writing an autistic character when you are not autistic - a masterpost

completely double spaced version on google docs here – this post is more blocky for the sake of people’s dashboards, but still long so people will be less likely to glaze over it. my apologies if that makes it hard to read

things to look for and avoid in an autistic character

• symptoms only manifesting as “nonverbal and rocking”
• super smart / living calculator
• super dumb / doesn’t understand anything
• all the symptoms you can come up with for them are “awkward” and “has special interest(s)” (please do more research)
• trains, technology, and/or math as special interests
• acting like a child
• getting treated like a baby
• unreasonably cruel and uncaring about others’ reactions to them being cruel
• if they’re comparable to sheldon from the big bang theory, start over
• animal comparisons
• a lack of feelings
• please no stories about what it’s like to be autistic told by allistics

the right way to write an autistic person

• lots of symptoms, including secondary ones not included on a general diagnosis requirement list (here’s a list i rather like that was made by an autistic person – their blog is also a good resource)
• having a good amount of general knowledge and actually talking about it (i cannot believe that i have to say this)
• talking about things outside of special interests (again…. come on……….) (special interests are usually the default things our brains go to when theres no stimulation or we want to entertain ourselves – it isn’t literally all we think or talk about ever. if a conversation has no connections to a special interest, reconsider having your autistic character bring it up in a context that is not an introduction.)
• explicitly expressed to be capable of attraction and romantic feelings – if your character is an adult, add sexual feelings to this point
• capable of general functioning, just with a disability that makes it more difficult – not a walking disability (….sigh)
• a wide amount of feelings and emotional turmoil (but perhaps only being able to express it in limited ways)
• we’re people
• just people whose brains are wired differently

things to avoid in research for an autistic character

• autism moms / autism blogs and websites not run by autistic people
• any affiliation with autism $peaks means you should walk away and never look back
• a scientist trying to create explanations for what autistic people do without actually asking / not mentioning asking autistic people
• anything about a cure for autism
• a person that “worked with autistic kids” phrased in the same way as “worked with animals”
• talking about autistic people as if they are mysteries, are like animals, or are otherwise othered weirdos instead of people

things to look for in research for an autistic character

• actual autistic people talking about their experiences and symptoms
• just stick to that and you’re good but it’s hard to find sometimes ngl. just look for the above red flags

things i would personally like to see in an autistic character

• less easy to swallow sadness and more destructive anger. i would love to see a canonically autistic character who was frustrated easily by small things and had trouble communicating why
• not a story about being autistic, a story that happens to have a character or characters who are autistic – it isn’t pointed out or questioned, they’re right at home with the rest of the cast and not othered (a la symmetra from overwatch)
• intensive sensory issues / small sounds making large reactions
• clear communications about not liking x sensory thing (for example being touched)
• poor motor skills / clumsiness and not being laughed at for it
• walking funny (body bent downwards, walking very fast, walking slowly, big strides, shuffling, stiffness, etc)  – no one treats it as if it’s funny or something totally strange
• a big personality that has a presence so they can’t be cast aside (but feel free to have quiet characters too) – if this was along with being nonverbal they would probably leap to being one of my favorite characters ever
• a fear of asking for clarification on sarcasm or jokes because of past experiences and an arc about the character becoming more comfortable asking questions

>> if any fellow autistic people want to add something, feel free <<

allistics are encouraged to rb this

Commonly Used Words and their Synonyms!

Instead of using… You can use the word…

Looked — observed, peered, gazed, glanced, explored, glimpsed, stared, eyed, viewed, noticed, watched, inspected, examined, and peeked. 

Said — told, stated, replied, phrased, announced, articulated, reported, expressed, voiced, mentioned, communicated, uttered, spoke, and vocalised.

Shouted — yelled, roared, exclaimed, hollered, cried, called out, squealed, wailed, screeched, squawked, bellowed, shrieked, screamed, and howled.

Laughed — chuckled, smiled, giggled, grinned, snickered, cracked up, hooted, roared, snorted, howled, erupt into laughter, and burst into laughter.

Good — great, pleasant, wonderful, positive, awesome, rad, splendid, worthy, superb, superior, marvellous, stellar, excellent, and super.

Bad — awful, atrocious, terrible, negative, unfortunate, rough, dreadful, dismal., poor, appalling, lousy, unpleasant, crummy, and miserable. 

