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People who visit my blog on PC probably know that there’s already a masterpost of all my past blog/twitter post translations, but the majority of people seems to use the mobile version of tumblr and therefore have no access to it (?), so here’s a masterpost that is hopefully accessible to everyone! Also, I’d appreciate it if you could check this masterpost *first* before asking me “Has Yana ever talked about XX on her blog?” xD

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional translator but just a normal Japanese Kuro fan with intermediate English skills, and I primarily translate all these Kuro related posts for myself, namely to improve my English! All posts marked with * are proofread by my precious, lovely friend minacchin though (thank you for your help<3), so you can expect a flawless English translation :)

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And finally, thank you to all those people who read and liked my translations and sent me lovely, encouraging messages in the past 2.5 years! ♡♡

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brb, being emo listening to a bunch of 2007 songs while finding my will to live.

I see a lot of “McNamara wears yellow because she’s the sweetest Heather!!! Duke’s green because envy!!!!!!” and that’s cool but also consider:

Red: Power/Strength, Determination, Rage, Leadership
                               note: we see Chandler wearing and owning a lot of pink things in the movie scene with her bedroom. I’ve always interpreted it being because she’s at home with her guard down and isn’t “wielding” her power, but since we’re talking about it Pink: Femininity, Weakness/Passiveness, Trust.

Yellow: Cowardly, youthful, loyalty, caution, lively/engaged

Green: Safety, personal growth/rebirth, wealth, poor health, disagreement

Blue: Intelligence, Trusting, Power, Felling Understood.

I think it’s also worth nothing that while we don’t see this in the musical due to the inability for constant costume change, we do see throughout their outfits patterns of different colors. Veronica, for instance, wears a heavy amounts of black, to the point where you could argue she wears it more than blue. When we see Chandler she wears mostly greys and white, Duke wears a lot of white to accent her green (and black when she starts wearing red), and McNamara wears black with her yellow. Veronica is the only one that wears outfits barely containing her color, if I remember right, aside from the short time Duke’s color switches to red. Related note, underneath JD’s heavy Black attire we usually see blue shirts, but towards the end they’re red.

Black: Mystery/The Unknown, Deceit, Depth

White: Feeling Safe, High Status, Faithful
The FCC just repealed a 42-year-old rule blocking broadcast media mergers
The move paves the way for greater consolidation in the TV and radio industries.

Federal regulators rolled back decades-old rules on Thursday, making it far easier for media outlets to be bought and sold — potentially leading to more newspapers, radio stations and television broadcasters being owned by a handful of companies.

The regulations, eliminated in a 3-to-2 vote by the Federal Communications Commission, were first put in place in the 1970s to ensure that a diversity of voices and opinions could be heard on the air or in print.

One long-standing rule repealed Thursday prevented one company in a given media market from owning both a daily newspaper and a TV station. Another rule blocked TV stations in the same market from merging with each other if the combination would leave fewer than eight independently owned stations. The agency also took aim at rules restricting the number of TV and radio stations that any media company could simultaneously own in a single market.

A major beneficiary of the deregulatory moves, analysts say, is Sinclair, a conservative broadcasting company that is seeking to buy up Tribune Media for $3.9 billion.

“This has a huge impact,” said Andrew Schwartzman, an expert on media law at Georgetown University. He added that the decisions will “reduce or eliminate” the need for Sinclair to sell off many stations to receive regulatory approval for the deal.

Critics of the FCC repeal effort say that the decision will lead to the concentration of power in the hands of a dwindling number of media titans.

“Instead of engaging in thoughtful reform,” said Democratic FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, “this agency sets its most basic values on fire.

“As a result of this decision, wherever you live, the FCC is giving the green light for a single company to own the newspaper and multiple television and radio stations in your community.”

  • Meera led the way back up the hill, jabbing at the wights when they came near. The things could not be hurt, but they were slow and clumsy. “Hodor,” Hodor said with every step. “Hodor, hodor.He wondered what Meera would think if he should suddenly tell her that he loved her. (ADWD, Bran II)
  • “The secrets of the old gods,” said Jojen Reed. […] “Truths the First Men knew, forgotten now in Winterfell … but not in the wet wild. We live closer to the green in our bogs and crannogs, and we remember. Earth and water, soil and stone, oaks and elms and willows, they were here before us all and will still remain when we are gone.” “So will you,” said Meera. That made Bran sad. What if I don’t want to remain when you are gone? he almost asked, but he swallowed the words unspoken. He was almost a man grown, and he did not want Meera to think he was some weepy babe. Maybe you could be greenseers too, he said instead. (ADWD, Bran III)
  • Meera began to cry. Bran hated being crippled then. “Don’t cry,” he said. He wanted to put his arms around her, hold her tight the way his mother used to hold him back at Winterfell when he’d hurt himself. She was right there, only a few feet from him, but so far out of reach it might have been a hundred leagues. (ADWD, Bran III)

I’m honestly at a loss for words when it comes to describing the Green Day show here in Oakland. It was obvious that the boys were extremely happy to be home; their smiles never left their faces. There were many fun and memorable moments throughout the show, but this part right here was just breathtaking.

For the second encore, Billie came out with his acoustic guitar. Everyone expected to hear Ordinary World, but when he began to strum the intro to 21 Guns, it fell completely silent. Green Day never plays 21 Guns live. Billie came down to the edge of the stage and said “I need everyone’s help with this one, okay? You have to promise to help me through it.” He got through the first verse just fine, but during the second verse (which, regrettably, I didn’t tape) he got choked up and just…stopped singing. So we sang instead. Thousands of people singing 21 Guns as Billie just strummed along and looked out at the crowd in awe.

This is what punk rock is about. Having a family, and a home, and people to support you through the toughest of times. We were there for Billie just as Billie and Mike and Tre have been there for us. I knew their homecoming show would be special, but this moment here was just beyond description.