The Kratt brothers are ready for BIG BLUE LIVE and so are we!

The live show premieres on PBS August 31 at 8PM - a three-night summer soecuak for the whole family.

I agree. Cariol Horne had to make a quick decision to stop police brutality. She was beaten and lost her job and pension because of it. She’s a hero.

You can shut the fuck up about all this “support our police” shit. I know you don’t care at all about Cariol Horne or other police officers who were punished for actually doing their jobs.

I’ve NEVER heard a single police worshiper defend Cariol Horne. You’re all too busy defending monsters like Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo. Just admit that your unquestioning support for the police has nothing to do with appreciating those who protect us and everything to do with maintaining oppressive power structures.


George Harrison - “Deep Blue” - soundcheck for the Concert for Bangladesh, 31 July 1971 (Courtesy: YouTube user Mini TV Box; available on the Concert for Bangladesh DVD)

Q: “You’ve drawn some strong statements from sorrow. ‘Deep Blue’ was very affecting, and since it was on the flip side of the ‘Bangla Desh’ single, it became a jukebox favorite in bars in the States.” 

George Harrison: “I’m glad you noticed that one. You’re sure they weren’t just punching up the wrong side of the record? I got the impression people never heard a lot of these songs. When I was making All Things Must Pass in 1970, not only did I have Phil Spector going to the hospital and all this trouble, besides organizing the Trident Studios schedule in London with Derek & the Dominos - who many forget got their start on that record - but also my mother got really ill. I was going all the way up and down England to Liverpool trying to see her in the hospital. Bad time. She’d got a tumor on the brain, but the doctor was an idot and he was saying, ‘There’s nothing wrong with her, she’s having some psychological trouble.’ When I went to see her she didn’t even know who I was. [voice stiffing with anger] I had to punch the doctor out, ‘cause in England the family doctor has to be the one to get the specialist. So he got the guy to look at her and she ended up in the neurological hospital. The specialist said, ‘She could end up being a vegetable, but if it was my wife or my mother I’d do the operation’ - which was a horrendous thing where they had to drill a hole in her skull. She recovered a little bit for about seven months. And during that period my father, who’d taken care of her, had suddenly exploded with ulcers and he was in the same hospital. So I was pretending to both of them that the other one was okay. Then, running back and forth to do this record, I wrote that song. I made it up at home one exhausted morning with those major and minor chords. It’s filled with that frustration of going in these hospitals, and the feeling of disease - as the word’s meaning truly is - that permeated the atmosphere. Not being able to do anything for suffering family or loved ones is an awful experience.” - Musician, November 1987

life on iamamiwhoami’s “THE ISLAND”

on July 17 iamamiwhoami opened their site and community THE ISLAND, previously a site created around their latest audiovisual series BLUE. by relaunch of the site, it now hosts all iamamiwhoami releases and functions as a connecting point for all audio and visual material released by the project as well as a home for the iamamiwhoami community members.

users purchase an island access in the TWIMC SHOP. the access includes the users choice of stream or download of all iamamiwhoami releases in high resolution, download of additional material, as well as connecting with other islanders by chat/forum and sharing of fanart.
THE ISLAND SHOP has it’s own currency and offers a lower rate on all our releases.

the iamamiwhoami live performance CONCERT IN BLUE (official release sep 2) will be streaming exclusively on THE ISLAND on aug 16.

the site is created by iamamiwhoami and built by the creators of the iamamiwhoami fan site iambountyfan together with To whom it may concern.

THE ISLAND is a living organism that is continuously updated and improved. new material may be added, and previous additional material may be removed at iamamiwhoami’s discretion.

the access to the site is currently included in the TWIMC SHOP summer cleaning and can be purchased for €24 until monday aug 3.

tag ayy

gaspe I was tagged by tiny-palettes thank u!!

Name: Sofie

Where do you live: Sweden

Fav color: Blue!

Write something in all caps: PENIS

Favorite band/artist: Florence + The Machine, ONE OK ROCK, Firt Aid Kit, Radical Face… I like many artists I’m crying

Favorite number: 8 probably

Favorite Drink: Frappuccino or tea

Favorite Youtubers: Lillabloggen, Markiplier and Good Mythical Morning, they’re moodboosters <:

Age: 15, 16 by August 23rd.

i tag teaenem monodes planetaryrings justcheyin whyyesiampossessed rennamagica natsukineko thekimmeh and waluichi 

tod-bowen asked:

[pm] You like the ocean. I'm going to the ocean. It's going to be rad. Like, forget owning the Quarter boards, this will blow. Your. Mind. Woosh! That's your mind. Being blown.

[pm] I love the ocean! We should go to the ocean! Tod, tod, tod, my partner in crime this is going to be so much fun! Have you even lived through a blue moon before? Because if you haven’t, you haven’t lived at all.

Ohhhh, this is going to be completely amazing, we’re going it’s settled get down there ASAP.

anonymous asked:

if you have axiety why the fuck is your hair bright blue? surely that just means you want attention in public right??

I’m assuming you’re the same person as last time so I have something to tell you; Yo listen up here’s a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and himself
And everybody around
‘Cause he ain’t got nobody to listen to

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

(My hair’s silver mate and hair colour doesn’t reflect someone’s mental problems, get in the bin.)


Coral reefs may host the highest biodiversity on Earth. Tourism and recreation add to the economic value of reefs. Fringing reefs protect shorelines from storm surges and erosion.

But coral reefs may be the most vulnerable to all the climate stressors — rising temperatures, acidification, invasion by pathogens, higher sea levels and increased frequency of severe storms.

Here’s what you—yes, you!—can do to protect our blue planet.