live your childhood

you and strawberries on a lunch break,
kindest excuse for heart palpitations.
chapstick daydream
on the other side of the table.
pencil smudged on the tip of your nose
and I want to be graphite
or ink or paint or anything else
that could conceivably
get stuck that close to your face.

you tell me that your mother
makes you keep your hair short.
you tell me how you’re still stuck living
in your childhood bedroom
with the scalloped, white dollhouse furniture
and all that pink. how it’s like waking up
inside someone else’s mouth.
how you wanted to hate it.
how you don’t.

on our last day of class, I ask
for your number
but I don’t know what to do with it.
so much opportunity folded up on notebook paper
in the pocket of my jeans.
so much pressure, I almost
put it through the spin cycle on purpose.
cute nostalgic asks

1. what’s your favorite song from before 2000?

2. do you have a favorite childhood memory?

3. when were you born?

4. do you sleep with stuffed animals?

5. what books did you read as a child?

6. what was your favorite grade in elementary school?

7. what was your favorite activity? i.e. crafts, play-doh, coloring, etc.

8. do you have anything from your childhood? if so, what?

9. do you communicate with childhood friends?

10. do you live in your childhood house? if not, where do you live now?

11. did you have a pacifier or baby blanket?

12. what was your first word?

13. which is better: baths or showers? why?

14. what did your childhood bedroom look like?

15. where was the best place to go after school? i.e. a bowling alley, dairy queen, the corner store, etc.

One Shot Masterlist



A Pearl In The Rocks (completed)

Thor dumped Loki with the Avengers, believing it would help his little brother. It wasn’t long before the two of you became fast friends, and you ended up being the only person in Stark tower Loki would talk to.

Promise (completed)

You are Loki’s old lover and Thor has brought you down to convince him to stop his madness and go home. It doesn’t end the way he’d planned, and Stark soon discovers the lengths that Loki is willing to go to just for you.

The Old Meets The New (completed)

Loki is up to his usual antics. And by antics, I mean trying to poach you from the Avengers and turn you Loki-evil (outside of a coffee shop no less). But when your ex-husband approaches, he finds out that he’s not the scariest thing in your life. When he finds out why you’re more scared of a Midgardian than you are of him, things get messy.

Frozen In Time (completed)

This is set in an AU where Loki is temporarily teamed up with the Avengers due to mutual benefit. It is also a crossover with Supernatural. You and Loki have always had a close bond. Ever since you met, you only felt like you could depend on each other, making you an inseparable duo. One day, Loki is possessed by a demon and tortures you. The Winchester’s and Castiel are brought in to get the two of you back, but when Loki is exorcised things between you are shaky. You find yourself unable to be near him and Loki’s self-hatred begins to eat away at him. Can the two of you ever regain the bond you had before? Or will this mean the end of both of you? 


What We Want And What We Get (NSFW)(incest - not between Loki and Thor)

For thousands of years, Loki has given in to his dark desires. And, for thousands of years, Thor has resisted his. But Loki’s patience has run thin when he realises you - his little sister - is becoming increasingly distressed by Thor’s rejection. Loki finally takes things into his own hands and shows Thor that giving into his desire for his little sister is worth the guilty conscience.


Hurt The One You Love (NSFW)(completed)

You’re an assassin. Having spent most of your childhood living in institute’s like Natasha’s Red Room, you’ve learned to live and breathe the lifestyle. After dropping off the map suddenly, you resurface again five years later to take Fury up on his offer of a place in the Avengers. But you’re different than you were. Your guilty conscience is weighing down on you and you find yourself questioning everything you’d done in the last five years. To make matters worse, throughout your stay with the Avenger’s, you’d developed feelings for Clint. The battle of New York had kept you occupied but ever since it ended you’d been drowning in the guilt and shame of your past and battling your feelings for a man that could never love the person you were. In an effort to rid yourself of those feelings, you fall into the arms of Bruce. A man that knows all too well what it’s like to be afraid of your own monsters. 


