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Fuck yes, 16 year old Sam trying to seduce Dean. Wearing Dean's clothes, bending too-far over, using certain words strategically. Dean getting fucking HARD but ignoring it; walking away. Taking an extra long bathroom break. Cause gOD, he should not be having these thoughts about his brother. It's not normal to think about shoving your little brother against the nearest flat surface and kissing the living shit out of him every time he puts a little extra stress on the word "come". But, oh, Sammy!

anon you’re killing me and it’s a death I enjoy.

Gaston tiers

God tier: stage musical Gaston played by hugh jackman, who pissed his pants mid-performance

Great tier: Gaston in the various Gaston youtube poops

Good tier: Theme park Gaston

Ok tier: animated movie Gaston

Shit tier: live action movie Gaston

Just a reminder that everyone in the hamfam is great and everyone’s gender and sexuality is valid and you are not your mental illnesses, don’t let them control you, you are beautiful and dogs are great, you will do great, you are not a fuck up, and there is so much to live for, just look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now, and if live is shit right now, listen to Wait For It and if you feel like you are unimportant listen to History Has It’s Eyes On You, and if you feel unmotivated listen to My Shot and just remember that I love you all

I’m just feeling happy so I’m spreading positivity, positivity is important

-Member of the Hamfam that prefers to stay anonymous because it would be kind of awkward if anyone found out

Baring His Heart / Jace Wayland

Words: 2191

“Why are you being like this?” Jace insists, throwing his arms up in frustration. “What’s going on with you?”

You scoff, “As if you care! You’ve practically ignored me for weeks now, all of us really,” you tell him. “But I shouldn’t be surprised should I? I mean Clary is all you care about lately anyway.”

“Don’t start that again,” he groans.

“Start what Jace?” you demand. “Ever since you brought her here, things have turned to shit! Our lives have been put in danger more times than I can count and you stand there now, right in front of me, and wonder what’s wrong with me?”

Jace goes quiet as you continue to yell at him.

“You want to know what my problem is? Clary is my problem! You are my problem! What is so special about her? Tell me! Why is she worth it all?”

“Worth what?” he counters. “This is what we do! We aren’t doing anything different than what we were doing before she got here.”

You roll your eyes, “You really can’t see it can you? Every single mission since Clary arrived has been different. We have never been so much at risk! She didn’t grow up in this world, she has no idea what she is doing-what we do, and yet it’s as if she’s the one running the show!”

“(Y/N),” he sighs

“No,” you interrupt. “I’m done putting my life on the line for that spoilt brat who doesn’t even acknowledge all that we do for her, all we risk for her. She doesn’t respect us or who we are. I’m done,” you repeat. 

“You’re overreacting.”

You laugh, but you weren’t amused, “Maybe,” you agree. “But I refuse to get dragged into anymore of her drama.”

“I expected better from you,” Jace admits.

You snort, “Whatever Jace. Just go. I’m sure you’d rather be with her anyway.”

“I’m guessing Jace bailed on you again?”

You turn your head, glancing over your shoulder despite recognising the voice, “Something like that,” you grumble.

Izzy sends you a sympathetic smile and walks further into your room. “Did you want to do something with me? We could go out?” she asks.

You shake your head, “Thanks for the offer but I think I’ll go and train for a bit. I just need some time,” you sigh. “We had a really big fight,” you admit. 

Izzy squeezes your shoulder in reassurance, “Jace will come around soon and he’ll be on he’s knees begging for your forgiveness in no time.”

A small smile forms on your face, “Maybe,” you say, but you were doubtful 

“Maybe you should talk to him,” she continues. “Finally be honest with him, you know?”

You can’t help but snort as you shake your head, almost immediately in reply to her words. You didn’t want to even think of confronting your feelings let alone talk to Jace about them. 

Deep down…you knew though. You knew you loved him-more than a friend loves a friend. You just found it hard to admit, especially out loud. You most definitely feared rejection but what you feared most was ruining your relationship with him.

You and Jace had been friends for years now and he was the person you trusted most. It was Jace who you went to for advice and it was Jace who you went to when you needed to just talk things through or when you weren’t feeling like yourself. 

He is your closest friend, your confidant, your safe haven-and you are completely and hopelessly in love with him. 

Jace, however, is rather oblivious to this fact and it makes things twice as hard. He has no idea the affect he can have on you, how a simple sentence or touch can have your heart beating at record speeds.

Your friend, Izzy, on the other hand-knows all too well of your feelings for Jace Wayland. Since the moment she had managed to get the confession out of you, she had tried to convince you to open up to him. 

You were more than happy to never admit how you felt, to live by his side as nothing more than a friend, not caring how much it hurt you-you had accepted that as a reality. 

What you didn’t expect was the arrival of a certain redhead who forced emotions to arise that you had done so well with suppressing.

Jealousy was a foreign concept to you…it was not an emotion you felt often, if at all. But seeing Clary Fray all over Jace is more than you could handle. You find it hard to be in the same room as the pair without having your stomach flip with unease and envy.

