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So I was working at thrift shop over the summer. It was alright, I more or less worked there cause it was close to home and I knew the manager. One day I came into work and had pride and trans supportive buttons on my bag. (Im trans by the way) and one of the customers starting harresing me about them. One day he was going off on how gay people are taking over everything or some shit and called me a tranny and a faggot. I told my manager and he straight up said. “There is nothing I can do about someone else’s opinion on how you choose to live your life”. I quit that very moment and now people that know me in that neighborhood don’t use that store anymore. It closed down a month ago and relocated.

Perfect Height (Newt X Reader)

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Anonymous asks: Can u make a story where reader chan is kinda short and she’s really jumpy and clumsy around newt!

Someone else also asked for where Reader walks into Newt changing.

No smut.

Newt to you was like a Rubik’s cube. You couldn’t figure him out and he didn’t want you to figure him out. With those two facts, it was impossible for you to even mention any feelings towards Newt, for fear of scaring him away.

You had considered telling him. But always thought better. So you lived your life in pain and confusion, and Newt lived his life in suitcase and harmony. Both of you were shy. Wait, strike that part out, if Newt was considered shy, you’d be labeled as mute and possibly mentally retarded.

When you were around Newt, it was as if all your functions and what little collectiveness you had went spiraling down the drain.

There were some days when you’d dread being around Newt. You’d hang around him for a while then go back to your room and feel sore. You’d realize you were sore because you stiffened yourself up around Newt. You were tensed and hyper sensitive if Newt came within ten feet.

It was a cold day, and you decided you wanted some tea. Tina and Queenie went off shopping, if memory served you right, Queenie practically had to drag Tina with her to go shopping.

To your annoyance, Queenie forgot to fill more teabags in the tin. The box of teabags were on the highest shelf in the cabinet over the stove. It didn’t really help that you weren’t much over five feet tall. In fact it didn’t help much, except maybe made you cranky.

After jumping up and down and screaming angrily at the box, you were aware of footsteps.

Newt entered the room. And you went quiet. “Would you mind being a little quieter? I just got the bowtruckles to bed. They’ve been up all night causing such horrid noises.”

You looked at Newt. He looked like he hadn’t slept much. If at all. His eyes were heavy and you could see stubbles on his chin. The way he was leaning in the door frame, with his hands in his pocket, looking at you, was enough to send you flying high up to the ceiling. And crash your head and probably break your skull.

“Oh,” you said. The way you said it most likely did not give Newt any sensation to fly to the ceiling and crash his head. “Okay.”

Newt frowned slightly. Was there something on your face? You suddenly became extremely self-conscious. “What precisely are you trying to do…?” He asked curiously, slowly making his way to you.

With every step he took, it made you go into freak out zone. “Oh, well Queenie didn’t, uh, do anything and kinda forgot to, uh, add more things to the other thing. So I was trying to get the stuff so I could put it in the thing…”

Newt gave you a slightly amused puzzled look. “Tea? Are you trying to reach the tea?” He pointed to the tea. As if it was obvious.

“No, I’m trying to get the tea.” You pointed at the tea. As if it was obvious.

“You just pointed to the tea.”

“Wait, what?”

“What?!” Newt expressed, completely lost now. “Listen, would you like me to get the tea for you?”

You nodded sheepish, looking away in embarrassment. Once Newt reached to get the tea, the kettle had impeccable timing and decided it would be best and wise to start whistling and blowing steam onto Newt.

Newt shouted in alarm, dropping the tea, which hit the stove, scattering bags everywhere. “Great Scots!” Newt cried, looking down at his shirt. It was slightly damp, but other than that the steam hadn’t burned him. “I’ll be right back…”

You were left to the kettle that had tried to kill Newt and a bags of tea everywhere. After collecting them, you thought it might be nice of you to make a cup of tea for Newt. After all, he was tired and tea was soothing.

So after you cleaned up the mess, you made Newt some tea and timidly made your way to his room. Your heart was pounding. And you were about to run back to the kitchen, had you not forced yourself to stay your grounds.

Newt’s door was opened slightly. You pushed the door opened. “Newt, I made—uuuhhhh…..” The words died out from your lips. You hastily looked away.

You had just witnessed something. Your mind was going crazy. “Oh, erm, let me put on my shirt,” Newt stuttered, you could tell he was all flustered by his voice.

You but your lip, trembling slightly. “I, uh, thought you might like some tea,” you said stupidly.