Pretty Tears And Dead Soldiers (NSFW)(incest)

You and Bucky have been running around together for what seems like forever. Hiding your relationship from the world and appearing to everyone else as the perfect siblings with the perfect relationship. No one had seen a brother and sister be so close before. You spend your alone time together, making promises and breathing in each other’s skin. But what happens when Bucky enlists in the army? Decades of heartbreak, death, and a super-soldier with amnesia that can’t seem to shake his memory of you.

A Strange Kind Of Home (completed)

Bucky comes to after another one of his ‘brainwashed’ episodes. Only this time, he doesn’t remember who you are. Steve fights for you to tell him who you are but you’re convinced it’s not what’s right. How could you tell Bucky who you are and force him to relive a nightmare he’d forgotten?


You Made Me (NSFW)(incest)

At a young age, Tony had learned the hard way that no one loved their baby sister’s the way he did. But when that forbidden knowledge entered his brain, it didn’t stop the two of you from traveling the world just so you could play at being a couple for a night. And then your parents died and you ran away from the guilt, leaving Tony behind to build an empire in your name. But now you’re back - years later - and Tony wants nothing more than to pick up where the two of you left off.

You 1, Tony 0 (completed)

Imagine winning an argument that you and Tony Stark are having, and the rest of the Avengers all being super impressed. 


The Broken Musketeers (NSFW)

You’re a morally flawed person, and yet Captain America is your best friend. In an attempt to teach you how to be a good person, Steve asks you to look after his friend Bucky while he’s on a mission. Little did you know, Steve hadn’t just wanted you to babysit a PTSD-ridden super soldier. He wanted you and Bucky to save each other.


When Plans Go Awry (NSFW)(completed)

After months of you and Steve beating around the bush, you ask him to help you put on lotion one day. That was just the push Steve needed to go that step further.


Team Free Will

Funerals and Cocoons (completed)

You’ve been asked to give the eulogy at a relative’s funeral. However, your nerves almost get the best of you and Team Free Will are there to support you when it’s finally over.

A Crusade For Innocence (completed)

You crash one of TFW’s hunts in an attempt to team up with them. Impressed by your skills and reputation as a hunter, they agree. Months go by and suddenly they notice changes in you. It doesn’t take them long to figure out it has to do with your traumatised childhood you suffered at the hands of demons.


When The Student Becomes The Teacher (NSFW)(completed)(wincest - not between Sam and Dean)

Based on this request: I was wondering if u could write one with SamxSis!ReaderxDean? Where they’re teaching her how to touch herself and stuff happens.

The Taboo Is In The Blood (NSFW)(wincest - not between Sam and Dean)

Growing up, it had been you and Sam against Dean and John. And then John died, Sam came home and suddenly it was the three of you against the world. What grew from that was a love and desire that none of you were willing to admit to - Sam and Dean had fallen in love with their little sister.

The Morning After (completed)

You and Dean have been dating for a long time, but after Bobby died things started to go downhill. Dean became aggressive. He started drinking more and picking fights where none existed. Then one night - after a hunt goes wrong - Dean ends up in another one of his drunken spirals and says things to you that he can never take back. He wakes up in the morning - expecting to kiss and make up - only to find you gone and Sam berating him before chasing after you.

Nightmares  (NSFW)

You (reader) will be inserted into the Supernatural storyline (starting from s7ep17) as the girlfriend of both Sam and Dean. You were molested as a child and ended up in a mental health hospital as a result. This is where you meet Sam and Dean, and your polyamorous adventures begin. In this story, you must find a way to balance your hunter life, romantic life, and mental illness. 


Wednesday’s In July (NSFW)(incest)

For most of his life, Sam had struggled with his feelings for his little sister. Little does he know, you aren’t as innocent and sweet as he thinks you are.

Collar Me Vanilla (NSFW)(completed)

Imagine being vanilla and Sam introduces you to the world of BDSM.

