Reasons why Tythan is real and better than Septiplier

-They don’t have girlfriends and therefore are single (but not really cause they’re dating each other duh)

-Tyler’s huge pupils around Ethan

-The giant Tyler is gentle af with the blue boy

-Tyler doesn’t hit Ethan as hard with balls or arrows or other shit they use in videos to shoot each other

-If Mark doesn’t sit between Tythan they do a lot of gay stuff and a looot of touching

-They share clothes

-Their height difference is just way too cute for them to not kiss 24/7

-Mark and Sean destroyed Septiplier and always joke about it/make fun of it

-Tythan doesn’t talk about Tythan

(so while Septiplier is dead, Tythan is growing beautifully)

-They live together (also on the same damn continent unlike Septiplier)

-Tyler picks Ethan up and carries him around quite often

-Opposites attract

-They are best friends

-They talk daily while Septiplier doesn’t

-Septiplier always tease us with their fake gay shit while Tythan is gay without trying (heart eyes, sitting close as if there wasn’t a whole couch for them, touching all the time, starring so hard, Tyler makes Ethan food especially while the boy’s live-streaming)

-They are like a married couple already

-They seem really damn gay so they probably are

-Tyler protects Ethan from things he’s allergic to

-Also Tyler fucking implied that he kisses Ethan (or at least gets really damn close to his face/mouth) by saying that he “can eat peanuts now because Ethan isn’t here” on one of Mark’s live streams while eating a snickers

-Tyler never said that he’s straight (I don’t think he ever said anything about his sexuality)

Do you know what Tyler and Ethan ALWAYS are when they’re together?


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What do you think about the clowns? What's their goal? specially Uta, he works with furuta but he's friends with yomo too, why nico helped kaneki's group, it's all very confusing :(

The role of a clown is to provide entertainment for entertainment’s sake, and that is exactly what the Clowns do. They push the story along in the directions they find the most entertaining. 

The Clowns are essentially hedonists; their goal in life takes the form of a sadistic pleasure in watching chaos unfold. So basically, the Clowns are fans of Tokyo Ghoul. They are the readers (and often the authors) within the story itself, detached from everything and everyone as they manipulate them for the sake of their art. Just look at how Roma appreciates Kaneki in the exact same way we did - enjoying his suffering from a detached perspective as an artform. When she says, “I won’t lose to any tragedy!”, she even describes Kaneki’s meta-rebellion against the genre of his story, his attempt to escape the tragedy he’s been written into.

They are literary analysts, meta-writers, and the representatives of the fandom - but because they’re inside the story itself, their fascination comes across as psychotic rather than insightful. Nico has the same fascination with Kaneki, noting his despair is what makes him beautiful. 

Here Nico states the detachment the Clowns draw between themselves and other people. You can either live beautifully - an artform and subject of a story - or you can live for beautiful people and be the writer of that story, directing them down the path of their struggle.

Uta makes for another great example of this. Tokyo Ghoul’s utilisation of extreme character development is one of its most fascinating features - can we really blame Uta for thinking so too?

He is an artist, after all. Uta goes on to talk about how he enjoys being so involved in the story because it’s lonely ‘on the edges’. 

As well as this being Uta openly acknowledging how he went from a side character to someone much more important (Clowns are so meta), he also admits his hedonism stems from loneliness. The easiest way to escape a tragedy is to become an author of it (or so they think). Donato is not so sentimental - his hedonism stems from purely evil intent.

The clowns all manipulate the transformation of characters in various ways. In the original series, their sole interest is in Kaneki, Uta’s “special customer”. Judging from the conversation below, it seems that this interest comes from an awareness that Kaneki is being reared as the One-Eyed King, since Nico starts talking about Kaneki immediately after the concept behind the King. Furuta, as a newer member of the Clowns, is at first unaware.

Furuta drops the steel beam on him (though unintentionally), Uta makes him his creepy mask, Itori convinces him to go to the Ghoul Restaurant, Nico helps Yamori abduct him, Itori leads him to Kanou, Nico gives him information about Aogiri, Donato encourages Amon to find him, Uta encourages him to see Yomo (and thus Rize). All of these events push Kaneki along in his development, first to his transformation into Shironeki, then towards his loss of conviction and his ‘death’. 