You looked back at Newt to see him buttoning up a soft cotton shirt. “Y/N…” Newt said hesitantly. He sat on the bed, scratching his head. “Do… do I frighten you?”

You slowly walked closer to him. “N-no.” The way you said it sounded like you were frightened. Curse you and your stupid trembly voice.

“It’s just that… You act so off putting and confused around me. Like you’re frightened by me…”

You smiled a slightly awkward smile. “Oh,” you replied. You wanted to shoot yourself. The way you sounded was not helping your case. “It’s just that… you make me so nervous…” You blurted out.

Newt raised his eyebrow. “I make you nervous…?” He had a slightly hurt expression.

You jumped in a pathetic manor, seeing Newt’s upset and confused puppy dog look. It made you want to hug him and never let go. Creep. “Not like that!” You gushed hastily. “I just…!”

“Do you fancy me?” Newt asked, glancing up at you with an innocent look.

Your face turned red. “Uh. Yes,” you murmured. More like you freaking loved him. “I fancy you…” Like a lot.

Newt gave you a smile. At first you thought he was going to mock you but he patted the bed and said, “What a coincidence… I just happen to fancy you back…”

Those words sunk into your mind. You began to freak out, but you forced yourself to keep cool and not scare away Newt. Don’t do anything to ruin the mood— You tripped. And fell face first into Newt.

Your face was now hot from the physical contact. “I am so sorry,” you stuttered like an idiot.

Newt helped you up, and you took your spot next to Newt. “Don’t be. It’s charming!” Newt smiled at you. “I’m rather tired so I think I’ll have a rest…”

You blinked. “Oh, right. I’ll leave.” You weren’t quite sure why he told you to sit and now was kicking you out of his room. Naturally you were completely clueless.

“Er, well, you see… I was wondering if you’d like to keep me company. You don’t have to. Normally I sleep with Dougal, but he’s with Jacob. I just… Sleep better with someone with… Me…” Newt said sheepishly, looking away.

You thought your heart was going to explode. And not in a good way. “Do you mind?” You asked timidly. The bed was rather small.

Newt pushed back the covers. “Not at all, only if you don’t mind.”

You shook your head. You weren’t about to just pass up this opportunity, sheesh. You crawled over to Newt and he thew the blankets over you. He was rather warm or that maybe it was your face radiating heat. “Do you really fancy me?” You asked quietly.

Newt rolled over to you and nodded, gently poking your nose. “You had me head over heels since I first met you.”



Bloody, Beastly Bastard | A Wilhuff Tarkin Mix (Listen)
based on the novel ‘Tarkin’ by James Luceno

“Never try to live decently, boy—not unless you’re willing to open your life to tragedy and sadness. Live like a beast, and no event, no matter how harrowing, will ever be able to move you.” 

grovyle: The important 💯💪thing is not how long you live👴👵💀, it’s what you accomplish🏆👍 with your life🙏😸. While I live ☝, I want to 🌠shine🌠. I want to prove 👀💪 that I exist😤. If I could do something really important🆗… That would definitely carry 👣 on into the future➡🕙. My spirit 😇👻 will always live 👈😎👈 on. And so, if I were to disappear😱🙅🙊… I think all that I have accomplished👑😄 will go on. That would mean, that it’s 🌈living💯. 🔥Right?


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Imagine Josie inviting you to join the Pussycats

No one knew who you were. You had lived in Riverdale your whole life but had always managed to stay in the shadows. Of course, that wouldn’t last long. Especially not after Josie found out you could sing.

Your life would immediately change as you’d suddenly be thrown into the glitz, glamour, and sinister secrets that the small town of Riverdale had to offer.

You had not made your public debut with the Pussycats yet. There had been whisperings, rumors that the Pussycats had a new member, but no one knew who it was.

Josie had been pushing you and the rest of the band to do your best. ’We have to show them were good. We have to be amazing in order to get to the top. ’ That meant after school practices in order to prepare for the upcoming football game.

There was one particular day where you had decided to stay even later than the rest of the Pussycats. Yes, you were in the band but that could change in a matter of seconds. You had to prove to Josie that you had what it takes to be a part of it.

Glancing up at the clock, you noticed it was almost seven. Eyes widening, you rushed to gather all your stuff and bolted out of the music room. You had to be home by seven. Arms full of books, you didn’t notice where you were going until you crashed into a wall.