Numb (completed)

When Sam lost his soul, you lost a part of yourself as well. After spending months on the road with the cold imitation of the man you used to love, you finally break and try to end it all. Except Sam isn’t ready to let you go - no matter if he has a soul or not. 


Home (completed)(NSFW)(incest)

Based on this request: I was wondering if you could do a wincest Deanxreader nsfw; Dean is secretly in love with shy reader and one day she finds his journal full of his dreams and pictures of her? And he walks in and is super embarrassed like the puddin’ he is?

When Love Isn’t Enough (completed)

Dean shows up on your doorstep beaten and bloodied. You let him in - no questions asked - just like you always do. But after having broken up two years prior, these little visits are starting to take a toll. You’re forced to ask yourselves why you keep holding on to each other the way you do.

To The Moon And Back (completed)

Just a short one-shot on how Dean Winchester would propose to you.

The Demons Of My Past (completed)

Ever since coming back from hell, you’d been suffering from flashbacks and nightmares of what happened. Knowing exactly what you’re going through, Dean offers to stay by your side and help you fight through it. 


Angels And Winchesters (NSFW)(completed)(incest)

The Winchester’s have always had a thing for Castiel’s little sister, but when Dean takes it too far one day, they soon find out that so does Castiel.

A Serving Of Awkward Wrapped In A Shy Little Bow (completed)

You’re desperately in love with Cas but you’re so awkward and shy around him that it’s comical. And, of course, in true Winchester style, Dean and Sam tease the hell out of you for it. 

Angel (NSFW )(completed)

You’re trying on clothes in a dressing room when your kinda - boyfriend Castiel drops in for a visit. You try and reprimand him for crossing boundaries again, but that all dies on your tongue when he says Dean gave him the sex talk and he doesn’t want to wait for you to get home to try out what he’s learned.


For My Love, An Apocolypse (completed)

You’re Gabriel’s soulmate. Fated by God himself to be connected to the angel. Of course, being best friends, it’s something the two of you get a kick out of and make the most of. But one day Gabriel starts panicking and jumping you from country to country. Then Lucifer catches up to you and insists he has something to confess. Gabriel fears that there will be blood on your hands if Lucifer doesn’t get what he wants. But what could the Devil possibly want from you? 


A Silk And Lace Kind Of Christmas (NSFW)(completed)

Based on this request: Can you do the reader calling for Balthazar so she can surprise him in her holiday lingerie but once he actually shows up, she gets a little insecure and he comforts her and then loving/rough sex

A Little Bit More (NSFW)(completed)

This was based off an old imagine: Imagine having teased Balthazar all night and then he finally breaks and fucks you against the wall.

Blowing Off Steam (NSFW)(completed)

You and Balthazar had never gotten along. The minute the two of you were in the same room together WW3 broke out. Only this time it’s different. This time the tension breaks and suddenly your sexual frustration isn’t so frustrating anymore.

Invasion Of Privacy (NSFW)(completed)

Whilst in the shower, you accidentally pray to Balthazar. Of course, he shows up and insists on joining you. You manage to stand your ground but not before he leaves you with jelly-like legs, a rapidly beating heart and a promise that there’ll be more.


Sweet Promises (NSFW)(completed)

Much to your dismay, Gabriel pays you a visit. As usual, you go on the defensive and threaten his life, only this time he manages to finally see the self-deprecating core of your anger. He then takes it upon himself to show you just how much you’re worth.


God The Imperfect (completed)

Chuck agonises over your contradictions and his feelings until Charlie tells him to buck up and ask you out.


God Gets What God Wants (completed)

Based on this request: The reader really likes Kevin but she is more on the road then the boys so she and Kevin talk barely, write more. And they send each other hearts and kiss emojis and stuff like that. And one day when he is kind of down/exhausted from working on the tablet, she tells him that he is lovely and loveable and she would date him and he says that back but they both think it’s just platonic what they have and so no one makes a move. Then he dies. Then chuck brings him back instead of sending him to heaven. Then it continues, just that she is in the bunker more often Till Chuck is tired of them and says that it took him so long to make them perfect for each other and he doesn’t want his work to be for nothing?