Nice — polite, kind, respectable, friendly, well-mannered, admirable, wonderful, affable, lovely, nifty, pleasant, inviting, enjoyable, and fine.

Mean — nasty, evil, unkind, vicious, cruel, wicked, bothersome, spiteful, unpleasant, hateful, malicious, harsh, uncaring, and insensitive. 

Tried — weary, burned out, sleepy, sluggish, exhausted, drowsy, fatigued, heavy-eyed, beat, lifeless, drained, lazy, worn out, and droopy.

Scared — frightened, worried, afraid, anxious, fearful, timid, startled, suspicious, alarmed, apprehensive, petrified, shaken, terrified, and panicked.

Happy — glad, ecstatic, joyful, jovial, delighted, merry, content, elated, blissful, gleeful, cheerful, thrilled, pleasant, and overjoyed.   

Sad — unhappy, disappointed, miserable, blue, depressed, sorrowful, gloomy, melancholy, down in the dumps, dismal, heartbroken, down, and full of woe.

Mad — angry, outraged, grouchy, fuming, furious, frantic, irritated, cranky, annoyed, irate, livid, enraged, infuriated, and heated.

Excited — eager, wired, enthusiastic, simulated, thrilled, jubilant, hysterical, jumpy, charged, anxious, awakened, fired up, nervous, and on edge.

Pretty — beautiful, charming, attractive, elegant, handsome, gorgeous, dazzling, captivating, nice-looking, glamorous, lovely, stunning, appealing, and memorising.

Ugly — unpleasant, gruesome, horrid, gross, dreadful, beastly, grotesque, deformed, appalling, plain, unsightly, loathsome, hideous, and homely.

Little — small, young, tiny, mini, petite, short, minute, slim, pocket-sized, slight, pint-sized, minor, miniature, and wee.

Big — humongous, ginormous, gigantic, hefty, large, jumbo, huge, massive, enormous, oversize, vast, great, giant, and abundant.

Funny — humorous, whimsical, hilarious, eccentric, amusing, side-splitting, comical, lighthearted, witty, jolly, nutty, hysterical, jokey, and droll.

Fun — entertaining, interesting, pleasurable, a blast, exciting, captivating, enjoyable, fascinating, engaging, gratifying, action-filled, lively, amusing, and enchanting. 

Smart — keen, intelligent, clever, cunning, screwed, knowledgeable, brilliant, sharp-witted, wise, scholarly, bright, gifted, canny, and brainy. 

Like — love, care about, adore, value, fond of, treasure, cherish, appreciate, admire, enjoy, passionate about, crazy about, and devoted to.     

Hate — loathe, detest, dislike greatly, despise, execrate, feel revulsion towards, feel hostile towards, be repelled by, be revolted by, regard with disgust, be unable to stomach, find intolerable, shudder at, and recoil from. 

Hot — sweltering, fiery, overly warm, heated, burning up, stuffy, sizzling, spicy, blistering, humid, boiling, blazing, scorching, and scalding. 

Cold — chilly, very cold, icy, bitter, frigid, arctic, frosty, nippy, crisp, harsh, wintry, biting, freezing, and polar.

Fast — quick, speedy, sudden, hurried, abrupt, rushed, rapid, instantly, brisk, dashing, hasty, accelerated, swift, and prompt. 

Slow — unhurried, inactive, leisurely, slothful, sluggish, passive, gradual, snail-like, slack, time-consuming, stagnant, decelerate, delay, and losing speed. 

rule breakers. (m)

based on the prompt, “best friend’s sibling au”

pairing: kim taehyung | reader
genre: fluff, light smut
warnings: light voyeurism
word count: 20,453
description: there’s some unresolved history involving your best friend’s brother… but hey, maybe some rules are meant to be broken.
author’s note: i get inspired by the oddest little tidbits, and i swear the word count was supposed to be half the amount you see up there. also, say hello to the longest one-shot i’ve done so far.

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You have one of the greatest fortunes to be acquainted with the Kims in your first year of primary education, and perhaps it’s what has led you to one of your greatest downfalls (but we’ll get into that later on).