At least you thought it was a wall until you heard a loud groan. You had crashed into a boy, effectively dropping your things in the process.

“I’m sorry!” You blurted. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

The boy chuckled, sitting up as you gathered your stuff once again.

“Who are you and what are you doing here so late?” The boy questioned.

You stuttered over your words, standing up and finally saying a quick ’Nothing! I’m sorry. ’ and running off once more, leaving the boy on the ground.

Jughead pushed himself up into a sitting position, reaching out for the small object you had left behind.

“Hey! Girl!“ he called out after you. “You left your…glasses.”

Sighing to himself, he stood up and walked away, telling himself he’d just give you your glasses the next day.

But the next day came. And so did the next. And so did the next. And he couldn’t find you anywhere in school.

He had asked all around, yet nobody knew who you were, not even Kevin who always seemed to know everything about everybody in town. He had asked B & V, who had shrugged and shaken their heads. He had asked Archie, who had ever heard of a girl matching your description. Jughead was beginning to think you were a figment of his imagination, created by his lack of sleep.

He had been talking with Archie and Betty when Valerie, Josie, and Melody came up to their small group.

“Have you found her yet Jug?” Betty asked.

“No,” Jughead replied. He couldn’t find you and it was frustrating. He couldn’t understand why he was so intent on finding you. He didnt even know you.

“Ohh mysterious,” said Valerie as she came up behind Archie. “Another missing person?”

Archie snorted. “More like Jug trying to find some mysterious girl who bolted away from him.”

Jughead shot him a glare before turning to the Pussycats. “You guys wouldn’t happen to know this girl would you?” He asked, giving them a description of your appearance.

Their eyes all widened. Of course they knew you, you were their newest member. They exchanged glances before Melody spoke up. “Actually Jughead-”

“Maybe we do, maybe we don’t,” Josie interrupted. She gave the two other Pussycats a meaningful look. “But you should definitely consider going to the game Friday night.”

Jughead glanced at her suspiciously as she walked away.

“What was that about?” He questioned.

Valerie sighed. “Listen, Jughead, just go to the game Friday night.”

She walked off with Melody.

Jughead turned to his friends, who simply shrugged and walked off to class, leaving him to ponder Josie’s words.


Friday came a lot quicker than you expected, and you were feeling nervous. It would be your first time performing and you couldn’t mess this up.

You were also still feeling a bit shocked from what had happened the other evening. You had crashed into Jughead Jones. The most intimidating person you knew.

And you had lost your glasses. This week was not going well for you.

“Alright Pussycats, listen up!” Josie said, effectively grabbing your attention. “Tonight is the night. We’re introducing a new Pussycat and we’re going to show everybody that we are amazing at what we do.”

You could feel the adrenaline running through your veins as you guys huddled in and group hug before running out onto the football field.

You stood nervously next to Josie, not paying attention to Cheryl, who had introduced you guys. You were snapped out of your daze by Melody, who had begun drumming the best of the song. Looking out towards the crowd, you were suddenly glad you had lost your glasses. It meant that you couldn’t see the crowd properly and instantly, your nerves became somewhat settled.

You took a deep breath as you and Josie began to sing. You couldn’t mess up now.


Jughead’s attention was caught by you. His mouth gaped open as he watched you on stage as you sung. How could he have not noticed you before?

It was official. No matter how hard he tried to deny it, Jughead knew you had caught his interest the moment you ran into him in the hallway. The fact that you were a complete mystery had just added onto his intrigue.

His leg shook nervously throughout the game. He was going to talk to you and he couldn’t calm his nerves.

He stood up as Archie, Betty, and Veronica approached him, Kevin trailing behind.

“Pop’s?” Questioned Archie.

Jughead nodded dumbly, having spotted you walking away from the field with Josie.

“Uh yeah, you guys go ahead. I have to do something real quick,” he replied, running off to catch up with you.

Betty, Veronica, and Kevin all exchanged meaningful glances while Archie just stared after him in confusion before shaking his head and walking off.


Both you and Josie stopped at the sound. As you turned, you froze in fear. It was Jughead.

“Jughead,” Josie said, a smirk playing on her lips as she glanced at you. “I see you came to the game.”

Jughead chuckled. “Yeah, I decided to take you advice.”

Smirking at you once more, Josie turned to Jughead. “Well I hope you enjoyed out performance. I have to get going, my mom needs me. I’ll see you two on Monday.”

