anonymous asked:

Do you know where i can find killjoys comics to buy? I live in Brazil and its impossible to find them here. It can be in english, of course. Theres any site that shipps for south america? Or, idk, a place where i can read them online

Yup, you can read them online here! :D

ishaveforsherl asked:

Okay Ren, I finally have the guts to send you a message. YOU'RE AMAZING AND I ADORE YOU! I've always admired you from afar, you're always nice and respectful to everyone and your art is everything. You're my favourite artist in this fandom and you bring me so much happiness, so I just needed to say thank you <3 AND GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL FOR THE RECENT SMUT AND SPECIALLY THE BEARD, YOU'RE KILLING ME OH GOD. I'm being rude, sorry! I'm Cami and I live in Brazil, btw :) How are you today?

*highfives you somewhere near christ the redeemer (because it is probably not respectful to stand directly on top of christ the redeemer, i won’t touch your head jesus i promise)*

It’s 1am and I was about to sleep (nah, I’m going to read fan fic which reminds me that I should do a fic rec again) but then I saw this and yayyy! Thank you! It’s an honor to earn such respect and I’m glad to have filled you with bliss…and I was stalking blogs a while ago and yours was one of them so…

Also, my soul is gone because of that bearded smut…So worth it.

I shall make more.