every day i thank the cosmos for the fact that symmetra exists because honestly she is the only character in widespread media that i can name who is not only autistic but also slammin hot

This might be a bold prediction, but I predict The Club to split up so Gallows/Anderson go to Raw

Where they can perhaps run into a new leader and #5 draft pick…

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Here goes the details…

ink is used as shown (black & gold) and the gear is available in…

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If you can’t wait until midnight, i’m currently taking orders now, and i’ll just get back to you after 12am.

To order, simply email me at what you would like or message me on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll work out the details on getting the gear to you through the message.

Anyways, thanks for checking this out and i hope you like it!


I always find it rather interesting how many people refrain from doing things that make them truly happy, simply because other people may not approve. And what’s worse, is that a lot of those people, are worried about what people they may not even know will think!

Society these days seems so keen on keeping everyone else happy before themselves. Personally I think that’s the worst way to waste the life you have.

I learned long ago, that basing your standard of living on what’s going to impress others, or keep other people happy, is a great way to lead a miserable life!

Of course logically not everything we have to do as humans to survive is going to be enjoyable, but if the situation can be changed to better your happiness, why let others opinions stand in the way of it? Because they think it’s a silly idea? Because they think you’re going to regret it?

So you want to tattoo a reindeer on your ass, and you’ve been thinking about it for years, but all of your friends think it’s a bad idea and your going to hate yourself 3 years down the road for it. But what if you don’t? What if you go all your life wanting the tattoo, and thinking about it everyday, and never get it. Wouldn’t that bother you? And how is your decision really going to affect other people? It isn’t going to harm your sisters boyfriend if you tattoo a reindeer on your Ass is it? I didn’t think so..

So many of us forget on a daily basis that it’s YOUR life, YOU need to make decisions that are going to make YOU happy. Let the others do the same for themselves.

It’s worth it to make the most of the time you have and the oppurtunities you’ve been given.

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Drake : The Fitting
This Woman Is Fighting To Save Fish From Alleged Cruelty At Walmart
More people are starting to think of fish when they think about animal welfare.

Fish sold in stores are often-overlooked farmed animals. Bred in captivity and shipped off for sale, they are frequently kept in conditions that do not meet their safety, space, or cleanliness needs. Others, plucked from the wild, face the same fate. Read what one woman is doing to improve the lives of these smart, sentient beings.

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you've probably gotten this a lot but im thinking about trying love live to see if i like it, i always thought it was super pandering the characters seem a lot better than i thought they were, is it as bad as it seems?

Depends on what you mean by pandering. It has its share of anime tropes, but for the most part, it plays around with them rather than playing them straight. For instance, Maki does the whole tsundere thing, but it’s used largely to highlight her social awkwardness rather than just “hey tsunderes ain’t that shit kawaii?” And Nico does the whole saccharine, cutesy act, but it’s treated in-universe as something ridiculous and obnoxious and a front that she puts up (Nico in particular gets some nice development as the series goes on).

But on the whole, as someone who has a pretty low tolerance of obnoxious anime tropes, I found myself enjoying LL a lot more than I thought I ever would. It’s hard not to get caught up in the cheesy-musical vibe it has, and it has a lot of genuinely funny scenes.

You Idiots

* Hamilsquad X reader
* 172: I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it - more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was
* Modern

A/N: I loved this prompt but couldn’t work it well into a pairing so this is just the reader and the squad all being buddies. And thanks to @do-i-look-ok for liking stuff and inspiring me to actually write and finish this.

When deciding on a place to live it seemed smart to split the rent on a large home with your friends. Your parents were appalled you wanted to live with four men and tried to talk you out of it. In the end they ask to meet the guys and relented. You just wish you thought about their wild tendencies.

More often then not one person said or suggested something that ended badly. And more often then not you joined in too. Thinking back, most of these things were stupid ideas or plans, usually suggested by Alexander or John. Like tonight.

“Why isn’t it a good idea?” John questioned.

“Because John, knowing us, a few drinks will spiral out of control. Someone will get hurt or something will get broken, and need I remind you we’re renting this place?” You argued back.