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  • Harry: *is the chosen one and a jockey idiot*
  • Hermione: *is smart and strong and saves everyone's ass at least ten times and is basically what everyone should aspire to in life*
  • Ron: *is a genuine guy and an amazingly loyal friend and adorably dorky*
  • Neville: *overcomes his insecurities and fears to save his friends butts*
  • Ginny: *is a kickass mofo who literally is just James reincarnated* *but cooler* *dont tell him I said that*
  • Lavender: *eventually finds her chill and becomes a badass in the war*
  • Dean and Seamus: *the worlds cutest couple and hella tough*
  • George and Fred: *best non couple couple to ever live and die*
  • Luna: *smart in the only way anyone should ever need*
  • Pansy: *you have to admit she kicks ass*
  • Blaise: *is hot*
  • Draco: *lives to gay*
  • James: *from heaven* I worry for McGonagalls mental stability
  • Lily: Oh yeah.
To teach is not to force one’s own opinion or knowledge onto another, but to share with the world what it is that you know. Some may listen, and some may not. Regardless, express the knowledge that you bring to this earth. Show your wisdom. Speak your intellect.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Sonequa is a devastating loss. Sonequa is my sister in so many ways and she’s wise, she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s smart, she’s lively, she’s talented. She’s a real example to everybody. I don’t know even know i’d where to begin with how amazing she has been to work with and to have in my life. We lose her, but it’s such a deeply original and heroic way that just  seems right for someone as astounding like Sasha. I have so many memories of laughing a lot with her and learning from her and getting support and comfort from her. It’s family. That never ends.

Danai Gurira

hewhoisbear  asked:

Are Jellyfish actually your favorite animals? If so, why?

They actually are! And I have many reasons:

- They’re beautiful. Their elegance, colors and bioluminescence is completely magical and incredibly aesthetically pleasing to me. Arguably the prettiest animals, in my opinion.

- The little ones are so cute!! The way they so quickly swoosh-swoosh-swoosh around makes them look like they’re being very excited and productive about something. Adorable, 10/10.

- They’re calming to watch and think about. Jellyfish don’t have brains, only ever drift around doing nothing, and only one type of jellyfish even actively hunts prey. Yet they’ve survived since the dawn of time. It’s a gentle reminder that human values are majorly biased. You don’t have to be smart to live.

- They’re extremely scientifically interesting!! There are so many different types that function in different ways, and they hold the record for a bunch of things. Jellyfish are the longest animals in the world. They can reproduce both sexually and asexually. Some use photosynthesis. Finally, the only immortal, ageless animal in the world is a jellyfish.

- They look like something from outer space. They’re so different and alien, it’s like the void itself laid eggs in our planet and it hatched into these weird little things. They’re our very own tiny eldritch abominations.

jellyfish are the best thing in world ok


felicity smoak week | day 7. free day (or the ep that made me give arrow a second chance)

i’m pretty sure i said this ages ago, but i couldn’t watch another episode of arrow based on the pilot. i suppose it’s because it lacked emotional depth. also, i wasn’t rooting for the intended ship. but on the night of christmas eve, my brother was on this episode (or maybe the episode before, i can’t recall), and he said, “she talks in a very particular way, doesn’t she?” or something like that. in my mind, i was thinking, “who is that? i don’t remember seeing her from the pilot,” and then the Iconic Elevator Scene happened. i thought they had chemistry, and i thought what they had was just different and special — because of her. she was so lively, smart, and witty, and, yes, people, i was smoaked

so, it is because of her (and olicity, i’ll be honest lol) that i gave arrow another chance, and then i was graced with her presence on episode three. i’m not gonna lie — i waited for her to appear with every single episode from then on.

Wings [Prologue] || Taehyung


Pairing - Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre - Fantasy, Fallen Angel! AU, Fluff, Angst, Smut

Summary - He tells to nobody in particular as to why he is on Earth.

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You know when Humans celebrate birthdays, they blow candles and cut cakes, receive gifts and blessings? Well, for one, that’s dumb. For two, how does one even fit three hundred and twenty five candles on a cake? Unless, of course, it’s made to fit such an obnoxious number.

Sorry, you probably are thinking I’m some old man, with a balding head and silver white hair hanging from my chin but, please let me correct that image of mine in your head.