“I don’t understand what you’re so worried about,” Izzy mumbles.

You pretend to consider her words, “I don’t know,” you declare sarcastically. “It couldn’t possibly be the decade of friendship on the line.”

“No need to be snarky with me missy,” she scolds. “But seriously, Jace might surprise you.”

“I doubt it,” you whisper, moving across the room to take hold of your training gear. 

You had seen what he was like with Clary…The thought of them together hurt, but if it made him happy you would put your own feelings aside.

Training was exhausting, you pushed yourself further than usual. You had been trying to wipe your mind clean of their faces, trying to get your thoughts off Jace and Clary completely.

You had ended up pushing yourself too far and now your body ached all over, you were surprised you could manage to stand. 

“We have to go,” Izzy commands, pushing the door to your room open.

“Why?” you ask, your face screwing up in confusion.

“Clary ran off again and she’s in trouble.”

You curse the redhead in your mind and despite everything you had said to Jace earlier-you nod and force yourself to leave your room. Alec was waiting by the exit, strapping his arrows to his back, “You okay?” he questions as you approach, noticing your slow pace.

“I’ll be fine,” you dismiss, taking hold of the knives Izzy was passing you. “We should get going. Where’s Jace?” you ask him.

Alec shoots you an apologetic look, “He already left.”

You sigh but nod, “Lead the way.”

When the three of you arrived, you were too late. It was chaotic and messy and you couldn’t see the familiar face of your best friend anywhere. 

Ignoring the wave of concern that was growing inside of you, you start pushing your way through with the intention of making it into the building, swiping your stele and plunging it into the creature’s chests as you force your way past them.

A fearful scream echoes through the air and your focus snaps to the source. Groaning under your breath, you change the direction of your path and make your way to the unarmed girl.

Knowing you wouldn’t make it to Clary in time, you throw one of the daggers you had attached to your thigh-smirking slightly as it hit its target and the creature fell to the ground. 

You hold your hand out to the redhead who takes it hesitantly and pull her to her feet. “Where are your weapons?” you demand.

“I don’t know,” she says shyly. “I lost them somewhere in there.”

You resist the urge to scold her for her carelessness and your expression hardens, “Where’s Jace?”

“I don’t know!” she cries. “One minute he was right behind me and then everything just went to hell.”

Shaking your head, you shove a dagger into her hold, “This will have to do for now, I need-duck!” you scream, instinctively pushing her to the ground anyway as you plunge your stele into the attacker’s chest before it could touch you.

“(Y/N)!” a voice screams.

You spin around just as something sharp digs into your side. 

You fall to your knees, not even able to use your stele to return the action, as the venom rapidly starts to take action. You catch sight of a blurry figure trying to make their way to you, only to be stopped every few steps by an attack. 

“(Y/N), stay with me!” he cries. “Come on, please stay with me!”

Blinking away the blurriness of your vision, you release a groan as the light of the room hits you. You weren’t in pain, you only felt slightly groggy. 

“You’re okay!” 

“Shh,” you request, trying to remember everything that had happened.

Jace was now standing over the side of the bed and he blocks out most of the light as he stares down at you. “I can’t even begin to tell you how worried I was about you.” You try to sit up but his hands dart out to push you back against the bed, “You have to stay in bed, you need the rest.”

“Jace,” you sigh. “I-”

“Before you say anything, I need to apologise. I haven’t been spending much time with you lately and I wasn’t listening to you earlier. I’m sorry for our fight-if I had lost you, that would have been the last time we spoke and the thought of that being your last memory of us…” he trails off.

“You were right though,” you admit, “I was out of line.”

“No,” he denies, “you were being reasonable and I was just too blind to understand where you were coming from. I’m so sorry.”

“Stop apologising,” you demand. “It’s not like you and it’s freaking me out. I’m not dying or anything so cut it out.”

Jace shakes his head, “I nearly lost you,” he whispers.

“But you didn’t,” you mumble.

“These past few hours,” he continues. “I was thinking over everything. All the years we’ve known each other, all the great moments and all the bad…I realised how much time I’ve wasted.”

“Excuse me?” 

“No!” he insists. “Not like that. God, that came out wrong. I just don’t know how to say this.”

You want to laugh at him, but he was worrying you. “Jace,” you whisper, “just take a deep breath okay? Calm down.”

He follows your request and his eyes close as he takes a few deep breaths and tries to relax. “I need to tell you something. I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while. A long while,” he laughs nervously. “I’ve just never been sure how you would take it or what you would think, what I would say-”

“Jace,” you say, cutting him off, taking hold of one of his hands. “Breathe.”

“Right,” he nods. 

“What did you need to tell me?”

“I love you,” he blurts out. 

You laugh, “i love you too, Jace.”

“No,” he says, shaking his head. “I love you.” Your body tenses at his words, understanding what he was implying. “I love everything about you. I love how kind you are and how selfless you are. I love the way your eyes light up when people smile and how you easily you can brighten a room when you enter. There’s so much to you and I’m always learning new things about you and I love that you are constantly surprising me and that you always strive to do your best.” He was getting nervous now, cutting off his rambling he releases a sigh, “I understand if you don’t feel the same or think-”

“Please shut up,” you cut him off. You needed time to think-to comprehend what he had said. “Why did you wait so long to tell me?”

