2017 One Show Daveed Diggs Freestyle

(May 10th, 2017)

dan’s liveshow 04/04/17
- on his phone today!
- they go to Australia next week so no live shows for 3 weeks! But there will be uploads on the live show days!
- me + phil vs phil + i discourse.
- april fools video!!
- dan’s upside down and people feel sick??
- he’s wearing the scratchy weed shirt
- ‘danisnotonfire is a compilation of visual breakdowns’
- sunday school anecdote
- mario cart
- guess the crime reprise
- ceo of youtube convo
- dan borrowed phil’s jacket??
- “extreme kinks”
- club penguin video!
- new attack on titan
- asmr dan reprise w/ keys
- food delivery rant
- sims is the next gaming video!
- dan used to role play as sonic??
- “have a good day!!”


The One Show Open - Daveed Diggs

(May 10th, 2017)


I don’t even know where to start. 

Shawn Mendes live is a goddamn experience. I’m not even exaggerating. His vocals both killed me and brought me back to life, he was that good. And his band. Jesus, his band is amazing. I thought the entire production was well done and made the show that much better. We had nosebleed seats but our view of the stage was stellar. So when he come on to B stage, which was right in front of us, I died a little bit because he was right there

Also, he’s fuckin’ gorgeous in person, okay?
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joxbluefox  asked:

Where and when is the next daveed's concert

Why, I’m so glad you asked! 

If you go to the homepage of this Tumblr at any time, you’ll see this:

If you click on the pull-through menu, you’ll find a bunch of options: easy access to a few commonly-tagged Daveed-related things, as well pertinent posts, like the running list of any upcoming live shows.

That immediately sends you straight to the 2017 Master Post of upcoming live shows. I update it every time something new is announced, so you can always keep track with what he’s doing next!

Dan's YouNow live show 3/14/17

Just some random thoughts.

It’s really disconcerting to go from writing sweetly awkward 2009 phan smut one minute to watching a 2017 Dan live show the next minute. I think I got the bends.

He was wearing a t-shirt which he described as displaying a reproduction of a piece of art from a Ricardo Tisci exhibition. I looked up Ricardo Tisci, and he’s a fashion designer, not an artist. DAN IS A FASHION NERD! (Like this is news.)

He waxed philosophical about love, as someone in the chat said that it’s a social construct. He said that he thought it was primarily physical attraction combined with the paralyzing fear of losing someone from your life. I guess love doesn’t make Dan happy? I mean, where was the romance in his description? I found his definition of love rather sad, to be honest.

He’s promised a new DINOF video within the next two days. We’ll see, Daniel. We’ll see. My trust has been damaged in the past.

He talked about the importance of hydration again. Funny but true: I always have a mug of water nearby, and every time he mentions hydration, whether it’s in a video or a live show, I take a drink. Apparently, I am Dan Howell’s bitch. Tell me what to do, Dan, and I’ll apparently do it without a second thought.

YouNow tipping is annoying as hell. I mean seriously. It totally covers his face half the time. He joked about it, but I find it just really annoying (can’t be bothered to find a synonym). That’s one thing that’s nice when I miss a live show and have to watch it on YouTube: all the YouNow tipping crap is gone!

Okay, I have no other thoughts at the moment. Guess I’ll get back to writing that sweetly awkward 2009 smut. (Hoping to finish the Halloween Gathering fic to post tomorrow.)

LiveShow Drama #nicerphandom

I feel like every single time there’s a liveshow coming up lately there’s a BUNCH of drama and theories. Like… I get that they’ve been suspiciously quiet lately, but do you really think they’d announce something on a show for way less people than their main channel audience, or… you know… the interview they’re having in like a week that would be the perfect place for an announcement?

I get that it’s fun to theorize, but I’ve seen a lot of people legitimately stressing themselves out lately and getting into fights. Let’s try to keep it light and not take things too seriously, okay guys? We all love Dan and Phil, we all want to see them succeed and be happy. 

OMG Ghost Stories. I had forgotten how moving Cecil’s story was.

The audience listens to him in complete silence. He can really captivate the audience. Little changes in tone, little silences and whispers. Then booming loud voice, or mad laughter. 

When I was at the show, I was literally on the edge of my seat, leaning in to hear more. I found myself still doing that as I listened to it just now. I did remember the gist of it, but there’s so much complexity to the language and the story, it’s not really possible to recall it all until you hear the recording. It’s like a book of poetry when you write it out. 

