Kick-Ass Chicks: Becky Goebel

Hailing from the land of maple syrup (aka, Canada) comes this total badass, Becky Goebel, who lives life on the edge of her Sk8-Hi’s. She rides motorcycles, goes on snowboarding adventures, and starts trends one Good Charlotte trucker hat at a time. We caught up with this firecracker to learn more about how she became a merchandiser at Vans, and her personal mantra for living life Off the Wall. 

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Dear people who get mad and take offense to people who don’t like dan and phil… Chill out! People dont have to like them! That what makes having opinions and having freedom to express yourself is so great! People dont have to like what you like. If everyone liked the same things there would be no originality… And the same rules apply for bashing people for likening things. There is people who like 1D (me) and people don’t like them, people who like BOTDF yeah i hate them but I’m not gonna bash people who do.

Live by my moto: someone has to like it, and thats the person who does. So what.