anonymous fan

Do you mean during the live shows in 2011? Because Kurt didn’t sing ‘Single Ladies’ himself on the show (and even if he had Chris would have pre-recorded it and would have been lipsynching during filming).

As for the live shows: it’s true you can clearly see Chris saying the words to the song while he’s dancing. I’m not sure if he actually was singing along though, he was probably just moving his mouth with no sound coming out, as it was Beyoncé’s version and her vocals you can hear.

Singing and dancing simultaneously is very challenging, yes. You only have so much breath you can inhale and use at once, and now it’s getting divided between 2 activities that both require a lot of oxygen. It certainly takes a lot of stamina and training to not get out of breath when you’re dancing and singing at the same time (one of the many reasons I admire excellent live performers like Beyoncé and Pink so much). But as Chris was probably not really singing along with ‘Single Ladies’ at the live show, only mouthing the words, he didn’t really need any extra breath for that, so all that oxygen and energy could go to his (extremely sexy!) dancing. 

If Chris had sung along to ‘Single Ladies’ (as I’m sure he sang that song at least a 100 times in his shower and/or car, lol) the high notes in it would have been no problem for him.   ;)

(Sorry for the late reply: I was on a little holiday [Disneyland Paris!] and only had very limited wifi access there at my hotel, using my smartphone.)
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Yay, a tour fic!!

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During the Glee Live Tour of 2011, Darren manages to share a room (and eventually a bed) with Chris every single night. Various sleep shenanigans ensue.

@themolly-and-theivy​ asked me to list the tours panic have played over the years, here’s what i got though i’m not sure it’s complete

2005 - Nintendo Fusion Tour
2006 - Nothing Rhymes with Circus Tour
2007 - (they played shows but looks like there was no specific tour name)
2008 - Honda Civic Tour 2008 & Pretty. Odd. Tour & Rock Band Live Tour
2011 - Vices & Virtues Tour & 2011 Europe Tour & 2011 US Tour & 2011 Australian Tour & US Fall Tour 2011
2012 - 2012 UK Tour
2013 - Save Rock and Roll (FOB’s tour)
2014 - Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! & The Gospel Tour
2015 - (see 2007)
2016 - Death of a Bachelor & Weezer & Panic! at the Disco Summer Tour
2017 - Death of a Bachelor cont.

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Sami, omg I'm sorry if I ask too many questions and annoy you but you're the first person who comes to my mind when I need to know smthing about Kpop and also I look up on you so much! K, here's my question: can I find all the previous SHINee concerts on youtube? I know this is kinda stupid to ask, but I really don't know which concerts they made till now. PS: There's no need to list them, it'd be too much trouble and I don't wanna bother you, just answer yes or no and I'll do my researches ^.^

Hello my beautiful Leti. <3 Please don’t be sorry because you are never annoying me, even if you have 100 questions. I am sorry for the late reply, I was busy the whole day, and didn’t really have chance to get on until now. Also thank you so much for your kind words, you are precious to me. <3 

As for SHINee concerts, they had many. Although, their solo concerts are only SWC tours. Unfortunately, as far as I know, many concerts in their full length were not uploaded on YouTube. :( And it’s absolutely not stupid to ask. Don’t worry. I will list you all the SHINee, either solo or concerts they participated in from the 2008 that I know of. Links that I had saved are underlined, just click on it to watch. Others, unfortunately I don’t have links to full concerts, but you can find lots of fancams on YT. Enjoy! ^^

Taylor Swift songs for LBPQ girls Masterpost

Under the cut is a list of Taylor Swift songs for girls that like girls. It’s divided into three categories: happy songs, sad songs, and songs with he/him/his pronouns that I still read as songs for gay girls. This list does not include unreleased tracks, although I am more than happy to make another list/update this one including them (but it might take some time.)

Before we begin, I’d just like to note that this list has nothing to do with Taylor’s sexuality. I don’t know what it is, and frankly, it’s none of my business. I am not trying to imply anything with this list, such as suggesting she wrote these songs with girls in mind. It’s simply a resource of Taylor Swift songs for WLW like myself.

Finally, this is not the final word on WLW Taylor songs! This is just my personal list, but If you have any suggestions for a song that is not included, drop me a message!

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