Yongguk & Daehyun - I Remember Acoustic Vers.

The only fancam I got to take at the Live on Earth DC concert. For some reason the security was all up in our area! I felt like JUST our area. The girl next to me got caught and so did a girl sitting right in front of me.


Lucky Fan! Zelo shot a self video on her phone! It was also her 19th birthday so she got an awesome gift! I wouldn’t let anyone touch or have her phone if i were her. 

Memorable Night

So here are some things i found memorable and adorable

  • Their intro act was powerful
  • Daehyun loved to dominate the top stage by himself
  • They were so beautiful and live singing was amazing
  • Jongup showed part of his abs during the profile
  • Zelo and Daehyun took selcas on fan’s phones
  • Youngguk is super nice
  • Daehyun was speaking English then forgot what he was suppose to say and reverted back to Korean
  • Youngjae translated Daehyun’s Korean to English
  • Youngjae’s English is daebak
  • Youngguk, Daehyun, Zelo, and Jongup exposed their shoulders when it was too hot
  • Bang Yong’s Guk SEXY CLAP was hella sexy.
  • The members trolled
  • They gave a lot of air kisses and heart hugs
  • My friend got to touch Yongguk’s hair
  • Daehyun is a playful person
  • YoungJae shouting VICTORY numerous times at his profile scan
  • Zelo took a fan’s phone and took a pic but it turned out it was recorded instead. He still doesn’t know
  • Zelo did a flip
  • Jongup and Zelo dougie
  • Himchan is flawless
  • HImchan is shy
  • Himchan brought his camera out and started to take pictures in the middle of the concert
  • The stage was small so theychanged their dance a bit