“I was worried, like I said-I didn’t know how you would react and I didn’t want to risk our friendship.” 

You didn’t mean to, but you couldn’t contain your laughter. Your giggles fill the room and Jace’s brow creases. “I’m not laughing at you,” you promise.

“Then why?”

You shake your head and release your hold on his hand, you cup his face and forcefully bring him closer to you. “Because we’re as bad as one another,” you answer before pressing your lips against his.

Jace hesitates for only a moment before responding to the kiss. You release a content sigh and dig your fingers deeper into his hair.

“I love you,” you say against his lips. Jace can’t stop the smile that forms on his own as you release your grip and fall back against the bed.

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?” he asks quietly.

“Same reasons,” you shrug. “And then Clary came along,” you sigh.

Jace’s nose screws up sightly at your words, “Clary? I don’t feel anything for her. Not in the same way I do for you.”

You close your eyes, “We need to learn to communicate,” you mutter. 

His laugh surprises you and you open your eyes to take in the sight of the pure happiness etched in his face, “I guess we do,” he whispers, stroking your cheek gently.

“We could have had a lot more time,” you say sadly.

Jace’s grin grows, “I guess that means we have a lot to make up for then and there’s plenty of time for that.”

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Letting your pig followers know before entering Dubai read the fucking rules, the ones who are in Dubai are actually white decent humans beings I'm guessing it's the Canadians their always so friendly shocking cause their white but anyways YOU get caught making fun of Islam just ONCE in Dubai or disturbing people in the mosque while they are praying you get deported within minutes and won't get to ride in the Lamborghini's with the cheetahs🌹💓XO

>Arab anon is a racist piece of shit that lives on double standards and thinks the world is desperate to spend time in their sandy hell-hole.

Huh, what a surprise…

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Hey Sam! I love St. Patrick's day! Though I got in a nasty car crash this St. Patrick's day... totaled my car and had a black eye and a badly bruised shoulder... but it's okay! I have another reason to love St. Patty's day now!

Sam winces. “Ooh, fuck dude… that fuckin’ blows. Hope it wasn’t a drunk. Hear that shit happens a lot on that holiday… But, hey, look. Bruises and scars are somethin’ you wear with pride. Shows the world you went through shit and lived. I bet that black eye looked fuckin’ sick!”

Ayo look, I just want to say if you ever derailed a post that focusing on a specific group of people with some “all lives matter” shit I just want to say fuck you

hm let people, but especially let fucking teenagers, be “edgy” if they want to, alright?

let us dye our hair and rip up our clothes
let us write shitty poetry and let us complain on our blogs
let us listen to dark music and let us wax poetic about graveyards and eyeliner
let us listen to angsty music let us draw weird art let us fucking live!!

don’t try to shit on fucking kids for being interested in shit and trying to express themselves because it’s “”“edgy”“” and “”“cringey”“”
support the baby punks and goths and emos and alllll of that shit
there’s literally no reason to be mean about it. protect the edgy kids.



















































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the entitlement that gay white women feel they have over women of color (especially brown women) and our bodies and the fact they defend and consume racist stereotypes and caricatures of us in their fan content while also harassing real live people saying shit like “i want you to beat me up till i can’t walk anymore” in the notes of a simple selfie is honestly disgusting and has been need to stop.

we aren’t your playthings, we aren’t your pets, we aren’t just inanimate objects that you can dehumanize and fetishize. grow up, take accountability, and learn that.

Dating Peter Parker would include...

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(Not my gif)

  • C U D D L E S ;
  • “I’m hungry”
  • “Hi hungry, i’m Y/N” ;
  • Him telling you that he is Spider-man by accident like :
  • “What the fuck is this stinky white shit all over the place?!”
  • “Too late- Wait you are THE Spider man!?” ;
  • Peter sneaking in your house through the window. ;
  •  jEaLoUsY ;
  • You talking on the phone with him through the entire fight
  • hearing
  • “HOLY SHIT” and “THAT WAS AWESOME” every five seconds ;
  • Spider puns!!!!
  • “Hey Peter”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “What part of a computer does a spider use?”
  • He sighs “What?”
  • “Y/N why” ;
  • Going overprotective mode when you heard that Tony told Peter that he is nothing without his suit like:
  • Tony being impressed how much outburst came from you
  • Telling Peter that there are more reasons why he is stronger without the suit, then stars in the sky ;
  • Aunt May loving you, and you loving her.
  • She is like a mother to you
  • “LEAVE!!!” you shout
  • Tony pretending not to know why you were screaming at him
  • Peter has to hold you back, because you were jumping to kick the living shit out of Tony
  • And Tony being like :  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;
  • “Peter?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “What do you get when you cross spiders and corn?”
  • “*Sigh* What”
  • “A COBWEB”
  • “Y/N, leave”