In :re, while still interested in Kaneki, they start playing with other major characters as well. Uta plays mind games with Mutsuki (Kaneki’s successor in tragedy), first at the auction, telling her that nobody will come to rescue her, leading her to desperate action which results eventually in her giving into her repressed desires and eating from a corpse, and again at the Clown Siege, making her snap entirely. He also attempts to manipulate Hirako and Suzuya, and he sends Kaneki his mask to help unlock his memories. Donato gets Haise to think more deeply about his amnesia and he breaks Urie, forcing him into becoming a Ghoul. Nico has brought Goat’s attention to the Great Wheel Act, and I believe that him seeing Kaneki at the party was why the Clowns were at the Auction in the first place - because they knew Kaneki would be there. See Uta’s reaction to Kaneki’s screams.

Like he’s found what he’d been looking for. If a character is skirting around an abyss, a Clown is always there to give them a helpful push.

Nico helping out Goat shows that the Clowns’ allegiance is solely to the most interesting turn of events, the same allegiance is us readers. But it’s not always easy being a Clown. You need to be able to draw that sharp divide between subject and observer that can allow you to enjoy people you know suffering from a detached perspective. Nico has mastered this; his emotion at Yamori’s death seemed sarcastic at best, and he’s happy to leave Roma in Goat’s hands. But his is where Uta falters somewhat. He does care about Yomo quite deeply, and this is expressed in his neck tattoo: nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te (a quote from Ovid, albeit jumbled around a bit, and a hint that he’s a Clown; most meta-characters in the series are well read).

He’s struggling with fully detaching himself from this world to be a true Clown. He can’t live with Yomo because he is a true Clown; and he can’t be a true Clown because he can’t live without Yomo. I think one day he and Yomo will meet in battle, and he will be forced to decide…and I think that he will choose beautifully. He will die a tragic but beautiful death at the hand of his loved one; both author and character at once, like he has always been.

This dichotomy applies to Furuta as well. But rather than being attached to a person (his ‘love’ of Rize being just a part of his power complex), his goals are concrete, physical, and specifically within the world of the story rather than the abstract and metaphysical pleasure the Clowns derive from manipulating that world. He is a subject only playing at being an author, and that will be his undoing. Furuta’s only on Team Furuta at the end of the day, manipulating his many affiliations to further his ambition. But he’s fooling himself in believing he controls the Clowns, as Nico has already proven. Furuta is not playing the Clowns, the Clowns are playing Furuta, and they will cast him aside as soon as they stop finding him amusing.

In fact, the set-up’s already in place for his downfall when he made the hubristic move of hiring Akihiro Kanou, someone almost certainly in league with the Clowns. Roma’s presence in Kanou’s lab speaks volumes, and as much as Kanou talks about breaking open birdcages, the scorpion-butterfly on his wall says a lot more about his true nature - he takes abstract pleasure in watching things transform.

The Clowns were the ones who enabled Furuta into dropping the beam on Rize and Kaneki, providing Kanou with his ideal kakuhou and a ready test subject in one fell swoop. And Kanou has just created around 100 supersoldiers - not to mention he’s the one keeping Rize in her tank. If Donato decides he wants to control the story in a more direct way and take the throne for himself, Furuta will be easily cornered by his own Oggai, and when he rushes to see his love, he will find the tank empty, and a hungry Rize waiting to take revenge.

i feel like pluto is the SCREAM and saturn is the lethargy, and tiredness. and that saturn gives you plenty of warnings, and its very slow and when you have satisfied saturn you can actually FEEL it, you feel like you have achieved something, you get REWARDED but pluto is more of a divine agreement, you don’t really get much of a conscious accolade, its more of like a soul recognition, one that happens on such a sublayer that its so hard to even comprehend. saturn is our greatest potential on a human level and pluto is like the accumulation of mind, body and soul, if everything else was stripped away, the lantern of pluto would be flickering. saturn needs to be weighed down and contended with so neptune and uranus don’t obliterate you, but pluto doesn’t really demand in this way, it’s more silent, and it’s more like, ok whatever you don’t do now, you’re going to have to at one stage or another in this lifetime or the next, i will catch up with you. i believe satisfying saturn makes you feel ALIVE like it activates all the planets, and satisfying pluto makes you feel CONTENT and SETTLED like you are on the right soul purpose

