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The signs as Leslie Jones’s commentary at the Olympics

Aries: *curling* back to this shit

Taurus: I want you to read that Real closely: Russian. Curling. Doping. Scandal- how the Fuck is that in the same sentence, what kind dope do you need, to do, to curl motherfucker. Like do you need dope to want to do that?


Cancer: I got this I got this I- oh. Oh. I did not have that.

Leo: Um… somebody need to tell me what the fuck is going on

Virgo: *singing we are the champions off key*

Libra: MAN how was I never into Hockey whatT HE FUcK-

Scorpio: *watching live performance of gangnam style* IT NEEDS TO BE LIKE THIS EVERYWHERE

Sagittarius: U!S!A! SLAY! ALL! DAY!

Capricorn: Okay real talk? I know that she probably one of the nicest people, like, so nice- but when she got her game face on she look like she will slap the peanut butter and jelly out of your fuckin hand-

Aquarius: What in the slight FUCK is that

Pisces: Everytime they go into the penalty box there’s a dude there waiting to open the door for them, I wonder if he’s there to calm them down like “Hey how’s it goin, maybe let’s not be so violent on the ice”

I’m trash™

Korean Dramas - Summer 2017

This is a list of miniseries; dramas over 50 episodes and webdramas have been excluded. I also chose to ignore the split in episodes recently done by some broadcasting stations. Episode counts will be left at the original hour long total for each day. Lastly, if there is a question mark (?) next to a start date, it is a date that I guessed based on previous dramas’ end dates and is subject to change. Happy watching~


  • The Best Hit - June 2
    • Romance, Comedy, Family
    • KBS - 16 episodes
    • Yoon Shi Yoon, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Min Jae, Lee Se Young
    • First KBS Fri/Sat drama since The Producers
  • Duel - June 3
    • Sci-fi, Suspense, Thriller
    • OCN - 16 episodes
    • Jung Jae Young, Kim Jung Eum, Yang Se Jong, Seo Eun Soo
    • Airing after Tunnel
  • Stranger (a.k.a. Secret Forest) - June 10
    • Drama, Law, Thriller
    • TvN - 16 episodes
    • Jo Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na, Lee Joon Hyuk
    • Airing after Chicago Typewriter
  • Woman of Dignity - June 16
    • Drama
    • JTBC - 20 episodes
    • Kim Hee Sun, Kim Sun Ah, Lee Ki Woo, Shim Hyung Tak
    • Airing after Man to Man


  • Bride of the Water God - July 3
    • Fantasy, Romance, Manga
    • TvN - 16 episodes
    • Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Krystal, Gong Myung, Im Joo Hwan
    • Airing after Circle
  • The King Loves - July 17
    • Historical, Melodrama, Romance
    • MBC - 20 episodes
    • Im Siwan, Yoona, Hong Jong Hyun, Park Hwan Hee
    • Airing after Lookout
  • School 2017 - July 17
    • Romance, School
    • KBS - 16 episodes
    • Kim Se Jeong, Kim Jung Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon, Seol In Ah
    • Airing after Fight For My Way
  • Reunited Worlds - July 19
    • Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
    • SBS - 20 episodes
    • Lee Yeon Hee, Yeo Jin Goo, Jung Chae Yeon, Ahn Jae Hyun
    • Airing after Suspicious Partner
  • Man Who Dies To Live - July 19
    • Family
    • MBC - 24 episodes
    • Choi Min Soo, Kang Ye Won, Shin Sung Rok
    • Airing after Ruler: Master of the Mask
  • Fabrication (a.k.a. Falsify) - July 24
    • Law, Thriller
    • SBS - 16 episodes
    • Nam Goong Min, Uhm Ji Won, Jun Hye Bin, Yoo Joon Sang
    • Airing after My Sassy Girl
  • Criminal Minds - July 26
    • Crime
    • TvN - 20 episodes
    • Lee Jun Ki, Moon Chae Won
    • First in TvN’s Wed/Thurs time slot


  • Strongest Deliveryman - Aug 4
    • Romance, Youth
    • KBS - 16 episodes
    • Chae Soo Bin, Go Kyung Po, Go Won Hee, Kim Sun Ho
    • Airing after The Best Hit
  • Save Me - Aug 5
    • Action, Crime, Mystery, Psychological, Suspense, Thriller
    • OCN - 16 episodes
    • Seo Ye Ji, Ok Taecyeon, Jo Sung Ha, Woo Do Hwan
    • Airing after Duel
  • Manhole: Wonderland’s Feel - Aug 9
    • Comedy, Supernatural, youth
    • KBS - 16 episodes
    • Jaejoong, UEE
    • Airing After Queen for Seven Days
  • Deserving of the Name - Aug 12
    • Medical, Sci-fi
    • TvN - 16 episodes
    • Kim Nam Gil, Kim Ah Joong, Moon Ga Young, Yoo Min Kyu
    • Airing after Secret Forest
  • Age of Youth Season 2 - Aug 25
    • Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Life, Romance
    • JTBC - 12 episodes
    • Han Ye Ri, Park Eun Bin, Han Seung Yeon, Ji Woo, Choi Ara
    • Airing after Woman of Dignity
  • Hospital Ship - Aug 30
    • Medical, Romance
    • MBC - 20 episodes
    • Ha Ji Won, Kang Minhyuk, Kwon Mina, Lee Seo Won
    • Airing after Man Who Dies To Live

***will update as new info is released***