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First tattoo advices

One of the asks I get more often is about how to approach tattoos for the first time. What to have, where, from who, what to expect,  how to deal with the artists and more, a lot of people are still a bit scared and confused from the whole tattoo thing. Most of the time their asks can have no answer, since things like subjects, placement, paint tolerance etc. are all pretty personal. But I’ll try to put down some guidelines, mixed with personal experiences, that will hopefully help makes things less stressfull and confused at least for someone.

(pic: Rodrigo Souto at work. Black outlines are usually tattooed first, then the black shading. Colors cames last. )

Is it the right time for it?
Usually, if you are underage, you can’t get tattooed without parents permission. I suppose it changes from one country to another, depending on the laws. Legal or not, getting a tattoo when you are still really young will reveal a bad idea most of the times. Even if you get tattooed from a pro, even if your tattoos looks good, there’s a high probability your taste will change soon, and so will your life priorities.
At 14 I was impressed from Clooney’s tattoos in From Dusk Till Dawn. I was convinced a tribal bodysuit was a badass option. Then, a few times later, I thought  Tom Gugliotta’s (what was I thinking? He wasn’t even that good as a player… :D) barbed wire armband was really cool too. At eighteen I though that let an apprentice tattooer I knew doing both my arms in his kitchen for a hundred bucks was a great idea. None of that happened, lucky me. Times were different, there was no internet (I mean of course there was, but it wasn’t like it is now), the only chance to know something about tattoos were through the magazines. I had my first tattoo at 24. A bit late, I know, I’m not suggesting you to wait that much. But still, even if I had it from a really good artist and still looks good, it’s not in the style I’m into now.

Will your tattoos affect your social interactions and your career? Yes and no. The older you are, the more you know about how you’ll live your life. But being tattooed brings no more the prejudices it used to. People are slowly getting used to them. I mean, if you want to run a bank, a face tattoo will probably be still an obstacle. But if you live in a big city, probably no one will ever stare at you for a small tattoo on your arm. My first tattoo was on my shoulder/chest, it doesn’t show even if I’m wearing a t-shirt. I went for an easy to hide area mostly to show my parents how wise and focused on the future I was. It wasn’t true, of course, but it helped. ;)

Ok, so just pretend you are old and wise enough for a tattoo. Where do you start?

(pic: Portrait from Dan Molloy. If you want one, be sure to bring a reference pic that is big enough to show all the details your artist will need)

Chosing the right artist
What style are you into? It can be hard to decide at first, but the more you look at good tattoos, the more your taste for them will be defined. This can probably help too. And then you have to find the right artist.
If you want to get tattooed, no doubt this will be the biggest challenge, and probably the most important. This choice will affect not only the final result, but the whole experience. A good artist, in a safe, positive environment, will make the whole journey something you’ll like to remember.

How do you know an artist is the one? It’s hard to say. Your taste, your knowledge, needs to be trained, a lot, to be able to tell a good artist from a mediocre one. I’ve “studied” this things for years. my nerd side definitely helped, and now a few pics of someone’s works are enough for me to know if an artist is someone to consider o not. Drawing skills are a good start, but I look for someone with good taste for colors, compositions, visual art in general. Roses are usually a good test. Or woman faces. If you want to find someone good, be prepared to go through tons of crappy portfolios. Or you can drop me a line, it can be helpful too. ;)

(pic: Dane Mancini tattooing free hand. Sometime the artists can draw the whole design (or a few details of it) on the skin with a marker, following their ceativity)

The subjects and the placement
I get a lot of asks about what to get tattooed too. No one can tell you what you should wear on your skin. Look for good art, and just get inspired. And then a good artist will help you to turn your ideas into something pleasant to look and to wear.

Let’s skip fast the “should I bring the design?” part. The answer is a big no. Even if you are amazing at drawing. Even if it does have a deep meaning for you cause your best friend draws it. No. Tattoo designs are different from drawings for a ton of reasons. Let tattoo artists do their job.

When you are considering a subject, don’t fill the concept with too much stuff. I mean, you want a ship, and a lighthouse, and an anchor, and a rose. It’s already more than you need. Don’t ask the artist to add a dagger, and a dog, and your grandma’s name, and your first bike, all on the same design. The less you put into it, the more he/she will have the creative space to create something great. If you want a text, please reconsider it. And read this first.