pluto in the first house - I am a divine butterfly, cocooned by the darkness of pluto but thrust into eternal light by his own power. the discarded shells of my old selves are hung like portraits where i can view how far i have come

pluto in the second house - I can live in ecstasy and beautifully stripped of material concern. i can release from these vices and understand what freedom truly means. i can create the most stunning melody with the jewels within

pluto in the third house - the ether of my voice and words will live on for centuries. my thoughts are transmitted from the mystic riches of pluto and i am a scribe of the underworld. i am a beacon of truth and a glowing example of the power of words

pluto in the fourth house - i am the eternal heirloom of my family and my ancestry will remember me, from my spirit that runs through their veins, and the potions i left brewing in their hearts. i can create a temple of prayer

pluto in the fifth house - i can fall into the darkness and forge a new wonderland with my divine creativity. my inner child is at home in the cosmos, and my madness can be poured into art, delight, and pleasures. i can play a symphony for infinity

pluto in the sixth house - through my own aching bones and psychological ailment, i can see, i can feel, and i can heal. my hands are leaking with healing syrup, and my muscle memory knows the century old potions and therapies found in nature

pluto in the seventh house - i am a transformative spirit for the people in my life,  i can swirl in their bones and show them the transcendent light that dwells within. i can show them the way to reunite with infinity through my own magic. i change the lives of others

pluto in the eighth house - i rule the borderline between life and dying, and suffer ego death time and time again so when it comes time for my spirit to pass on i have become a master of the process and this gives me peace. every time i rebuild i am shown an even brighter light

pluto in the ninth house - i am a pilgrim of pluto and explore the depths of my inner world and the outer world. i am a symbol of the mythology and philosophies that have defined us for generations. i am in search of divine intimacy

pluto in the tenth house - i leave a powerfully resonant imprint on the world and my energy remains long after my body vanishes. my role in society is vital, and my spirit alone can change the lives of others. i thrive on challenges

pluto in the eleventh house - i readily see into the souls of the people around me and i am a revolutionary breath in a mundane world. i am the spirit that heals humanity

pluto in the twelfth house - through pluto is how i get home.  i feel a part of the oxygen, as if i circulate through everyone. my breath is a symbol of purity and healing, and my presence is a reunion with the divine. through isolation i reunite


“Tomorrow will be better. I will do better. I will be better.”

I’m beginning to look at others, much thinner than I, and find that sadness consumes me more than jealousy. I’ve been there. I’ve known the hell one goes through to fit into an undersized body. Sometimes I miss that body, but I do not miss the emptiness I felt within it.

The jealousy does come, though. Usually late at night when I should be readying myself for bed. But instead, I find myself running back through the day, feeling poorly about food choices and the workout that didn’t happen. I decide, on these fairly occasional jealous-nights, that tomorrow will be better. “I will do better. I will be better.”
And then tomorrow comes.

 The sun pours through my window. It welcomes me in the morning. “Yes, today WILL be better.” I begin contemplating whether or not to have breakfast. A fasted run or bike ride; a late breakfast so I can skip lunch.

I take a peek out the window, just to check the weather.
And I see the girl with sadness in her eyes, running to earn her food.
And I see the man, lacing up his shoes in order to do the same.

I am reminded of why that is not the way I want to live my life. Completely based on numbers: calories, pounds, tablespoons, mileage…yet almost entirely worthless. 

I am reminded that I should count blessings, memories, and smiles rather than calories.

I am reminded that feeding myself well and moving my body with a healthy purpose is a privilege. And it is one that will get me much further in life than the obsession of how my body looks at all times. It is one that will allow me true happiness–not the sick happiness from the drop in number on the scale that fades two minutes later.

These reminders come day after day. And they are needed every time. Yet, I feel that one day they won’t be necessary for me to carry on. I will find peace in myself, and peace with others. I will look at others and see them as a person, not just a body for comparison. 

