Been working with the rescue to get the stray cat taken care of since yesterday. I’m so glad he’ll at least be looked after and maybe even get a home. So he was picked up around noon. 

Anyways, I made a Facebook post on my little towns group page to see if he belonged to anyone. I swear the people in my town are complete nincompoops. Complete nincompoops! 

BTS in less then 10 words

Jin: living, breathing work of art, appreciate

Suga: threat when awoken, you’ve been warned

J-Hope: cute in Korea, hot in America

Rap Monster: mix tapes hotter than Jimin’s chocolate abs

Jimin: very big ass, even bigger heart

V: beneficial to your health, not your boyfriend’s sanity

Jungkook: I, the meme king, declare that girls have cOOTIES

bts: [breathes]

other group stans: they would Not have been able to get /there/ if it weren’t for other groups 😤😠😡👺

john wick: chapter 2 sentence starters

feel free to change pronouns!! 

  • who the fuck can do that? 
  • why don’t we just eliminate them? 
  • you have my car. 
  • can a man like you know peace? 
  • why not? 
  • you workin’? 
  • i’m not that guy anymore. 
  • you are always that guy
  • what the hell were you thinking? 
  • i’m asking you not to do this. 
  • you stabbed the devil in the back. 
  • you have no idea what’s coming do you? 
  • i lived my life my own way. i will die my own way. 
  • all the stories you’ve heard about that person, if anything else, have been watered down. 
  • consider this a professional courtesy. 
  • this rounds on me. 
  • i’m sorry, i fucked up. 
  • take me to him/her. 
  • as i live and breathe, ______! 
  • you’re not very good at retiring. 
  • i’m workin’ on it. 
  • the man. the myth. the legend. 
  • that’s bad for your health. 
  • DAMN, it’s christmas! we’re going to applebee’s after this. 
  • you’re going to help me. 
  • why the fuck would i do that? 
  • you want a war, or do you just want to give me a gun? 
  • somebody, please! get. this. man. a gun. 
  • your descent into hell starts here. 
  • you don’t want me owing you. 
  • i think you’re addicted to this. 
  • you wanted me back. i’m back. 
  • your evening has been colorful i see. 
  • this kingdom is mine and mine alone. 
  • what have you done? 
  • _______, just walk away. 
  • then why am i not dead? 
  • your life is forfeit. 
  • whoever comes, whoever it is, i’ll kill them. i’ll kill them all. 
  • of course you will. 
Sounds of Solace

tuck me, fold me
into blue-green flowing mountains
plant me peacefully
along wildflower valley streams
feel my empathy
at one…in harmony with nature
I dissipate into clouds
smoke that drifts, that hovers, lingers…
clings along ridges
sinks into canyons
I’m a living, breathing blanket
tucking into trees
everything is melodic here
music of verdant mountaintops
rings across blue ridge landscapes
sings songs that soothe my soul
gently rock
my spirit into joyful dreams
I listen to sounds of solace
and understand I am home

FollowCB | Copyright 2017

prove! what do i have to prove!

are the sanguine rivers running down my body, not enough? i am alive!
are my quaking, thunderous heartbeats, not enough? i am alive!
are the tangled thoughts drifting through my mind, not enough? i am alive!

even if i have to scream to the world, i am living, i have lived—i lived, i live!

i live, though the air in my lungs is thick with poison
(i am alive!)
i live, though the river i swim is thick with mud
(i am alive!)
i live, though the roots on my legs are thick and heavy
(i am alive!)

and to the world, i still shout, “i lived!” with a triumphant, shining smile, for my greatest accomplishment was drawing its breath into these weary lungs.

for as long as i live and breathe, worlds and words and infinities, i have lived,
for as long as i live and breathe, i have won, i have prevailed, i have conquered, i have lived.

and my dearest mother, i tell the universe with a voice as high and bright as the stars, that is enough.

ANGEL; i sing a song of triumph

Swinging chandeliers and painted tile ceilings, I have found home
In empty coffee cups lined with mold and cocoa powder,
Black pen on the back of my hand detailing the bedbugs and rats that squirm
In the recesses of my brain promising
I will never be alone— and it is nice
Although I am infested
To never be alone.

