Ryan Adams, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2016

Ryan Adams is well on his way to becoming a Newport Folk regular. For his 2016 set, Adams brought along some special guests: the modern bluegrass band The Infamous Stringdusters and their frequent collaborator, singer-songwriter (and accomplished viral-video kazoo player) Nicki Bluhm. The seven musicians arranged themselves in a semicircle on stage, lending the performance the intimacy and jollity of a family jam session. Watch Here.


pup @ hillside 2016
guelph, ontario

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probably the hardest show i’ve shot in terms of sightlines. the stage was a weird size, the security was a wall, gear was in weird places. everywhere i went, the angle was off, or i was blocked by something… i jumped into the crowd to try to get a better shot and was told the pit was no place for a photographer/that it was too rowdy for me/that i didn’t know what i was getting myself into, or some other variation of that bullshit. not thrilled by these, but had a good time at the festival regardless.