Doctor Who

11th Doctor

Never Change (completed)

Imagine being the Doctor’s companion as a child, and after leaving him and growing up to get a job in the FBI, you run into him again. But this time, he’s in handcuffs.



We’re All We’ve Got (NSFW)(completed)(incest)

As children, the world had ostracised you and Sherlock - your family being the main culprit of this - but it wasn’t until the two of you grew up that you figured out why. It was because everyone had seen, long before either of you did, that you were more than just siblings to each other.


Cat And Mouse Game (completed)

You and Sherlock are best friends, have been for a while, and he’s begun developing feelings for you. Unfortunately, you’re in a semi-secret relationship with Moriarty.


Invaluable Assets (NSFW)(completed)(incest)

Just smut without plot.

Happy Anniversary (completed)

Imagine Sherlock learning you and Moriarty were childhood sweethearts when you walk in on them having tea.

You don’t need to end up rich or famous or married or living out your childhood dreams, but if you don’t end up happy, then what’s the point?
—  from an unfinished story #698
Moon River // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: can you do song based scenario with Taeyong (Moon River-Audrey Hepburn)

words: 1551

category: song fic + fluff

author note: i know this song is about a nice mellow river but i made this scenario about a big, roaring river that keeps two bffs apart from each other. enjoy!
also the ending is cheesy as always don’t say i didn’t warn you.

- destinee

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he’s such a baby i can’t

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We’re here now: Archie Andrews x Reader Imagine

Summary: (might have spoilers for your reading) Y/N is drawn to a a familiar sound whilst someone performs songs for a small old-school pub in Riverdale. As the mystery guy starts to play a song Y/N’s boyfriend made her in high school, it is only possible it’s Y/N’s high school love Archie Andrews. They have a talk about what their future will look like and will they be in each other’s.

Word count: 1,335

Author: oharchiekinss  / I really liked writing this but I feel like the ending was really rushed as I don’t have much time to write. Tell me if you want part 2 of this and if you have any ideas for what could happen next for Y/N and Archie the please send me a message or a request.