You were engulfed in awkward silence as she left.

“I uh, I think these belong to you,” Jughead stated, holding out a familiar pair of glasses. “I meant to give them back to you sooner but I couldn’t find you.”

You reached out to take your glasses from him, your hands shaking due to his close proximity. “Th-thanks Jughead.”

You cursed yourself mentally for stuttering as you slipped them on, your vision instantly becoming clearer.

“Well…thanks for returning them,” you said weakly, turning around and walking off whilst mentally berating yourself for being so awkward.

“Hey, wait!”

Your footsteps sped up in an effort to get as far away as possible from the beanie clad boy. It didn’t work.

“You were really good up there,” Jughead said as he caught up with you.

“Thanks,” you mumbled back.

“So anyways,” Jughead said nervously. “To make up for that little incident a few days ago, how about I take you to Pop’s to make up for it?”

Your eyes widened as you immediately refused. “Oh no thanks. I really should be getting home.”

“I insist. My treat.”

You felt yourself respond with the words you dreaded so much. “Ok, sure.”

You just couldn’t pass up free food.


On the walk to Pop’s, you felt yourself become more relaxed around Jughead as you guys talked about nothing and everything that your conversation had to offer.

Jughead could feel his nerves melting away. The girl that walked beside him was a mystery that he knew would keep his attention a lot longer than the murder investigation ever would.

He couldn’t help himself from noticing every little thing she did. From tucking her hair behind her ear, to pushing her glasses up every time they slid down her nose, even to the way that she’d stumbled a bit every time she laughed. He couldn’t tell it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You had been wrong. Jughead Jones was not in fact very intimidating at all. He was as normal as could be, with his sarcastic remarks that never failed to make you laugh. You had misjudged him, and for that, you felt guilty.

And as you both entered Pop’s, you knew it was the start of a beautiful friendship.

And so did Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin, who began shipping you two as soon as you passed the booth they were sitting in.


Once again just a little thing I came up with. I’ll be writing these short little works until I get enough free time to actually use my laptop do finish up requests so I’m very sorry to everyone who has requested, THEY WILL BE UP SOON I SWEAR.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed :)


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I just impulse applied for a shelter dog and got accepted within an hour. I have no idea what I'm doing, any tips?

First of all YAY! Adopting an animal from a shelter is such an exciting and rewarding journey. While I am primarily a cat person, and my knowledge about cats is far superior to my knowledge about dogs, I grew up with two very different shelter dogs and do have some advice.

1. Supplies: Since this was an impulse buy, I’m willing to bet that you didn’t buy any dog-related items before hand. Most of these things should be available at your local pet store.

  • Dog bed - or a place that is specifically for your dog to sleep in. Dogs are very territorial and need to have their own space.
  • Dog food and water bowls - regular human bowls will suffice in the meantime. In general, metal bowls help keep food and water cool.
  • Dog food - I recommend that you got to a pet store with your dog (like a family owned pet store, not Petsmart) and have them recommend some top selling brands. Your dog may take a little while to get used to this new diet, because they ate whatever was available at the shelter. Wait a week to see how they handle their new food before switching brands.
  • Dog toys - for obvious reasons. Anything squeaky.
  • Dog treats - again, have a pet store clerk recommend you brands.
  • Brush - because dogs can’t clean themselves as well as cats can.
  • Dog collar - get dog tags made ASAP at your local pet store because at some point your dog will get loose and will need identification. 
  • Leash -  again, for obvious reasons.
  • Plastic bags - for poop pick up.
  • Cage - If your dog seems to enjoy being in their cage, you can turn their cage into their bed. If they dislike being in the cage, you can use the cage as a time out spot.

2. Apartment living: I’m going to assume that you’re living in some sort of apartment situation? Dogs require a more active environment than cats do, so if you live in a small apartment make sure to allow your dog the space to be “crazy”. Take them on walks around your complex, if you have a balcony get it dog-proofed, create an open space in your apartment to play actively with your dog (without breaking anything).

3. Feeding: While all cats require ½ a cup of food a day, how much you should feed your dog is dependent on it’s breed. Doing some extensive research as to how much food to feed your dog. A mistake that many pet owners have is over feeding, and this only hurts the animal.

4. Schedule: All animals love routine- but dogs thrive in it. Make sure to create  a schedule so that your dog knows when to expect things. Feed them at the same time each day, once in the morning and once at night. Take them outside to use the bathroom at the same time each day, this varies from dog to dog but at least three times.