“Y/N, I know we’re renting. I haven’t ruined anything. Except that one time, are you ever gonna let that one time down?”

“John, you almost burned down the kitchen!”

“Yeah almost, but I didn’t.” He responded smirking.

“No drinks John.” You said sternly.

“That might be a bit difficult…” He said quietly.

“Please tell me you’re not already drunk.” You really hoped he was still sober.

“He’s sober as a stone.” Alexander spoke up from his spot on the couch, where he and Lafayette were racing in Mario Kart. “But he texted Herc and told him to pick up drinks on the way home.”

Just then Hercules walked in with the drinks. “Got what you asked for John.” He said holding it up. You just groaned. You could not believe these boys.

Like usual, against your better judgement, you joined the boys in drinking. And now you had a horrible hangover. The light coming in through the window was tourture. You looked to your bedside table to check the time. Instead you saw a glass of water, some medicine for you headache and a note. All it said was “sorry, it was a dumb idea. -John” You chuckled and down the medicine and water.

You needed to find a way to keep those boys under control. While scrolling through Pintrest you found your solution. You needed some paper, a marker, tape, and a jar.

Later that evening, when all the boys were in the living room you displayed your creation.

“What the hell is that?” John asked.

You pointed to the paper you taped to the side. “This clearly says idiot jar.” you said.

“I think what he means is what the enfer if an idiot jar?” Lafayette asked. He had a tendency to curse in French, as it was apparently more proper.

“ I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it - more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was.” you told them.

“Seriously?” Alexander asked. “And who decides the level of stupidity?” He asked.

“I guess the whole gang can.” You shrugged. You hadn’t thought of specifics yet.

“Well I vote Y/N puts a dollar in as this whole idea is stupid.” John voiced.

“John, you should have to put in a dollar just for that statement.” Hercules said.

“Yeah it’s kind of contradicting.” Alexander agreed.

“Guys listen, let’s just try this ok?” You pleaded.

“Fine.” They all said in unison. So you put it on the coffee table. And you all lost a dollar to the jar that night.

You could happily say the idiot jar was helping. That doesn’t mean the boys were less wild but they thought through things more then that usually did. Even so, the jar was quickly filling. You had discussed what to do when the jar was full but you haven’t decided yet, but you needed to.

You walked into the living room to try and figure out how much money was in it. But the jar was gone. Either this was an honest mistake or one of the guys really didn’t like giving up their cash. You decided to ask Lafayette if he knew who took the jar. Only he wasn’t in his room. Ok…maybe Hercules knew. No sign of him either.

This was strange. It was Saturday so none of the boys were working and you guys usually hung out all together. Even Alexander wasn’t in his room writing like he usually was on Saturday mornings. That left John’s room.

Again the room was empty. Among the mess on the floor, however, was the jar. And it was empty. Did they seriously take all the cash from it? You heard the front door open. Oh they were so in trouble. You grabbed the jar and walked out to meet them.

They all froze when they saw you there. You were holding the jar up and giving them what Hercules had dubbed your ‘mom glare.’ “You found the jar then.” John said.

“Yeah I did. In your room. And it’s empty.” You said.

“Mon amie. Please calm down.” Lafayette said.

“Yeah we still have the money.” Alexander said.

“Then where is it? We still haven’t decided what we were using it for.” You argued.

“Right here.” Hercules said. He took a few bills out of his pockets. You looked and noticed they were bigger bills. “We took it to the bank to get it put into more normal amounts.”

“We were thinking when the jar filled up we could take the cash in, get normal bills, and then one person gets to decide what to do with it.” John said. “We’d take turns and since you started this jar thing you get to go first.”

You considered this and nodded. “Alright I think that’s fair.” You grabbed your purse and the cash and walked out. “See you guys soon.” And shut the door. The boys stared after you.

“Huh. I didn’t think she’d take the money and run.” John said.

“Here we were thinking she’d spend it on something we could do that wasn’t wild or stupid like we usually plan.” Alexander said dropping to the couch.

