Maybe I am in between.
Maybe I don’t hate or love.
Maybe I don’t prefer the moon or the sun, but the stars instead.
Maybe I don’t long for a specific season, but just the change between.
Maybe I don’t prefer black or white, but grey instead.
Maybe I don’t belong to myself or you, but something else instead.
Maybe I don’t feel happy or sad, but peaceful instead.
Maybe I don’t live in the past or the future, but the present instead.
Maybe I am not awake or asleep.
Maybe I am in between.
Sometimes I can’t tell if I love him for all the right reasons or all the wrong ones. They say love can blind you and I always said he reminds me of the moon..but maybe this entire time he’s been the sun and my eyes have just been burning.
—  I can’t tell if you hurt or heal me..