I have lived 40 years under the name that was given to me at birth - decades of trying to hide my true identity for fear of other people’s judgement and the consequences that come with it.

But starting soon, I will now legally live under both my chosen name, and my true gender (F). This is me, pre-HRT, with no wig, wearing just a bit of makeup and my much-loved glasses. I will begin hormone therapy soon (although the physical changes may be minimal or take a while to really show, I don’t care, it’s still something I need to do for myself).

It took decades, but I’m starting to finally appreciate and care for myself. So hey! It really is #nevertoolate . #transisbeautiful

Congrats! Also, You’re beautiful! 💖💙

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Please say latinx rather than Spanish (if you are not talking about Spain)

i mean i know why your saying this but its literally the name of that part of harlem,its been named that for decades by the ppl who live there its not called ‘Latinx Harlem’…… 

Did you know there’s actually an option to not be depressed in the first few levels of life? I think it’s like year 4 during Pre-K. While you’re doing one of the “finger painting” missions you’re supposed to paint the code “up circle circle triangle down square” on your canvas. The paper should start glowing and project an option that says “become cripplingly depressed between the ages of 12 - 40 or live a normal life with few mental ailments, and general content” and you can choose whichever you prefer. I mean, obviously it’s too late for the lot of you, but yeah tell your kids.

when i was angry i’d tell my mam i wanted 2 b a nun shed b like “u dont mean it”  id put a pillow case on my head like “watch me”

im leaving the atla/lok fandom

its been real lol ill remember all the memories ive had and all the drama i sat on the sidelines for. mutuals & ppl who followed me for atla/lok im no longer keeping u hostage ur free to leave. for anyone still interested in this blog, ill be reblogging anime/studio ghibi/humor/aesthetics/misc shit all of which will be tagged so if u wanna stay for 1 but not the others i got u covered

Yesterday I deep cleaned my car.  I took a gallon of hot water, dissolved a tablespoon of oxygen bleach in it, and went to town wiping/scrubbing the interior.  I pulled out the rugs, sprinkled them with baking soda, then vacuumed those and the floors.  Then I took cotton balls, applied a few drops of lavender essential oil and used bobby pins to affix them to some of the air vents for the next few days.

Today I went back to Costco again (because apparently I live there) and bought 40 pounds of meat.  I took 32 pounds of it and portioned it, whipped up marinades to freeze them in and loaded up my chest freezer with dinner sized portions that will be ready to be defrosted and grilled.  Tomorrow I’ll tackle the 8 pound pork loin.

Ordinarily, I like to do a better job of sourcing my meat.  But right now, time is of the essence.  If everything in the baby station is working as it usually does, I have maybe a week left before I become a useless lump on the couch.  A car that’s not covered in grime and some ready-to-go protein that can be cooked outside will go a long way toward keeping me functioning.