5. Walking:  I don’t know how busy your schedule is, but you need to make room in it to take your dog for a brisk walk. Even if this is only for fifteen minutes a day, get them outside and moving. Let them smell everything, pee everywhere, and bark at squirrels. If you have the time for it, take them on a longer walk twice a week. 

6. Emotional: Dogs require a great deal of attention, and will start behaving badly if they don’t feel that attention quota is fully covered. If you have to leave your dog alone for many hours on end, make sure to reserve lots of time when you come home to give them the good lovin’. If you have to do chores, take your dog in the car with you while doing them (if you leave your dog in the car, always leave the windows partially lowered). Some dogs get very nervous in the car, so feel out your dog’s reaction.

7. Friends: Animals do make best friends! My parent’s dog Georgia has a best friend named Rica and they literally pounce on one another if they haven’t seen each other in a while. Dogs really love connecting with other dogs, and bringing another dog into your dog’s life is so important. Scope out your local area dogs, and see if any of them have the right temperament to be your dog’s friend. My parent’s have dog playdates where they’ll take Rica for several hours so that she and Georgia can enjoy each other’s company. Maybe when you’re working you can set up a dog playdate so that you’re dog isn’t left home alone for a long time?

8. Family: Similarly, maybe you have a friend or a parent who can dog sit for you when you’re working. The less time your dog spends alone the happier they will be, and everybody loves spending time with dogs. If you meet someone who says they don’t like dogs, run.

9. Vet: Do some research and find the closest veterinarian clinic to your home (animal hospitals are way more expensive). Call ahead of time and schedule a checkup for your dog. Dogs should have yearly checkups, especially when they’re younger and require lots of shots. These appointments are great opportunities for you to get the vet’s ear and ask some questions about food, exercise, and any other dog-related things you’re worried that you might not be doing right. 

10. Training: I personally do not have any dog training experience, but I invite my followers to chime in with any advice they may have for you. It would be beneficial to enroll in a local dog training course to learn from some experts. The worst possible thing you can do for your dog is to not set behavioral boundaries. The earlier you train them, the easier they will be able to distinguish right from wrong. 

11. Illnesses: Pick up some flea medication for your dog during the warmer months. Learn to recognize ticks, and check your dog’s skin. If your dog has bloody poop/pee, stops eating or drinking, or shows obvious signs of pain, take them to the vet ASAP. 

Also please send me a picture of your new dog!!

Dear Tumblr,

Hey, lately a lot of people have come to me very distraught over having not made anything with their lives. They’ll often be very early 20s or younger and be very upset they don’t have amazing careers or haven’t done anything with their lives. I’m here to remind you this life tip


But Heather, you’re an adult with a career, you won’t understand. Worry not, I’m here to make you all feel better about your life situations. My family is poor. I had to pay for art school out of pocket and I’m still paying off student loans. I’ve had to work since I was 16 and worked customer service and food service full time while going to college full time. I graduated late and took 2 extra years to wrap up college. And when I graduated it was in the middle of the big recession. And because I wanted to be an artist, my career path was much different than everyone else’s I knew.

While I worked at Starbucks for almost 10 years I watched as all my friends and coworkers moved onto better jobs that had to do with what they went to school for. So I got to work at Starbucks with a BFA and felt like my life was going nowhere. But thanks to freelancing, I was eventually able to leave Starbucks. At age 28. And I’ve only been working full time with a career I wanted the past few years. So if there’s anyone on the planet that knows your struggles, it’s me.

The point of my story is it’s okay to not be successful yet. Success isn’t going to come to you easily. Stop pressuring yourselves to be amazing prodigies with incredible careers by the time you’re 21. To be honest, it’s super unlikely it’s going to happen. Take your time and keep working towards your goals, you’re only hurting yourselves by comparing yourselves to 1 in a million success stories. And there’s absolutely no shame in working customer service or food service to make ends meet while you’re on your way there. It’s not the end of the world if you’re 18 years old and not famous.


Finn: Listen here, you shut up about Charlee. You’re jealous because she’s a genuinely fun person to be around and she doesn’t need to act like a fake bitch to make friends. I actually feel bad for you, it must suck to only care about yourself and your stupid “standards”. You are really pathetic. Don’t you dare ever speak about her like that again or I will make your life living hell. 

Grace: Woah.. calm down. I didn’t know you guys were lovebirds. 