I’m over three centuries old, yes. But I’m as old as I’d died when I was twenty five. I’m no one to brag but I must say - in order to correct you heavily - that I’m handsome, tall, and absolutely hot.

And totally on the run.

It’s funny really - spending my birthday running away and in hiding, coloring my hair whenever I think I’m being followed. Yes, I did bring this upon myself. In fact, I’m probably the only person from Kronell who’s brought such fate upon himself.

Three hundred years ago, I was a happily married man, living with a strong, smart and beautiful wife. She was everything to me, as much as I was to her, I’m sure. While we did have struggles in bearing children, we loved each other very much.

But that’s where everything changes, you see.

The Gods, Dignitaries, Heavens, whatever you wish to call those who control our fate that isn’t us, seemed to find my life a toy to be played and tampered with. To be spoiled. When they went too far, it took away my only reason to live away from me.

My wife died.

A tragic story began: I was the talk of the village, every man would keep their children and wives away from me. They’d point to me and say that I was a bad man for not taking care of my wife. While I ran around, trying to find ways to bring my wife back, everybody else watched, amused or horrified. Like it was some morbid scene to see a man want his wife back.

When I’d tried killing myself - since that seemed to be the only way to go to her - they didn’t let me. It was almost like I was immortal - not in the normal sense. They just…refused to take my soul.

I despised everything. Loathed them, rather. I could no nothing. I was as feckless as a puny human facing a grizzly bear.

Then, one day, an old lady offers to let me talk to the person I so wanted to contact. Apparently, she was one of those women who were considered crazy by the entire village. The one everybody made fun of for the claims she made of seeing and hearing dead people. In my defense, and as a testament, I can say that was very, very much true.

Do not hold my wantonness against me, but it was just that which made me too blind to heed to them when I was warned, time and again, not to attempt to contact the dead.

Once the dead, always the dead. 

I was more desperate than I already was, causing me to be engulfed in flames. Yes, you can take that quite literally. I’d only seen the figure of my beloved deceased wife form, and then I died. Quite comical, really.

When I found myself staring at the King of the Underworld, I knew then, that I had undeniably, and very unabashedly, fucked up.

He let me know I had just signed my contract on serving a probable life sentence in Kronell, having to serve him until he was satisfied - which perhaps has never happened or will ever happen. Kimroe was ugly. Straight up, bare faced, chunky bodied ugly.

But we Sinners (those who were slaves) never really had the chance to exactly…voice our opinion. It would be a free world if we could.

Red Bloods (pure blooded evil people, mostly descendants of Kimroe) and us never got along well - we weren’t supposed to either Which is not a surprise, really. But still, if one spent three hundred cursed years in such a place, wouldn’t they want to leave?

I knew I wanted to. And I did. Which brings us to the current position I am in.

Running, hiding.

All I have to do is find my soul mate - of course, it is easier said than done - and get romantically involved with him or her. You see, when we Sinners find our soul mates, which are usually humans, we are halfway through being ridden off the sin we committed. But a Sinner cannot just force it out of their mates. They must, on their own accord, convey their romantic feelings - if they have any - to the Sinner. And only then shall the Sinner be redeemed.

I wanted to throw that person whoever made up these rules, into the Pit. But they’re probably dead, so there’s no point.

It’s isn’t just that rule which is crappy. What’s crappier about our existence is that we are absolutely allergic to metal. If we ever made the mistake to touch it, we were sure to suffer from second to third degree burns. I scoffed when I learned of it, but instantly regretted it when Kimroe used it on me.

As I feel my self esteem lower with every step I take towards the small cafe across the street, I begin to believe the fact that perhaps I won’t be finding any soul mate here. Perhaps, they’ve died, or are tied to someone else.

But I had to try. I couldn’t possibly survive another century there in Kronell.

I reached the cashier, the lady on the other side smiling brightly at me. It made me wonder if she could be my mate. So I reached for the napkin that lay close to her hand on the counter, and let mine subtly brush hers. When no reaction came from the mark - and encircled star - on the back of my neck, I sighed heavily and made my order.

“What’s your name, Sir?”

I smiled, retreating my hand, “Kim Taehyung.”

