There are so many things that break my heart already, but the static colour they give Kurogane in the first panel definitely contributes. 

Also the sheer DISBELIEF the other people have that the monsters are here. 

They were so safe and has so much faith in the ruling family that their first instinct is to QUESTION rather than to run or fight.

Naturally, their first thoughts are ABOUT the ruling family too. 

What about the wards, they ask. Because they can’t imagine that Kuromama could be dead. 

What about the master, they also ask. 

Because if the monsters are here then he’s probably already dead as well.


The Prince and Me!Belle x Adam AU

        Crown Prince Adam of Villeneuve, a small country in Western Europe, is known more as a playboy than a competent ruler. He convinces his parents to send him to an American College, to, in his words, experience more of the world. His real goal is to “experience” as many American girls as possible before coming home. So, paired with his butler Lumiere, he travels to attend College as just “Adam,” with out anyone knowing he is a prince. While there he meets Belle, a dedicated Engineering student who spends all of her time on her work. Belle and Adam are made lab partners in their shared Chemistry class and immediately find themselves arguing. When Adam’s parents cut him off after he wastes most of his money, he’s forced to get a job bussing tables at the same restaurant as Belle, and the two learn to tolerate each other. While he may not be the best chemistry student, he does know Shakespeare, which comes in handy for Belles required English course. As the two grow closer, they spend Holidays together, help each other study, and Belle teaches Adam how to do average things like laundry. Things seem to be looking up for the pair, until the two are caught making out in the library by paparazzi and Belle learns Adam’s true identity. She’s stuck with a choice. Follow him to Villeneuve and become his wife for the rest of her life, or live out her goal of becoming an engineer.

I can’t relate though I absolutely realized it was the case that because of compulsory heterosexuality I thought I had much more of an attraction to men than I do and that I never liked the men I dated and that they were the hugest source of conflict in my life that always brought negative energy to my life and I was chasing them and revolving parts of my life around engaging them all for naught. It’s fine though live and learn