So, today I woke up to the morning sun welcoming me. I decided today would be better. I will be better.
I take a moment to be mindful about how I am feeling. Physically and mentally. Are my intentions right or wrong.

Fighting the tears, I make breakfast. Fighting the urges, I relax until lunch.
What I feel is weakness, I know is strength.
What I feel is self-destruction, I know is self-care.

And I notice that the world didn’t crumble around me when I ate my lunch, too.
People didn’t hate me because I am a bit heavier than I was a year ago.
I don’t constantly search for my smile that was lost when I lost weight.

And that is enough to make me realize that today is better. I am better. Because today I’ve decided to seek a beautiful life instead of a misconstrued-beautiful body. I’ve decided to treat myself kindly so that tomorrow I can treat others kindly too. 

My life is no longer empty. My days are filled with friends, food, flowers, and life. 

I am no longer empty. I am filling my mind with happiness and hope. I am filling my heart with love and faith. I am filling my body with nourishment to live-not survive. 

I find myself, still, jealous over these bodies that are not mine. Envious of their determination and ability.
But, more often, I find myself jealous of those that lived when I was dying. I’m jealous that they made memories while I spent my nights alone at the gym.

I am choosing to live my life. I am choosing to try and find happiness in things outside of my body weight, size, and shape. I want to live a full, beautiful life. 

Tomorrow will be beautiful. I will live beautifully.

—  Bethany D. 

Ok guys for today’s quote of the day, one of the many classic moments between Derek and Stiles… “Dead silence. That should work beautifully…” I live for the iconic scenes between these two, going to miss Teen Wolf so much; don’t want it to ever end 😭😩😍❤️

‘never grow up’ is the playful laughter of your childhood; it’s those moments in time that never seem to end; it’s those nights you cried yourself to sleep; it’s the memories of innocence; it’s playing hopscotch on the driveway with the neighbours; it’s sitting around the dinner table with your grandparents; it’s hugging your little brother so tight it hurts; it’s running through endless fields of daisies without a care in the world; it’s those nostalgic photographs reminiscing on a beautifully lived youth

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What would it be like if our shadows were people who loves us in our past life?

It seems more fitting to a poem or a short story doesn’t it? A few short words like

They told me I could be with you again, stay with you even as things have changed

We are sewn together at the feet, touching every second of every day but you cannot feel me. I can feel you… perhaps that is enough

Sometimes, when I linger, I see you have two shadows perhaps even three or more. Who are they? You’ve never mentioned them, but then again, you’ve never mentioned me.

It doesn’t hurt like I thought it would, watching you love again. You’ve lived so vibrantly and beautifully, it is enough that I had my time with you. What hurts the most, the thing that tortures me in my incorporeal existence… 
When the world is at it’s brightest, i am as close to you as I can be. But when the world turns to darkness… 
I vanish. Just like the first time… Even as you are reborn again and again I know I wasn’t there when you needed me most. And I never am, as much as I struggle and cry out I can not find you in the dark.

I miss you… I’m sorry.

Do you remember how we played, when you were just a little girl? Painting shadow creatures on the wall with the tiniest flashlight in you hands. And how when you were a bit older you told your friends you weren’t scared of the dark like they were. Was that because you knew I was there? You’ve always been so brave.

It’s so bright out today. You’re talking about going out and enjoying the sun and I hope that you do. The shadows are the strongest in the light. Maybe I can walk with you.

Sometimes you stare at your shadow. Do you know that its me? Can you feel it watching you too?

Staying Present

‘There’s an approach we can take to the fundamental ambiguity of being human that allows us to work with, rather than retreat from, feelings like fear and aversion. If we can get in touch with the sensation as sensation and open ourselves to it without labeling it good or bad, then even when we feel the urge to draw back, we can stay present and move forward into the feeling.’

- Pema Chodron, Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change.

You’re standing in the sunlight

Request: “Why do you keep saying that?” with Ashton + something based on “Sunlight” by From Indian Lakes
Summary: Ashton watches the sunrise with a girl who’s slipping away


“Do you ever think about how you’re gonna die?”

Ashton starts at the question, turning to stare at you. There’s a small smile at your lips as you keep gazing at the stars above.

