Some more shots of Icon for Hire live in Louisville, KY at The New Vintage, on the You Can’t Kill Us tour!

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Shooter (ft. Rafael Casal) - Clipping. at Rough Trade NYC

Clipping. at Rough Trade NYC, Brooklyn, NY (March 10th, 2017)

Funniest thing about this is that I’m relatively positive Rafa knew nearly none of the words. Lol.

Dan's YouNow live show 3/14/17

Just some random thoughts.

It’s really disconcerting to go from writing sweetly awkward 2009 phan smut one minute to watching a 2017 Dan live show the next minute. I think I got the bends.

He was wearing a t-shirt which he described as displaying a reproduction of a piece of art from a Ricardo Tisci exhibition. I looked up Ricardo Tisci, and he’s a fashion designer, not an artist. DAN IS A FASHION NERD! (Like this is news.)

He waxed philosophical about love, as someone in the chat said that it’s a social construct. He said that he thought it was primarily physical attraction combined with the paralyzing fear of losing someone from your life. I guess love doesn’t make Dan happy? I mean, where was the romance in his description? I found his definition of love rather sad, to be honest.

He’s promised a new DINOF video within the next two days. We’ll see, Daniel. We’ll see. My trust has been damaged in the past.

He talked about the importance of hydration again. Funny but true: I always have a mug of water nearby, and every time he mentions hydration, whether it’s in a video or a live show, I take a drink. Apparently, I am Dan Howell’s bitch. Tell me what to do, Dan, and I’ll apparently do it without a second thought.

YouNow tipping is annoying as hell. I mean seriously. It totally covers his face half the time. He joked about it, but I find it just really annoying (can’t be bothered to find a synonym). That’s one thing that’s nice when I miss a live show and have to watch it on YouTube: all the YouNow tipping crap is gone!

Okay, I have no other thoughts at the moment. Guess I’ll get back to writing that sweetly awkward 2009 smut. (Hoping to finish the Halloween Gathering fic to post tomorrow.)

You know how we all discuss Phan coming out? I’ve read headcanons where they make a coming out video or something. 

But just imagine, in a video, Dan’s talking about something and instead of saying “My friend, Phil and I”, he goes, “My boyfriend, Phil and I.” Obviously we all lose our shit and ask them questions like mad. And they don’t do anything about it. 

Finally, after months, when they’re doing a Pinof, someone asks if Phan is real and Phil looks straight into the camera and says “Phan is real” and Dan nods in agreement. Again, the phandom goes crazy but they don’t even acknowledge the situation. The phandom remains confused.

And then they do another Day In The Life of Dan and Phil. It starts like it usually does, with Phil holding the camera and telling us that he just woke up. But wait. He isn’t in his room. He’s in Dan’s room, on his bed. And there’s Dan, with an arm slung over Phil’s chest and his face buried into his neck. And Phil doesn’t say anything about it. Just talks to us like he usually does until Dan wakes up as well and then he kisses him. When they go out that day, they hold hands. When they run into subscribers who ask them if they’re finally dating, they just grin cheekily or wink. The internet explodes after this. Phan is confirmed and the Phandom rejoices. 

And then one day, both Dan and Phil are wearing rings on their hands. They don’t say anything about that either. Phil briefly mentions he’s going to Hawaii with Dan. There’s no Hawaii video but the phandom doesn’t mind because oh my god they’re married and they’re on their honeymoon.

And then, a year or two later, a crying baby can be heard in the background of their videos. And then, baby Phan starts to make cameos in the video. Dan talking really quietly in liveshows so as to not wake the baby up. Phil wondering out loud in liveshows whether Dil would be jealous. 

They never ‘come out’, never make a proper video discussing it but it doesn’t matter. The Phandom understands and they accept them, as they always said they would. 

Mercari and Younow

Hey so I have a Younow account called mediocre beauty where I do live shows of me doing my makeup on the weekends at around 10 so if any of y'all want to watch then that would be nice. I also just finished one so I might do another tomorrow. Also I have a Mercari account where I have cheap shoes and textbooks. The name is: Ana and the description is me talking about my shoes and textbooks.