Finn: Can you go away already? I can only loose so many brain cells in one day. 

Grace: Fine, fine. I’ll leave. Jeez. 

First I would like to say thank you. Thank you for not only being a great YouTuber, but also for being a wonderful, kind, and sweet human being. The lives that you have touched in your life and career are countless and we are all here for you! May you never lose that part that drives you.
I do have a question, and I hope you don’t find it too much to do. I have a friend, Jesse, whose 18th birthday is coming up on April 6th. I have listened to him talk about how much he admires you and how he looks up to you as a role model, which you are a great one, by the way. When you upload videos, I will sometimes see Jesse post screenshots on Snapchat of the video. He had told me that you have taught him many valuable lessons and that he wouldn’t be where he is now without you or your content.
Mark, would you be willing to make a small recording of you telling my friend happy birthday? I hope it’s not too much to ask, and I would totally understand if it is, since you’re an incredibly busy person! I want to surprise him with the fact that you know who he is and that YOU wish him a great birthday. I feel that a recording of you would blow his mind because you are his idol. It would mean a lot to him.
Thank you so much, Mark, for taking the time to read this post, and I hope that you are having a wonderful day filled with love and contentment.
Anthony B.


these are not my best edits but I really wanted to share the lyrics in Never Mind, honestly yoongi always give me hope & strength when I needed them the most 🌸
reminder to everyone out there, don’t give up doing what you love, keep chasing your dreams. Make wise decisions, and live life to the fullest! ❤

PSA to all kids and adults who feel like bad people or who are questioning themselves because of the manipulative shit they see on this site on a daily basis

go outside. seriously just go outside. that’s all it takes. take a break from this site. they don’t control you. they are faceless assholes on the internet screaming at you from behind a computer screen to try and make you live YOUR life THEIR way, and then try to convince you you’re a bad person if you don’t. doesn’t it sound ridiculous when you put it like that? well that’s exactly what it is, ridiculous.

it’s easy to become dependent on something like this site. but don’t let that stop you from getting away from it. even if you feel alone and don’t have friends and are by yourself, just go out and find something to do, surround yourself with other things. or if you aren’t confident enough to do that, just do something other than this site. there are other, happier, nicer options. get out of this world. stay out of the discourse. stay away from the poison, at least until you’re feeling detoxed enough to come back to it. it’s not worth it. you’re still a good person, even if you decide to scroll past that post that says “IF YOU SUPPORT (BASIC HUMAN RIGHT HERE) STOP SCROLLING!!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!” or the one that says “all my followers better reblog this because x/y/z or else unfollow” because, yes, even if you choose to ignore those types of posts, you can still be a good person.

they don’t control you.

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How would the bros react after their s/o brings them back to life. (Like she has to sacrifice her own life in order to bring them back) and the bros just knew that she can bring people back to life and thought that it was awesome to do something like that. And in the end they found out that she sacrificed her life for theirs. And as bonus they meet their s/o in their dream but just once. What would they say? (I hope I didn't make this request too complicated.)

((Okay, going to take this in parts. First intial reactions probably won’t change between the four of them at all. In their dreams, they would be different, however.))


All of the boys would feel somber that you would use your life to make sure they lived again. Teary eyed for sure, and probably, some gross sobbing for sure. Grateful that they are still alive, each of them would make sure you were remembered. Even if it is just between the guys and whoever you were closest with. Each day, you would be in their minds while going about their daily tasks. 

Dreams and what they would say

Noctis: “I can’t believe you gave your life for me. You know…” He will have pauses as his lower lip quivers. “I miss you… and I want you to be there. But… I’m doing my best to be a king you’ll be proud of. I just…wish you could still be by my side. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

Prompto: “Please… come back… You gave yourself up for me, but what I wouldn’t do to get you back too. I love you too much to be away from you!” He’ll show you pictures, from his dream of course. “I…will remember us… with all our memories forever more.”

Gladiolus: In the dream, he pulls you in a big hug. “You did a brave thing back there. Strongest person I have ever known. I loved you hard and deep. Still comes back to me some days you aren’t there. But stay strong, and wait for me. We’ll see each other some day.”

Ignis: “You’re not here, my love. But I want you to know that you will always be in my heart. I would’ve served you for the rest of your days. Even if I couldn’t see you those last moment then, I can see your face perfectly now. And it still holds that radiance the first day we met. We will be together in this next life. I hope you will be willing to wait.”