The fans threaten to fall from above— this is not a Parisian opera house, but
I am performing quite the same; I am a primadonna quite the same.
My melody, pervading the air, reeks of black coffee
And cigarette smoke.
Bottle caps glued to the bottoms of my boots, makeshift tap shoes,
Exit stage left
(Pursued by a shadow).

Stop making sense. I don’t know anything
About what it is to live and die and breathe and choke
(Except, that is, what it is
To asphyxiate
On vomit and pills— but never mind that, never mind that,
The show must go on.)
Stop making sense. I live in chaos, I live in nonsense
(This is not Wonderland, my darling, and you
Are not Alice)— I live in nocturnals.

Four o’clock. Make me feel alive when the beasts
Slither from under the bed, under the closed closet door,
Into my ears to tell me what it is
To live and die and breathe and choke.

I know what it is
To be full of bedbugs and rats and pills
And it is nice
Although I am infested
To never be alone.

—  “Infested, Insomnia, Incomplete,” Casey Rose Shanahan

i cant believe there are living, breathing, westerners who think north korea doesnt have torture camps, have committed no human rights violations, is a great place to live, and anyone who disagrees is an american imperialist. these people exist.

(for @yoituuri and @starryfeathers. I accidentally deleted this whole thing once so hopefully it doesn’t happen again/ it’s not rushed. I hope you enjoy you two, and anybody else who reads this!)

I made a post about my favorite boy Victor not too long ago, and I mentioned a shot in passing that I really loved, but because it wasn’t the focus of the post, I didn’t go into it. I would like to now. Here it is:

This is the first glimpse of Victor we get within canon. Well, beyond the opening sequence with Yuuri watching Victor skate as they grow up but I think we can all agree that was outside of canon and can be discarded here.


It’s a damn good first glimpse. As you’ve probably already noticed, Victor’s eyes are covered. Deliberately. Dude fuckin does a twirl and the camera is framed in such a way that we don’t get to see his eyes until he looks up for the cameras. That’s an interesting touch, for several reasons. 

First, when a character’s eyes are not visible, it implies something is hidden within them. A trait, motivation, true emotions, etc etc. 

Secondly, the fact that we can’t see Victor’s eyes until he turns to the cameras with that fake-ass media smile. In this scene, we’re being treated as the public. Victor is immediately hiding from us and the rest of the world. You know, something he does all the goddamn time.

Victor is scarily good at masking. For those who don’t know what I mean, masking is the act of hiding one’s true personality, desires, and/or emotions to conform to society. I mask due to past trauma. Victor masks to meet public expectation. 

You’ve probably guessed already that masking is incredibly unhealthy–it’s repression, after all. If it gets bad enough, you’ll stop knowing where masking ends and you begin. Sometimes it takes me months to figure out how I feel about something because I need to sort through so many layers of masking and anxiety and doubt. It’s really difficult sometimes. 

We see tons of lovely examples of Victor masking throughout the show. Here are a few off the top of my head: 

(^absolutely terrified vitya trying to be smooth)

(^living up to his press image)

(^so incredibly upset on so many levels but he doesn’t dare show it)

(^pissed enough that yuuri picks up on it. and then acts dishonestly w/ yuuri by trying to come off as pleasant)

(i love that yuuri is comfortable enough by this point to call victor out on his bs. if you’re gonna get mad, get mad) 

(you can actually see Victor’s hand shake if you watch the scene. boy is so pissed and he’s holding it in)

etc etc. 

Victor is actually incredibly reserved in all the emotions he shows, especially if it’s anger or sadness. For most of the series, he only lets himself go in front of Yuuri or alone. Victor hides from himself, he hides from Yuuri, and it helps no one in the end. 

The beach sequence, actually, is important to this idea too. As we know, Victor asks Yuuri what he wants them to be. 

And then he lists off all these options before essentially asking to go out with him, but in a way that says he’s too scared to do it outright.

Now, this is partially to gauge Yuuri’s feelings towards him, but it’s also highly revealing of Victor’s self-worth. He’s willing to put on any mask, any persona to be with Yuuri. Yuuri, of course, doesn’t want this at all. 