Dumb Hos, who are usually low class and fuck for Olive Garden and T-Mobile bills. Basic Hos, who are usually of a higher class, but don ’ t have the sense to hustle for more than free entry to parties and an occasional handbag. Finally, Smart Hos, who have reached the upper echelon of seduction and have fully mastered the art of “ Give me because it makes you feel good to see me smile. ”

Smart Hos are the most hated women on the planet because they don ’ t use ass and titties; they use their brains to turn men into tricks without them even realizing they are tricks. The girls I talked to while researching this book get condos, cars, tuition, and whatever else they need to live. Smart Hos know how to use their pussy like a Green Lantern ring; all they do is focus on what they want, and shit falls out of the sky.

—  Ho Tactics: How to MindFuck A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring
the signs based on people I know

Aries: adorable, likes Star Wars, laughs a lot, knows interesting yet pointless stuff, likes people, always annoyingly happy, has an ‘idgaf’ attitude but they actually really care a lot

Taurus: loves Star Wars, loves food but quite fussy, loves sleep but never sleeps, thinks everyone hates them, likes performing arts, usually sad, will fight you

Gemini: a good sense of humour, can act like an idiot, good with kids, literally doesn’t give a shit about anything, acts like they’ll fight you but they won’t

Cancer: can be a dick, annoyingly intelligent, gets sad often but doesn’t show it, has a love/hate relationship with cats, doesn’t really have any people skills but loved by lots of people, you’ll beat them in a fight

Leo: creative and lovely, a really good friend, loyal, loves people and animals, fan of YouTube and focuses on dreams often, can often be very crazy, will try and fight you but will fail

Virgo: so lovely, will always support you and stick by you to give you advice when you need it, very lively, can be slow to reply to messages, very funny, probably a Star Trek fan, highly likely to fight you

Libra: very very loud, might need earmuffs. Is awesome but can also be an asshole, doesn’t stay mad for long and is usually happy but when they’re sad you’ll always know, will definitely fight you, you’ll wish they had an off switch

Scorpio: can be uptight but mostly pretty chill, will keep your secrets and knows when you’re lying, mostly loud but knows when to be quiet, lovely and loving but get upset easily, won’t fight you

Sagittarius: smart, cute, liked by everyone, either very loud or very quiet no in between, knows exactly what to say, laughs a lot, unlikely to fight you

Capricorn: likes being rewarded, can be lazy, likes animals, junk food, probably won’t fight you, very selective about friends, kind but doesn’t like sharing, gets angry easily, antisocial as fuck, no people skills, always have good intentions

Aquarius: cute as hell, loves puns, very lively and loves people, smart but hides it, awesome people skills, likes most things, may fight you, secretly a mouse

Pisces: very empathetic and sympathetic, loves people and just wants to be kind, loud and funny, really supportive, sometimes scared to do stuff that most people find easy, won’t ever fight you they’re too nice

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The other day I got in a fight with a racist that was harassing a subway passenger. He threatened to stab me but I was so angry I didn't really thought about it and so I stomped to him and kicked him out of the wagon. Everyone has been telling me it could have turned ugly especially since I have ptsd and my only fighting experience comes from having been bullied as a teen. I know they're right but... yeah. I'm not sure I should have shut up either.

You did the right thing. Just remember that doing the right thing comes with risks. This is basically the same thing that happened with the trimet stabbing here in Portland and that resulted in two deaths.

Do the right thing, but be aware of the potential consequences and be smart.

We live in a time and place where everyday violence is growing. Try to be as prepared as possible. Make yourself hard to kill.

The Things He Never Knew

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 977

Pairing: ThorxReader

Summary: Thor never thought he would find someone that he could love more than Jane - until he found you. Suddenly everything he ever had with her seemed nothing compared to what he could have with you. There was only one thing holding the two of you back. You hated yourself. 

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Any fic/scenario rec?? :)) idc about the genre

That is… a very serious question my friend. Let me change into my comfy pants (no pants) and I will give you the tip of the iceberg.

@btssmutgalore - Zaddy - Sugar Daddy, Kim Taehyung. 

I CAN NOT HYPE THIS STORY ENOUGH. I actually 100% blame this story for my obsession with Taehyung. I didn’t even consider him before and now… I am wrecked. 

@chanyeolspout - Anything for Her - Single Dad, Park Chanyeol

I would like to reiterate that I didn’t know who Chanyeol was before this story. Literally didn’t know who he was and still fell head over heels for it. That’s how good this story and the writing is.