Your call woke Ashton up at 4am, and when he asked what you wanted, you just said you wanted to watch the stars. So here the two of you are now, lying on your backs on the beach, breathing in the beauty of the silent night.

“Not really,” he says finally. “My life’s going to end at some point, and I’d rather just enjoy the moments. Make the most of it. It’s no use thinking about death.”

“I think it’s comforting,” you say. “We’re never sure of anything, but death will always be there.”

“Thought you liked chaos.”

This time it’s you who turns, and you let out a small chuckle before pressing your lips against Ashton’s. He emits a small gasp, and you kiss him once again, softly.

“I don’t like chaos, I breathe chaos,” you waggle your eyebrows.

Ashton smiles a little uncertainly before kissing you again.

“The sun is about to rise,” he remarks, seeing a bit of light on the horizon.

You hum, falling on your back again.

“I always thought I’d die young. Do you see that star?” You point. “It’s my favorite. It’s not the brightest, it’s not part of a constellation and I can never remember its name. But it’s there every night and it shines beautifully. I want to live like that star. I want to live beautifully, be loved by few and remembered by none. I want to live like that star and when I die I wanna be up there in the sky next to it. You know in Greek mythology the gods transformed people who died young into stars?”

Ashton stays silent, eyes riveted on the girl who speaks of death like it is just another part of an adventure. You send him another smile and stand up. He frowns, pouting the slightest bit.

“Hey, stay here.”

You grin and grab his hand, lacing your fingers through his and helping him up to his feet.

“Come on, let’s watch the sun rise.”

He follows you up the small hill and stands by your side as the first beams of sunlight set the ocean on fire. You watch the patches of light glittering on the waves but he’s watching your face, eyes far away, lit up by the sunrise. You seem lost to your own world and not for the first time, he wishes he could follow you there. He wishes he could understand your mind and join you in your musings and make himself a home in the recesses of your soul. But he’ll settle for anything you give him.

You lean your head against his shoulder, exhaling softly.

“It’s so beautiful it makes me wish I could disappear into it,” you say.

“But then you wouldn’t get to be a star. You’ve got to make up your mind.”

“You make a fair point,” you grin. “There are too many possibilities.”

“The possibilities are endless,” he agrees, and ducks his head to place a kiss on your shoulder. You giggle, batting him away.

“Stop tickling me!”

His hazel eyes are a molten gold in the sunlight, intense on your face as he speaks.

“Or you could always stay here. Stay with me.”

Your breath stutters for a few seconds, before a wistful smile settles at your lips. You lift a hand to play with a stray curl of his. His eyes don’t let go of yours.

“You’re wonderful Ashton, you know that right? You make me wanna stay, sometimes. I hope one day you find someone who deserves you.”

Why do you keep saying that? Why do you keep acting like you’re gonna leave?”

He watches the movement of your throat as you swallow and drop your gaze to the ground, your foot playing a little with the sand.

“Does it matter? I’m here now.” You lift up your head to meet his eyes again. “And weren’t you the one who said to enjoy the moment?”

He lets out a huff of a chuckle, because of course you’d use his arguments against him in a way to avoid his questions. He wraps his arms around you from behind and you let out a pleased sound, melting into his warm embrace.

“And besides,” you add, watching the horizon as golden waves lick the sand beneath you, “you’ll always find me in the stars.”

You can almost hear Ashton rolling his eyes at that, but he presses a kiss right under your ear anyway. You shiver at the amount of comfort and love he surrounds you with in that exact moment. And then he whispers:

“You won’t ever be like that star, miss chaos. I’ll always remember your name.”

And you smile again.

i never want to stop rereading what sorachi said about why he created gintama the way it was.. that his hero didn’t need a great big shounen dream because people don’t need big dreams to live through life and how he proved that he can make an amazing series without a main character that ‘’followed their dreams’’ like those other shounen heroes. he made a series filled with characters that live through their lives day by day without knowing exactly what their goal is and saying that’s ok and thats just how life can be like…thank you for giving us characters that we could relate to and a series that brings us never-ending joy and inspiring quotes about how to live life beautifully 

thank you sorachi