Hello there~ Here’s a few snippets of the cool shopping area we visited, in Naha. There were all kinds of things to find here! Food, clothes, cool stones, jewelry, stationary, you name it! I didn’t get anything though, because I like looking at everything around before I make a decision to buy something. I will next time, though. 

I’d be lying if I said I had a great time though. I was tired and more irritable that day, and annoying things kept happening. I kept my cool, but was rather quiet. On a good note though, I did get the chance to converse with more people.. but once again, I was very shy about it and kept spacing my sentences. T_T I think I’ve realized what the cause of all that is, though.

This week has been quite something. School stuff, my first typhoon experience, our ac shutting off… I hope things go a calmer route this week!


フランス人が胸に刻んだVAMPSの記憶… VAMPS Live House Report in Japan Expo Paris 2015 Full Version ~

Aph Japan walks into his apartment. All the lights are turned off and it is almost pitch black inside. He hears Aph Americas voice say his name ominously. The sound of an old office chair turning is heard. Suddenly, LED lights light up in the shape of Americas glasses and it illuminates his face just enough so you could see the sinister smile on his face. There are LED lights wrapped around his glasses. He then says “merry Christmas” AND THEN THE ENTIRE APARTMENT LIGHTS UP AND THERES BLOW UP SANTAS AND SNOW GLOBES AND CHRISTMAS SONGS AND THERES EVEN A CHRISTMAS TREE AND STYROFOAM SNOW and Japan just


It’s like no one living in Japan in the 80s-90s had ever actually seen a black person and were relying on second- or third-hand accounts of what black people looked like

I mean

what is

THAT thing?!

… this is like how Europeans used to draw elephants that looked like demons from hell because photography didn’t exist…

lol what’s YOUR excuse, Japan?

How I got JUMP’s Concert ticket

So, many of you have asked me this so now i will answer.

First of all, i gave up going to the jump concert because I heard it was a hard process to get tickets. Especially when I was a foreigner and a non-fanclub member. Even when you’re a Fanclub member it is still hard to get tickets. I was thinking of just signing up to be a fanclub member since I will be living in Japan for a while but it was too expensive for my budget and to become a fanclub member, all you need is a Japanese address. Since I was studying abroad in Japan I wanted to see them so bad because I don’t know when I will get the chance to go to that side of the world again and it was the perfect chance. So when they release their tour dates I was so happy that it was during the time of my stay in Japan. I was really bummed out when I heard about how hard it is to get tickets. But, a few weeks later, I was hanging out with my Japanese friend and she told me that she had a friend that is a fanclub member of JUMP and that she always go see them live (I got lucky). So I asked her to ask her friend if she could get tickets for me and she said that she will ask her for me. Long story short, my friend asked her friend for me and she said that she will apply for the tickets for us. We won the tickets and I got lucky because we got really good seats! My seats were in the arena section and I could see their face clearly without looking at the screens. Stay tune to my concert review! 

Note that “apply” and “won” was bolded. This is a quick note for International fans that are non-fanclub members (just like myself) who doesn’t know the process of getting tickets. Like I explained above, first, you have to be a fanclub member. To get the tickets you have to apply for it. Then they will put your name into a drawing/lottery and your name has to get picked for you to be able to win the tickets. I didn’t know about this process so I just wanted to explain it for other international fans! There is another way to get tickets. Which is by searching for their tickets on online ticket sites but they will be (way) more expensive.

[NOTICE] - 150829 Bigstar Reveals A Teaser Ahead Of Its Comeback

[by Sora Ghim] After 2 years, Bigstar is making a comeback with new song ‘Moonlight Sonata (literal translation).’

Boy group Bigstar posted on its official homepage and SNS on August 28 the teaser image of its upcoming comeback. BRAVE Entertainment announced news of Bigstar’s third mini album ‘Shine a Moonlight’ and released the members’ individual teaser images.

In the pictures, Bigstar shows a strong masculinity and displays the members’ matured gazes. Rather than the devilish image shown before, Bigstar gives a powerful manly and gentle charisma, looking chic and sexy.

According to a representative of Bigstar’s agency, “Last year, Bigstar recorded 100 small scale live performances in Japan and afterwards returned to Korea to work on its comeback with producer Brave Brothers. Putting all into its comeback, Bigstar will show various sides through its music and performance. Early this year, leader Feeldog was active in exercise and variety shows, also acting becoming an ‘all around-dol.’ In the second half of the year, he will continue to be all over the music industry and variety programs.”

Meanwhile, ‘Shine a Moonlight’ will be released at noon on September 4. (photo by BRAVE Entertainment)

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