@kittae - Bon Appetit - Dirty, filthy Zhang Yixing

Okay, so I am sensing a theme, bare with me. I didn’t know who Lay was (I know, I was young and I was so stupid) my EXO bias was Kai because he was the first member I saw. Then I read this story and a monster was awoken inside me. Actual thought process after reading this drabble, “Damn. I should look up a picture of this guy. *Googles Yixing* *falls desperately in love* *dies and is resurrected every time I see his GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL FACE*” Thanks @kittae, I used to think that there wasn’t anyone that could compete with my Love (capitol L) for Jiyong, but Yixing tho…. 

@kpoppantydrop Strap in nonnie. 

Eyes On Me - Daddy AF Choi Seunghyun 

I almost didn’t write Angels and Demons because after reading Eyes on Me I doubted that I would ever be able to create a comparable Seunghyun. I am still not convinced I did. Bottom line, read this. 

Partition - Dom! Park Jinyoung. 

You know what’s not done enough (besides fat girl fiction)? Stories whose titles are also Beyonce songs that I can listen to the entire time I’m reading it, which only emphasizes the mood. Also… Jinyoung smut, not done enough. 

Sweat, Thighs, Tears - Park Jimin

I’m not going to say much about this. It’s short, just read it. If your sense of humor is anything like mine, it will bring you endless joy. If not…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Curaçao - Park Chanyeol

I once said that I want this story read at my funeral. I stand by that. My family and friends all know I live a life of filth and sin. They will not be surprised, they will be blessed. You may want to read this in a ice bath that’s been blessed by the pope. 

@noona-la-la-la - Unexpected -  Min Yoongi

How does one summarize this masterpiece… they don’t. Just read it. 

@smutfictionaddicted - 

Eyes on the Prize Zhang Yixing (Lay), Kim Minseok (Xiumin), Kim Jongdae (Chen) and Byun Baekhyun. 

The lineup on this fic should be more than enough to intrigue you tbth. The first story I read by CL and I don’t regret it for a second. Came for Yixing stayed for this amazing writer.  

This Could Be… - Kim Namjoon

This story is…*sigh*… so good. There’s a lot of dirty dom!joon out there which is great, DO NOT GET ME WRONG, but I live for smart/nerd!joon and she provides.  

@tabi-ears - Let’s Not Fall In Love - Choi Seunghyun

I tend to stand by the belief that the best stories are ones where the writer is writing about their bias. I binge read this entire series in a matter of hours. Hours in the middle of the night when I should have been sleeping and then some of the ones when the sun was just coming up. I will wait however long it takes for the next part with bated breath and so should you. 

@eureka-its-zico - Fighter - Jeon Jungkook

I have lost count of the amount of times I have read this story. Aggressive Kookie has never been done so well. C'est vraiment magnifique!

@versigny - Miss Dial - Fratboy! Min Yoongi

The build up is so excruciating and somehow still completely satisfying. If you enjoy pain and suffering, you’ll probably enjoy this too. 

@waitinginthedarke - Exposure - Min Yoongi

This is another series that I binge read until my eyes were practically bleeding. It’s so good. Who doesn’t love fluffy Yoongi stories?? He’s such a smol squish. heart eyeeeees. 

@war-of-hormoan - I did genuinely consider just screen-capping her masterlist and then posting that but I will do this properly. And by properly I mean with a series of gifs that mirror my reactions to the stories because I just love her so much that I get too excited for real words. I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again, I crush hard on Rams. 

Weights & Measures - Min Yoongi

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The City - Kim Namjoon

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For You - Kim Taehyung 

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Enjoy! I hope you find something you love!


You and Daehwi win “the best couple that never was” in the yearbook. Your boyfriend Youngmin is not pleased.

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“Hyung, look!” Daehwi shoved his yearbook into Youngmin’s face. You laughed at Youngmin’s unimpressed reaction to Daehwi’s excitement. “(Y/N) and I made the yearbook!”

“Ah, that,” you winced a bit, feeling slightly awkward.

“Oh, for what?” Youngmin asked, grabbing the yearbook. “Wow, they really upgraded it since last year, huh?” You and Daehwi went to the same high school, and Youngmin, your boyfriend, had graduated last year.

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