And please, forget all the tv shows shit about how everything you get tattooed must have a sad story, a deep meaning behind it, how every detail must be symbolic and represent something. 
Like if you want a rose, and you love your family, you don’t need a single petal for each brother/sister/cousin/dog. Just have a good looking, damn rose. The meaning behind it will be as strong as your intention, no matter what.

You have a sad/positive reason to get tattoed? Great. You don’t? Who cares. Tattoos looks great, and this is the only reason you need. ;)

(pic: Matt Adamson’s design. On the left, the stancil he used to have a trace of it on the skin.)

Book for it.
If the shop is close to you, go talk them in person. Someone will take care of you. A phone call is a good idea too. Or send the shop an email. Messages on facebook are usually a bad way to get in contact with them. If you still get no answer after a reasonable time, keep trying, don’t be afraid to insist.
Sooner or later, you’ll talk with the artist. Tell him/her what you want, the mood you want your piece to have, what you would like him/her to include, what you like from his/her past works. You can bring references, if you think it would help. Bringing pics of other people’s tattoos as a reference is ok, until you just use them to explain what you want. Asking to copy someone alse’s tattoo is wrong, unethical and pretty lame.

Be prepared to tell them about size and placement. It’s ok to have clear in mind what you want, but when an artist suggest you to change something, is usually for a reason, so try to be open minded about it. Some tattoos can be completed on a single session, some will need more. You need to heal completely, before the artist can continue to work on it, so be prepared to wait at least a few weeks before you can have a new session.
Some artist will send a sketch to you days before your appointment, to check if you are ok with it. But it’s not rare to see them finish it while you are already at the shop to get tattooed. Yes, even if you booked for it months before. If you don’t like the design, just ask the artist to change it. But don’t forget they are already working for you, and don’t forget to be respectful.

(pic: Stu Padgin’s print. Go through the artists’ sketchbook if you have the chance to. They usually have tons of great designs still available)

Be ready for it.
If you have done everything as you should, you have nothing to fear about. Protect your skin from sun, a tanned, burned skin can’t be tattooed. Eat something before to start, bring something to drink, but stay away from alcohol from 24h at least. It would cause your blood vessels to dilate, and the tattoo to bleed more. The blood would make harder for the artist to work and to get the ink going deep enough to stay. Bring a friend to the shop with you only if ou really need too (you won’t, trust me), and never more than one. You want your artist to be confortable and focused while is working on you. From now on, it’s up to him/her.

“Does it hurt?”

Yes, it does. How much? It’s impossible to say. Some areas are usually more painful than others, but it depends on your skin, your muscolar conformation, your pain tolerance. Usually, it’s always a pain you can tolerate. Try to focus on your breath, and keep your body relaxed. The less you shake, the easiest will be for the artist to do his/her job. If you need a break, just ask for it.

If the pain is a serious issue for you, just don’t let it be your only concern while you are considering the placement. Of course, starting from your ribs it’s probably not a great idea, but classics spot like arms, legs, or shoulders are good under both the aesthetical and pain aspects. Even if you want a sleeve, you don’t need to plan it from the beginning. If you are not sure of how your body will react, just start with something smaller, and on a less sensitive spot.

In short:

1 - Be sure a tattoo it’s what you want, Consider your lifestile, and the one you wish to have. Keep in mind you’ll need money for it, and it will be painful. Be aware of all the negative and the positive a tattoo will bring in your life. There is nothing to be ashamed of in starting with something small, or on a hidden area, if you need to.

2 -  Don’t go for a cheap one. A tattoo it’s a life committment, and you deserve the best you can have, even if it will take time to find it. Search, get informed, define your taste. And then book with the best.

3 -  Let the artist do his/her job, but still be part of the process. Talk to your artist, let him/her involve you in the creation of your piece. Your tattoo will be meaningful and unique.

4 - Be prepared to the pain, but don’t let it scare you. Be conscious but relaxed and confident. Trust your ability to overcome pain, understand that it’s part of the process, and enjoy the experience for what it is.

5 - Take care of your skin and tattoos! Follow your artist’s instruction, keep it clean, and don’t be afraid to ask the shop for help if you think something is not as it should.

And that’s it, I think. Don’t be afraid.It’s always worth it. ;)

(pic: Steve Moore’s backpiece)

Secret Tattoo

Modern Au, Summary: Edmund has a secret tattoo and everyone finds out. 