SYTYCD Live Show #2: Thoughts

*Fair warning I already know who went home

1. Interesting group routine….like let’s count how many bad wigs there are

2. I will say the new stage set up works for this

3. Jenna looks hella awkward towards the end of it

4. OhHHhhh a new title sequence v interesting like new color scheme and everything

5. Gahd Kiki’s wig takes the cake for worst one

6. I’m glad they brought back the intros

7. I hope Logan doesn’t get too leggy he might fall into the Tate trap from last season

8. God Robert you’re a king

9. Mandy and Val a choreography pairing i never knew that I wanted or could work

10. A solo and an All Star paired dance….sytycd yall whack 

11. Glad we got some rehearsal footage

12. Maybe Mark should have been on last season 

13. Looks like I can’t hate this dance because they pegged one of my fave songs

14. Mark has some technique like damn

15. Also Comfort and Mark’s chemistry is off the charts

16. Ray got them panting so Mark and Comfort can’t scream

17. Those hips Mark

18. Mark and Comfort’s breathe breathe scream thing is so cute and funny ngl

19. So is Koine like contemporary?

20. You know what I don’t care that solo is divine

21. Logan is so powerful, he could really be a favorite of mine based on that solo

22. Idk Gaby I didn’t see personality from Lex just because he smirked

23. I don’t know I can’t help looking at Gaby in this dance

24. Girlfriend is serving like there’s a reason she won

25. Lex is doing well but he’s having the case of all star outshining

26. I agree with Mary; the lifts were insane but chemistry needs some work

27. The crowd loves them though so that’s good

28. A little shaky but good performance from Taylor, i also appreciate her not on the floor the whole time

29. “the hoodiest hip hop” oh god jenna

30. I’m so sorry Luther

31. Does Kiki need his glasses? he auditioned without them

32. Ew is this suicide squad theme?

33. I hate this so freaking much

34. Without the song or the gimmicks this is literally worst than the candy dance with JT and Emma last year

35. Kiki and Jenna please take the L and go home already

36. Why are all the judges lying on this stage?

37. “They showed the reason why they kept you.” yeah no nigel stop

38. Vanessa is so annoying like i cringe with every time she screams lit

39. sytycd is so disrespectful like why are they trying to pass that off like a good dance

40. Have they like explicitly said that magnificent kaylee is a fusion dancer??; her solo is all things good

41. Sydney no sob stories please, it makes me not like you

42. Their height difference is really messing with me ngl

43. What’s Sydney’s home studio?? Something tells me contemporary isn’t really out her style…

44. It was beautiful but I wasn’t moved :\

45. Is vanessa’s job to shout out all the choreographers lol

46. vanessa sounds like me in english class bullshitting a story i didn’t read for homework

47. Robert is a fucking innovator like no one on this show has moved like he does

48. Dassy makes popping super sexy

49. Maybe she’ll get redemption for all the poppers *cough* Jaja *cough* that “missed the mark”

50. Logan and Brian Friedman….interesting

51. this rehearsal footage has my mouth dropped way open 

52. logan’s getting me on his side

53. Brian is such a visual artist; i love his sytycd work

54. I’m in love with this dance but logan looks like a boy stature wise next to Allison, dancing wise he looks like twitch up there

55. yikes this chestplate thing

56. logan is stealing lex’s thunder as a fusion dancer

57. p.s. i’m officially a logan stan watch out now i have like four people i want to win now

58. oh we’re actually have the step team on here?????

59.  (I mean i’ve heard of the documentary)

60. the all stars are dancing with them???????????

61. Marko struggled real hard in the beginning of that routine like kiki level struggled

62. nice of them to have them on the show and get some exposure but i still stand by what i sad when she auditioned it really isn’t the stage for them idk it felt weird accapella compared to what we’ve seen for almost an hour

63. idk lex’s solo seem less fantastic compared to what we’ve seen from the other competitors

64. hip hop choreographers on this show are on another level like damn

65. pharside and phoenix give me life

66. hey kiki watch kaylee that’s how you dance outside your style

67. werk girl she reminds me of ricky doing hip hop like pleasantly amazing

68. Hey sytycd a perfect celebrity judge is alyson stoner please get her on the show next season

69. Ngl forgot Taylor and Robert still had to dance

70.  film noir we’ll see al???

71. Taylor needs to make me believe last week wasn’t all thanks to travis

72. Her hair and the lighting is hiding her; i can’t really see the acting

73. It was nice but I bet I won’t remember it in five minutes

74. I feel like it could’ve set to another lyrical/contemporary song and it could work which isn’t good for me

75. I mean Film Noir and Classical Broadway doesn’t mix like at all; like two different eras but that’s for another post

76. Don’t get all starry eyed Taylor; Nigel liking you is like the kiss of death

77. Sydney what a horrible song to do a solo to but bomb dancing at the end of it

78. African Jazz is always scary to me just like Bollywood for obvious reasons

79. It was good but I felt Marko was holding her back at points, like Marko looked like the competitor

80. Nigel stfu about this shitty diversity reach

81. I literally was just thinking what part of Africa does Sean specialize in because it’s never clear whenever I watch his dances but imma just shut my mouth

82. Mark is literally the only bboy that’s been on this show that I’m totally in love with

83. Seeing Robert’s rehearsal package makes me so sad like I’m crying

84. I can’t believe “America” slept on him

85. He deserves the world; he is unreal

86. I am so fucking done with nigel trying to justify this elimination

87. Saying you felt something after watching all these other dances Nigel you’re trash 

88. I hate myself but that solo was bomb kiki

89. “let’s have a kiki” pls stop

90. Dassy is a character and I love it

91. pretty sure she fell oh no

92. I literally can’t stop smiling it was amazing

93. vanessa pls….stop

94. Elimination time wait hold up I knew it I fucking knew it the judges decided

95. Last time they did this the fans rioted like tb to jessica from seasons 11 (nigel saved her every single elimination round and my hatred grew)


97. Nigel you’re trash.

98. Someone pls gif Robert’s dance during the credits.