Cinnamon Theory

I must thank @boltthrutheheart for pointing this out to me. It’s something we discussed months ago—at the beginning of the summer, I think—but I never got around to posting.

So in Still, I always noticed in this scene, both Beth and Daryl are chewing on something. 

Like REALLY obviously. They’re chomping on it like chewing gum. And I always found it funny because we didn’t actually see what they are eating. I thought it was just an editing error. Maybe at some point they found some food but then that scene got edited out, but they left in the chomping for some reason.

Then, when talking to @boltthrutheheart in my FB group, she mentioned them eating cinnamon sticks. I had no idea what she meant, so I asked her about it. She pointed out something I’d totally missed. In this scene, Daryl finds what looks like a spice jar, and puts it in his pocket. We don’t obviously see that it’s cinnamon sticks, but when he shakes it, it sounds like it (if you’ve ever actually cooked with cinnamon sticks, you’ll know what they sound like). 

And then we actually see Daryl with one in his mouth here. (I guess I always thought it was just a toothpick or something. Again, me totally missing the obvious.)

So I got excited and looked up what cinnamon symbolized. Check it out:

Cinnamon is known for symbolizing success, purity, and healing. The healing is especially potent in Still, as Beth and Daryl will help one another heal from all their life’s tragedies.

Ah, but there’s more. So much more.

In the bible, we learn that cinnamon was an ingredient in the holy anointing oil. That’s interesting to me because it suggests these two (Bethyl) being anointed for something both great and sacred. Biblically, cinnamon is also a symbol of romantic love. It is used in both a negative way (think lust/adultery references) as well as in a sweeter, purer way (“the delight of true love” in Songs of Solomon). Either way, it does NOT suggest these two have a brother-sister relationship, yo.

Cinnamon in biblical times was also an expensive luxury. And that works here on a world-building level because chances are, in the apocalyptic world, they don’t get cinnamon very often. It’s probably a treat and Daryl was probably doing a happy dance on the inside to have found it. ;D

Yeah, like that!

But you wanna hear the best part? I know you do.

It is said in legend that the phoenix makes its nest with cinnamon twigs. It is atop this nest that it burst into flame. The ashes fall onto the nest of cinnamon twigs, and from them the phoenix is reborn. 

True. Freakin’. Story.

And it’s actually interesting that we see them chewing on it right when the clock chimes. Someone—might have been @boltthrutheheart, but can’t remember for sure—told me that when they first saw the clock, it was 7 minutes before the hour. So when it chimes, it’s been 7 minutes. More sevens around Bethyl. And the Latin phrase “time escapes” thrown into the mix. Just sayin’.

So we have Beth and Daryl moving through the golf club, which the writers confirmed on TTD was a representation of hell. Then Beth emerges with the words, “we made it.”

Meanwhile, they’re chewing on cinnamon sticks and just a short time later, in the moonshine shack, we have the image of phoenix.

Not an accident, my friends. Gimple doesn’t do coincidence. And s7 is less than a month away. 

Creepy happy dance time!


Every once in a while I check T$DF Facebook to see where filming locations are just in case I think anything is Beth related.

Well, since Thursday they have been filming at an abandoned school. I immediately related this back to Beth. The last time we saw a school was in “Coda” with Father Gabriel and Morgan. There’s only reports that Michonne and Rick are the ones filming, but the site even said itself that everything is too blocked off to really see. It also looks very similar to the school in “Coda”. The school played a key part in Beth and telling us she survived. It’s where Morgan saw the Blonde walker that looked like Beth right after she died. Its also where that Rolling Stones Issue 44 was, which was pointing to TWD comics issue 44 where comic!Andrea gets a SURVIVABLE headshot wound in the SAME place as Beth.

This is good news guys! xo


Today, I was only going to drink an iced green tea latte and settle for mixed coffee.
But, I just found out that I’m going to be recorded for 100 minutes in one of my classes today.
Surprise surprise.
I needed another coffee after hearing that news.
Plus I have a hweshik at 11pm today ahahaha
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