Caspian crashed through the door to his apartment. Well, the tiny apartment-like space he shared with Edmund and Eustace. He could totally afford a large flat all by himself, but, having been an only child most of his life, he loved having them as his brothers from other mothers. Especially when he could completely annoy and embarrass them.       

“Hey Ed! I heard about your tattoo!” He shouted from the short hallway that lead into their living room/kitchen. He heard a dish crash to the floor, and dashed towards the kitchen. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you little-”       

Caspian froze. Not only were all of Edmund’s siblings and Eustace laying the table for dinner, but Edmund’s parents were standing in the kitchen as well. In total silence, they all looked from Caspian to Edmund with a mixture of horror and delight on their faces. Caspian had wanted to embarrass Edmund, but not humiliate him. He grinned sheepishly at Ed, who had a shattered dish at his feet. He looked terrified. “Bad timing, huh?”      

 The apartment erupted into chaos.      

“You got a tattoo, Edmund! How could you not tell me?! Where is it? What is it?” Lucy screamed.      

“It’s probably a tramp stamp of the Millennium Falcon.” Peter laughed. He grabbed the back of Ed’s shirt, pretending to look for it. Edmund pushed him away and backed into a corner.      

 "Why didn’t you tell us Edmund?!“     

“You should have known you couldn’t keep it a secret, Ed. We’re your family!”

"Does (Y/N) know?”      

“Why does (Y/N) have to know? That’s sexist.”

“That’s not sexist, it’s a joke.”     

“Edmund,” his mother said calmly. “Are you sure it’s something you can live with for the rest of your life?”      

“Tattoos aren’t even that permanent these days, Mom.”      

“Oh, come on Ed, let me see it!”      

“Let us see it!”       

Edmund, who had said nothing throughout all of this babble, threw his hands in the air. “Lucy didn’t go through all of this when she got a tattoo!”     

“That’s because we want to know why you’re hiding it. Lu spent months getting everyone’s approval.” Peter answered.

“I don’t need your-”     

“Wait!” Susan exclaimed. “How did Caspian find out?” All attention turned towards the young man who was peeking in the pots on the stove. He gave Edmund a sympathetic look before answering.       

“The tattoo artist is an ex of mine. Heard them talking about a guy named Caspian and wondered if I knew them. I should thank you Ed, I got a date tomorrow.”       

“Them?”  Their stepfather repeated. Lucy’s smile stretched from ear to ear. “(Y/N) went with you! Oh, now I have know what it is! Where is it, Ed?!” She tugged at his sleeves and collar.        

“What is the tat, Caspian?” Susan asked. Caspian opened his mouth.        

“Hey!” Ed shouted. “That’s enough! Can’t I just have one secret?!" 

His glare was enough to stop even Lucy. Before anyone could say anything else, he grabbed Caspian by the arm, dragged him into his bedroom, and shut the door. Caspian didn’t even bother to be charming; he owed Edmund that much. 

"I need you to promise me that you won’t tell them. None of them. Not Susan, not Lucy. No one. Even if they bribe you or threaten you.” His looked at Caspian with pleading eyes. “Please? This was supposed to be something…private….just between (Y/N) and I.”         

Caspian couldn’t stop the smirk that flew to his lips. “Did she get a matching one?”        

“Why would she get a-” He stopped himself. “Oh. You don’t know what it actually is, do you?” Caspian shook his head. There a moment of silence. Edmund sighed. He ran a hand down the side of his hip. “Well, since you’ll just ask your loose-lipped date tomorrow-”       

“I won’t ask.” Caspian said honestly. “Even though we constantly act like it, Ed, I’m not your brother. I respect your privacy. Like you said, you can have your secrets…I certainly have mine.” Edmund raised an eyebrow. “Don’t ask. Now, let me see if I can sort through this mess I made.”         

It was total chaos again when they opened the door. (Y/n) had arrived and Edmund’s family was interrogating her.       

“Did he get it someplace we could see when he goes swimming?”       

“Is it a quote? Oh, I bet it’s one of Ed’s favorite quotes. Is it the traitor one? Or the no-one-makes-it-out-of-life-alive one?”     

“That’s a bit morbid, Eustace.”       

“Was it the Deathly Hallows? The Tardis? Am I getting warmer?”        

“How did you all find out?!” (Y/N) shouted over them. Edmund rubbed his forehead. His family was relentless. They wouldn’t stop until they got their answer.        

