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Street Etiquette in LA

lacoste Pool Party – A brief recap of our trip to California working on a project with the good folks over at Lacoste, which resulted in a much needed pool party. After such a crazy winter here in New York City to touch down in California was too good to pass up. 

Check out some more images from trip here from us and other contributors

“Feeling some major Bonnaroo blues this week! Wishing I was eating food truck grilled cheese on The Farm” - @stefaneejill on Instagram

Conversation with my Best Friend
  • S.M.:Why couldn't one of us be a dude?
  • Me:That would be too easy
  • S.M.:So I guess I have to keep looking?
  • Me:No one loves you like your best friend but you have someone to compare them to.
  • S.M.:I'm looking for a sequel
  • Me:I wouldn't say sequel some sequels suck. How about a husband that's a lover and the best guy friendthen the best friend that's the soul mate.
  • S.M.:Deal! Where do I sign up?
  • Me:You decide to live beautifully then sign the time line of life with the pen of patience :)