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small diamaris from twitter

Kanan was with Chika and You that day and Dia had to play ‘big strong friend’

Mari thinks she did well


Humans fancy that there’s something special about the way we perceive the world, and yet we live in loops as tight and as closed as the hosts do, seldom questioning our choices, content, for the most part, to be told what to do next.


In my normal setup I use 2 4 track recorders to playback and layer numerous tape loops. For this video, I wanted to experiment and take this idea further by using a large ensemble of walkmans and various length tape loops. This improvised ambient walkman “symphony” is recorded in real time, with all tape loops being mixed and processed through a caline reverb pedal and behringer delay.

i feel faded from my own life. i haven’t gone to bed yet and it’s 5:48 in the morning. i want to touch you or an open fire or whatever will hurt me. i want you to crush my throat or crush my dreams. i feel like i’m living in a loop where the end is coming, where the road to ruin is something i swallow, where i’m running out of time while i’m just sitting here. barely feeling anything. watching days tick by and tuck into autumn leaves. i feel like i’m wasting my god-given talents but what’s worse is i don’t know how not to waste them. like i could have been handled drugs sex and money and i’d still be here, doing nothing. just waiting to die or for something to kill me or for you to come home and finish the deed. is it possible to be terrified of death and at the same time a ghost girl who doesn’t care if she’s drowning. asking for a friend. no really. i want to kiss you or cut you or kill myself. and isn’t that all just the same goddamn thing.


The TAPE LOOP DRONECHESTRA is an experiment in live multi layered tape looping. Two auxiliary walkmans with separate tape loop parts are being played and fed into the 4 track through the left and right inputs. Their volume is being controlled by their corresponding slider. The 4 track itself is also playing a tape loop and has parts recorded on to each of its 4 tracks. Those individual loops are being played by their corresponding track knob. Everything is then processed through delay and reverb from the Zoom MS-50G and run straight into garageband.