Caspian whistled. All heads turned towards him. He put on his serious face (which he didn’t wear often); all business with a touch of charm that encouraged trust and maintained everyone’s attention.         

“Listen,” he began. “It’s all very wonderful that we are all so concerned with dear Edmund here, but he is allowed his privacy. And we should all respect that. I’m sorry I didn’t, Ed.” That sobered everyone right up. Some apologies were mumbled. Caspian grinned. “Great! Now, let’s eat!”         

They all sat down for dinner. They conversed in polite conversation, which was rare for them, usually talking over each other. Edmund even smiled. But, Eustace was discussing his biology professor, when Lucy interrupted him and whined, “Oh, please let me see it!”         

At which everyone declared, “No!”

Edmund ran his hand along the side of his hip again.  It was the only place he could get the tattoo where he knew no one would see it. No one, save (Y/N), of course. And she deserved to see it, since it was her idea.  After one particularly grueling nightmare, where Edmund not only lost all the people he loved, but forgot their existence as well, he was terrified it becoming a reality.  He was afraid of distancing himself from his family, like he did when he was young and always angry with the world. (Y/N) told him he ought to get a permanent reminder of his family if he was really that concerned. She even sketched his tattoo…a small tree, a family tree, with a leaf to represent every person he loved, from his mother to Capian, from Eustace to Lucy.  (Y/N) originally wouldn’t let Edmund add a leaf for her, not wanting him to sear her into his skin until their relationship was just as permanent as his tattoo. But he changed her mind two days before they went to the tattoo parlor when he told her he wanted to marry her. She tried to make him wait until he actually proposed, but he didn’t listen.

Anyways, he was proposing that night.   

BTS reaction to you tattooing one of their lyrics

anonymous asked:  No worries 😉 I was just asking so I won’t request anything you’re not comfortable with. Can I have a BTS reaction to you tattooing one of their lyrics pretty please?
A/N:This was from like 1232 years ago and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to it sooner!

*Even if I live for a day, I have no regrets*
“Jagiya, this is incredible. Thank you for caring about me so much that you tattoo your arm”

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*Life isn’t about living along, but living through* 
“Oh my god… Jagiya… Did it hurt?”

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*Don’t worry about me, I’m better than you and will continue to be so* 
“My baby girl tattooed my group’s lyrics on her precious skin. Thank you”

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*Go your own way, even if you live for a day*
“You’re my way and I’ll never choose another path that doesn’t involve loving you”

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*If you can’t fly, then run*
“Aww my baby girl loves me so much. I love her a lot too much that I would die for her”

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*I’ll there for you, I’ll come for you*
“Always remember that when I leave for a tour baby girl. I will always come back for you”

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Rap Monster: 
*Don’t  be trapped in someone else’s dream*
“So proud that my baby is going towards her dream and living her life”

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I tried out some Human!Aria makeup after someone in a Mass Effect group I’m in on fb said I resemble Aria, another said Liara and another said an asari (link to screenshot lmao). Aria is my wife so i picked her (Also she has the coolest markings tbh) I couldn’t decide on glasses/no glasses or hair up or down so have a little of everything lmao (Also I ended up doing Liara so here she is)

A side note:  Today I learned that being an adult means realizing that alien facial markings might look good on you but deciding against getting them tattooed on in the interest of living your life


“We’re concentrated on falling apart. We were contenders, now we’re throwing the fight. I just want to believe. I just want to believe. I just want to believe, in us.” : : : Booze and Brand New. Nothing is guaranteed to give you a more authentic Nicole experience than that. (at The Van Buren)

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Everyone was born with one tattoo on their body. Yours was a small daisy tucked away on the inside of your ankle. Almost unnoticeable.

Every time you fell in love with someone, their tattoo would appear on your body, without the knowledge of the other person. Most people didn’t even know they were in love yet. And at almost 18, you had only your own tattoo.

Michael, however, had many. Your best friend became smitten quite easily, his love never requited. But that did not deter his hopeless romantics.

You were more guarded. You were afraid of falling for the wrong person and doing something stupid because of it. You told yourself you were waiting for the right person. That’s what you told everyone, except Michael.

Michael told you not to worry. He assured you that whoever was lucky enough to have your simply beautiful daisy inked into their flesh would come along soon. You constantly asked Michael to show you his own tattoo, but he refused, instead saying that yours was much more appealing.