“We did fail to mention we took the money.” Lafayette voiced. “Peut-être (perhaps) this is, how you say, payback.”

“Told ya we should’ve said something.” Hercules said.

You hoped the boys weren’t too mad. You just wished they’d told you about taking the money, plus you wanted to surprise them.

You had gone to Walmart and picked up some movies all of you had talked about seeing. Including a new horror movie as the boys claimed they wanted to see how you reacted to it, even though you knew you’d hate it. Next you got some chips, a six pack (just enough for everyone to fairly have one, you decided) and some pizza.

You got back home and found no one in the living room. Wanting to surprise them as much as possible you stopped by their rooms and listened. You could hear some noise from each one confirming they were all home. Perfect.

You quietly went to the kitchen to make the pizza. Sure it was frozen pizza, but pizza is pizza. You put the pizza on the coffee table along with the drinks. You set up the movie and skipped through all the adds to the title screen. Then it was matter of getting the boys together. You had an idea. You went opened the door and slammed it as loud as you could.

That worked. The effect was actually a bit surprising. You heard noise from each room and all the doors opened. The boys came running in, already apologizing. They all froze for the second time that day. You laughed at their expressions.

“Sorry for acting mad you guys. In fact I was a little, but not that much. I wanted to surprise you guys. So I grabbed some movies, food, and drinks. This way we could stay in and watch some movies.” You said.

“We thought you took the cash and just decided to say ‘screw you’ and do something alone.” Alexander admitted.

“A foolish thought clearly.” Lafayette said.

“Thanks Y/N. You had every right to do whatever you wanted with the cash.” Hercules.

“What are we standing here for?” John said. “Let’s get this party started!” He ran over and jumped in the couch. “Y/N sits by me!” He said. You laughed but took the spot next to him anyway. Alexander sat on the other side, Hercules sat in the recline chair and Lafayette sat on the floor. You started the movie and grabbed a slice of pizza and Alexander opened your drink for you. “Hey thanks Y/N.” John said suddenly. “We should’ve told you, thanks for planning this for us.”

“Of course. But you know what?” You questioned.

“What?” Hercules asked.

“You should all put a dollar in the jar.” They all looked at you surprised. “You’re all idiots for thinking I could ever be mad at you.”


I moved to LA at 18, a few months after graduating high school. By 20 years old, I was 30 pounds overweight and I had no idea it was a problem. I had a pretty unhealthy lifestyle… I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I rarely got REAL exercise. I drank too much. I didn’t seek out a better way of doing things because I didn’t know better. I didn’t have the information. I look back at those days now and am SHOCKED by how little I cared. When I think back to those days I can remember one thing… I didn’t FEEL good. 

I value my health more now than I EVER have, and that all came down to one thing: EDUCATION. If we WANT to get better about taking care of ourselves, we have to seek out the information to do so. We have to WANT that information - and once we get it, we have to understand the “weight” of it… This knowledge could change your life for the better. 

Lets start with food. I had no boundaries with food. I figured, “hey, my metabolism is high!” so I kept on eating crap. I would skip meals and eat 1000 calories at midnight. I didn’t know what organic meant. I didn’t try to balance out food groups, and I certainly didn’t care how big and unreasonable my portion sizes were. Browsing the “documentaries” section on “Netflix” was the key to a world of information I had never tapped into. I watched all of them. I learned how animals are farmed. I learned how we process foods, and more importantly how our bodies digest this “food”. I couldn’t ignore what these movies were telling me. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would WANT to ingest certain products if they DID know this information.  Here are 5 documentaries that changed how I viewed food. Watch IMMEDIATELY!

1. Food, Inc.    2. Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead    3. Hungry For Change    4. Fed Up 5. Forks Over Knives

In these documentaries, you will learn where food comes from, and how it ends up on your table. You will learn what it means to buy organic and what it really means when you buy the cheaper, processed crap that strips your meal of any real nutritional value. You will learn what sugar is good and what sugar is bad and what moderation means. You will learn how marketing affects how we look at food. You will learn about BALANCE and sustainability. You will reflect on your own behavior and start to really acknowledge your own ROLE in your health. 