And looking at Victor’s reaction (guarded surprise)

This may be the first time Victor has been asked to just be himself. 

So if Victor was a world champion at 16

(boy is 15-16 in that article)

He must have been skating for a while beforehand. We can probably approximate by saying he started competitions around the time Yuri did, which I estimate to be about 12-13. However, Victor does say this 

And if we’re to believe him, 27-20=7, and therefore something happened at the age of 7 to force Victor into backing away from others and working himself to the bone. Uhm, wow. I don’t know how accurate it is to say that, but regardless, he’s been in the public eye for a long fuckin time. 

Victor has spent this long fuckin time building an image: elegance, confidence, charming yet untouchable. The perfect playboy, in a way. This is the person he presents to the public. I think he’s been masking like this for so long he forgot that this isn’t who he is–Victor has the ability to be all those things, but it’s not who he is. Victor is excitable, bubbly, caring, vulnerable, depressed, lonely, hardworking…Yuuri, by asking Victor to be himself, released a metaphorical floodgate on Victor’s emotions. He’s broken that carefully crafted persona. 

Victor is now publicly goofy and affectionate

(i love how he hides his face a little here…how cute and shy while showing off that he’s yuuri’s)

And can drop his composure comfortably 

(also vitya always wears gloves to competitions until they get the rings and then victor keeps the gloves off completely :v) 

I love that Victor’s relationship with Yuuri has allowed him to find himself again, and peel away those masks to live and breathe and love as he was always meant to. 

list of weird shit keith kogane did before joining voltron
  • ate an entire tangerine without breaking it into pieces or peeling it, just to see if he could make matt cry
  • got drunk for the first time at the age of 16 when a girl kept buying him drinks and he didn’t know how to mention he wasn’t into women so he just drank and let the girl talk until he shouted “I LIKE MEN” at threw up
  • was out with shiro and found an electric car charger and pretended to electrocute himself by touching the socket and going “ZZZZZ” which sent shiro into DadMode
  • found an empty bleach bottle, cleaned it, filled it with paint and left it under the kitchen sink. 6 months later shiro discovered and keith denied it was him-he’d honestly forgotten
  • was using a knife to cut his toe nails and accidentally lost his pinky
  • switched out the coffee in the staff room at this secondary school for decaf and watched as the students were all sent home for the day
  • accidentally threw a piece of paper that bounced off the bin and hit a student in the eye-lance mcclain never forgave him
  • held his breath for long enough to convice a kid he could live without breathing, was actually breathing the entire time
  • ran a deviantart where he just drew art of naruto/sasuke and sonic ocs
  • cried at the ending of muriel’s wedding
  • got kicked out the garrison because his teacher said “i’m sorry would you like the teach this class?” and did a better job explaining the thermodynaics of a rocket propelled vehicle breaching the planet’s atmosphere than he did
  • built a shack by hand in the middle of a desert and realised that there was a less crappy shack just a couple miles away that didn’t drip and was bigger than a box
  • managed to get electricity in the middle of a desert just so he could play guitar hero
  • shrunk his jacket in the wash but continued to wear it because shiro laughed at him
  • spent 12 months alone without any friends or family desperately searching for shiro with only the faint feeling of the blue lion for comfort
  • cried at night knowing that maybe if he’d acted different someone alive would still love him
  • built a rad rocket motorbike and painted it his jacket’s colour for the aesthetic
  • blew up a mountainside to distract a group of scientists from a random ufo crash he saw
  • met four people at said ufo crash site he would come to love as family

ATLA 30 DAY CHALLENGE: DAY 8Favorite Quotes

“Life happens whether you make it or not.”

Uncle Iroh

“The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.“

Lion Turtle

“Love is brightest in the dark.”

Oma & Shu

“You think you’re any different from me, or your friends, or this tree? If you listen hard enough, you can hear every living thing breathing together. You can feel everything growing. We’re all living together, even if most folks don’t act like it. We all have the same roots, and we are all branches of the same tree.”


“Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. True humility is the only antidote to shame.”

Uncle Iroh

“The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same. We are all one people, but we live as if divided.”

Guru Pathik

YouTubers are normal people! They make mistakes and they learn, just like us! They deserve respect just like we do!


taehyung x gucci