As your 18th birthday grew nearer and nearer, you grew more anxious still. Your self assuredness long abandoned, Michael’s words could barely comfort you anymore. You felt desperate and a slightly worried. You’d began to wonder if the right person would ever come along. What if you were destined to live with one single tattoo for your whole life?

Your parents were much less worried. Well your father was, resorting to skirting around you, anxiously avoiding talks of soul mates and “Mr. Right,”, Your mother on the other hand, became overly attentive and way too supportive.

The morning before your 18th birthday, you awoke to a burning sensation on the small of your back.

“Mikey? Mike, wake up…” You said groggily, your hand rubbing your back through your shirt.

You were staying the night at Michael’s, trying to avoid your overbearing mother.

“Mm?” Michael grumbled, making no effort to get up.

“Seriously Michael, you need to get up,” You said urgently, throwing a pillow at his head.

“Are you dying?” He asked, face buried in the pillow.

“Pretty much,” You pleaded. Michael finally sat up, raising his eyebrow at you questioningly.

“I think I got my tattoo,” You said nervously biting your lip. Michael gulped.

“Want me to look for you?” He asked. You nodded and lifted your shirt up slightly, revealing your lower back. You heard Michael gasp slightly.

“What? Is it someone we know?” You asked anxiously.

“No, no. It’s just… very beautiful,” Michael answered slowly.

“Can I have a mirror?” You asked quietly. Michael walked out of his bedroom before returning seconds later with a small hand mirror. You lifted it up over your shoulder and craned your neck to see.

“What do you think?” Michael asked anxiously. You opened your mouth to speak, but no comprehensible words escaped your lips.

On your back was a large, intricate butterfly. It’s beautiful colors put your small daisy tattoo to shame, it’s delicate wings spread across your back.


“It’s something isn’t it?” He grinned.

“Who’s is it?” You frowned.

“Oh, right. I don’t know,” Michael answered, his face falling. You fell silent.
“You should probably go home and tell your parents. Can’t keep them waiting,”

“Oh. You’re right,” You replied, still slightly dazed, from sleep or the shock of your new tattoo, you weren’t

Your father was a bit overprotective, wanting to know who the tattoo belonged too, but you couldn’t answer that. Your mother assured you that you would discover in time and made you promise not to worry about it too much.

The next day, you and Michael had a lunch date planned for your birthday. As you got ready, you paused every once and a while to admire the tattoo in the mirror. You had absolutely fallen in love with it and wondered who the beautiful tattoo belonged to.

“Hey Mike. Ready for lunch?” You asked cheerfully, answering his knock quickly.

“Can we talk first?” Michael asked, standing on your doorstep, scratching the back of his neck anxiously.

“Sure. Come on in,” You began to open the door wider when he stopped you.

“Maybe we should do it outside,”

“Yeah okay,” You followed him out to your porch swing, plopping down next to him. Your heels barely touched the ground in the flats you were wearing, your daisy tattoo in full view. You glanced over at Michael’s hand, covered in large, richly colored roses.

“It always seemed absurd to me to get a tattoo that wasn’t from a person you loved,” You said, fingers tracing one of the roses that Michael had actually intentionally gotten inked onto his hand.

“They were just so striking, I couldn’t resist,” He said smiling fondly.

“What did you need to tell me?” You asked quietly.

“Not so much tell, more show,” Michael said, pulling his hand away from yours and running it up and down his jeans restlessly. He stood abruptly, taking a deep breath. He reached down and lifted up his pant leg ever so slightly, revealing a small, intricate daisy tattoo on his ankle. One that matched yours exactly.


“Hold on, there’s more,” Michael said breathlessly. He turned around and lifted up his shirt to reveal the gloriously colorful butterfly on the small of his back.

“Oh my god,” You choked out. Michael turned around abruptly, the worry in his eyes quickly fading to relief when he glimpsed the wide smile on your face.

“Your tattoo showed up a few months ago. I didn’t tell you because I was almost certain you would never feel the same way. I got the roses the day after because I didn’t know what else to do with myself. I was scared and nearly heartbroken. And then my tattoo showed up on your back yesterday…” Michael broke into a grin.

“You never showed me your tattoo. You always said mine was more beautiful. But really you were hiding the most stunning and alluring tattoo of them all,” You told him, your eyes shining with tears of sheer joy. Michael pulled you into his arms instantly, his lips meeting yours gently at first, but suddenly melding into something more meaningful. When you finally pulled apart, you were both grinning like maniacs.

“How bout that lunch date?”