I want to clarify that I eat all kinds of foods. I don’t diet. Making “hard rules” is not something I’m interested in. I am not a strict vegetarian (although I eat vegetarian a few days a week). I don’t believe that we have to cut everything we like out to lose weight or be more health conscious. However, I don’t go the easy way now. I cook for myself WAY more - I understand the VALUE in controlling what goes into my food. I understand the health benefits of a cage free, organic, all natural egg. (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!) Although I have days where I lack the self control to resist something bad for me (we all need candy and ice cream sometimes!), I have a better appreciation for how my body    breaks down and processes food. I understand that an ice cream like Ben & Jerry’s (with simple, natural ingredients) is a better option than an ice cream with a bunch of ingredients I can’t even pronounce. There is a HUGE difference in how your body will process those small changes. Will it sometimes cost a few extra dollars? Sure. Is it WORTH it? I’d say a healthier longer life is, wouldn’t you? 

Adjustments with food have been the key. Healthy living has been 70% focused on food, 30% on exercise. Exercise is OF COURSE important. I have made myself one BIG rule: Get my heart rate up Every. Single. Day. EVERY DAY. Get at least a few minutes of cardio in, whether it be some jumping jacks, power walking around the block, or jumping on your bike for a while. But, It’s also about finding exercise that you LIKE. I’m a yoga lover. I find a lot of peace and happiness in a yoga class - a world that challenges your mind as well as your body. Maybe running bores you to tears (as it does for me!), so trade out running for a hike with a friend. Maybe take a dance class? There are options, and it is UP TO YOU to find what works for you and brings you joy. Your body will appreciate every effort, and you will feel BETTER. 

Being healthy is about being aware. It’s about taking responsibility for your role in your health as opposed to making excuses. It’s really easy to get in a rut and lack the will or energy to make it better. Start with little steps. Start with trading out the second piece of toast at breakfast for a side of fruit. Start with walking to the Starbucks down the street as opposed to hopping in your car because it’s “easier.” Start with a home cooked meal and a documentary. Information is out there, and it will blow your mind. Our bodies deserve better, and better is accessible and affordable (Trader Joes!). Take matters into your own hands. 

Thanks for reading!  xo
This 1936 advice manual on living alone is smart, witty, and still helpful today
Marjorie Hillis's guide to life includes breakfast in bed, bowls of roses, and elaborate mind games.
By Constance Grady

When you start to live alone, defiance is not a bad quality to have handy. There will be moments when you’ll need it, especially if you’ve been somebody’s petted darling in the past. But you will soon find that independence, more truthfully than virtue, is its own reward. It gives you a grand feeling. Standing on your own feet is extraordinarily exhilarating, and being able to do very well (when it’s necessary) without your friends, relatives, and beaux, not mention your enemies, makes you feel surprisingly benign towards all of them.

Be a Communist, a stamp collector, or a Ladies’ Aid worker if you must, but for heaven’s sake, be something. 

Things I learned on day thirteen of playing Pokemon Go:

  • I am exactly the sort of idiot, who, on a bad chronic illness day, when my doctor has already warned me not to exercise until I move, when I’m sitting down and panting because I can’t get enough air and I left my oxygen upstairs, will walk halfway down the street for a Pikachu.  This is not how we take care of our disabled bodies, Attackfish.  That was not smart.  (I live on a really short street, so halfway down was two houses away.  It just felt like miles.)
  • On that note, I caught my first Pikachu.
There’s bravery in being vulnerable, in allowing yourself to love and care so much, knowing the risk, knowing that it may be to your own detriment, knowing that it may hurt so badly that for a time it leaves you utterly broken. There’s strength in allowing yourself to feel weak. Where there is passion, there is pain, but there is also action, progress, and a bold sort of beauty. Passion moves us to make change; it reminds us why we are alive. So, yes, maybe I care “too much,” but I’ve learned that there are worse things than the pain that comes along with caring — and that’s not caring at all.

Passionate Tessa and Scott shippers, this is for you <3 Never change!