You can feel the bass shaking the ground beneath you as you walk through the alleyways of clubs and bars on a Saturday night. The lights start to slowly fade as you walk further away from your office, now closer to your apartment. You had spent the whole night working on some papers and the frustration of your selfish boss drained you. You needed some time to calm down, away from your messy, paper filled office.
You walk past the last pubs of the street, as you hear a faint guitar playing with a soft voice vocalizing over. You walk backwards a bit and listen outside the door of the old-school pub. The chords and melody of the song brings back a cloudy memory of you childhood but you couldn’t tell what. You start to get more interested and head down the steep stairway into an underground bar as the music got louder and louder. He sounded extremely familiar to you, and it brought you a weird and surprising feeling of belonging and safety. You step into the full pub and approach the stage walking through the crowd of people drinking at their tables. You tried to get a look at the artist singing and playing the guitar but all you could see were his hands lightly strum the guitar as the people in the front row stood up in front of him swaying to the melody.
You listen to the soft sound of his guitar until he finishes the song. The crowd claps loud and cheers at him. He speaks up with a very familiar voice in to the microphone, “This is the last song. I wrote this for my girlfriend in high school, I thought she would always be there but our paths parted. I hope you have a good night and enjoy this last song”. People awe at the thought of his high school sweetheart and look at each other. You smile as you remember how your boyfriend used to write you songs and sing them to you at the back of his dad’s truck at 3am and the conversations couldn’t and wouldn’t ever leave that truck, it was just you and him.
He starts to play a light melody with an undertone of sad chords, with his fingers picking at the strings. A sudden wave of comfort rushes over you. He starts to sing and his voice is soft but strong as you hear him sing out of his heart. You catch yourself predicting the lyrics and slightly singing along. Why do you know this song? He just mentioned that it was personal?
You start to head towards the stage in confusion. You lightly push someone out of the way in the crowd to see who is singing this, “Excuse me.” You push through to see the stage and look up at the redheaded singer with strong features as he passionately strums the guitar.
“Archie?” you say out loud, loud enough for him to hear and look up at you. He is startled but continues to sing and keep eye contact with you the whole song. You mouth the lyrics with a lump in your throat as the pleasant and unpleasant memories fill your mind. People look at you in confusion as they follow his gaze. You leave to go outside to get some fresh air. The stone cold stares of people cause you to feel like the walls are caving in. And seeing Archie, your high school love’s face again after 5 years has made it hard for you to think or do anything.
You sit outside in front of the pub catching your breath. Your eyes concentrate on the wet road and how the streetlights lightly reflect a sparkle off of the surface. As you settled your breathing and zoned out watching the quiet street, you hear someone quietly call out your name, “Y/N?”.
You jump a bit as it snaps you out of your dreamy state and you see Archie standing at the door of the pub. He had grown a lot. He was now tall enough to tower over you, he was very toned and his shoulders were broad. Seeing him made you feel safe and comfortable even if he had changed, as his fiery red hair and his chocolate brown eyes were ageless.  He sits down next to you and you both look at each other with amazement.
“Haven’t seen you in a while, huh? What are you doing here?” He asks as you still are in a zone of amazement. You manage to gather yourself and respond. “I… uh live here. I work in the office building for a magazine, nothing special. What about you?”.
“I work with my dad’s company, but I like performing in the local pubs everyone once in a while.”
You look at him in confusion. The whole 2 months you had been living back in your childhood town Riverdale, you haven’t ran into him.
“You said in high school that working for your dad is the last thing you want to do? Following in his footsteps? I thought you were going to stay in New York?” you say a bit worried frowning at Archie.
“I was naive. No one could take better care of the company after him other than me, and I get to perform on the side… Why did you come back? You hated this place…”, he says now looking at the street that you were drawn to earlier, because of it’s mesmerizing shimmer.
“I don’t know… I guess I feel like this is the only place I belong. This is where I grew up, where I had my first friends… my first love”. Archie looks up at you with a smirk and nods as you continue, “Wherever I went I felt empty, like it was missing something. The school I went to wasn’t Riverdale High, the food I ate wasn’t from Pop’s, The people I talked to weren’t Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Jughead and the person I tried to love… wasn’t you, Archie.” He looks up at you in surprise but with a very loving and understanding gaze. He takes your hand carefully to see your reaction and you let him. He held your hand in his and the memory of you in his truck talking for hours and cuddling started to overload your mind.
“Y/N, We have grown. What we had might have been just a silly high school crush… or it could have been real and we were two kids in love. Ever since we decided to put our own lives over each other’s, I have felt out of place and distant from everyone and everything.”
You look up at him and squeeze his hand tighter in your lap. He had grown and your conversation was so mature, which was quite a new experience.
He continued, “We were apart and I have tried my best to get over you, but after years of trying to forget you, I have learnt it’s the best for me to just let you be apart of my past and eventually you have become a pleasant memory to think of, rather than the worst heartbreak I have experienced”, you both chuckled at his dramatic feelings towards the old relationship, but at the back of your mind you knew everything he said was true and you had gone through the same process.
He pulls you in closer, “But seeing you now, in reach. I can see you, hear you, speak to you… touch you. I can’t help but feel like I’m a fool for you once again.” You look at him shaking your head and smiling. “Andrews… Never fails to make me love him more… But, we have grown apart and we were so far away, what if we are different and we…“ he quickly pulls you into a soft kiss before you managed to finish your sentence. A strand of his soft red hair falls onto his face as he pulls away from you and you look into his capturing eyes.
We’re here now.”

“Love looks good on you” she said, as she found herself falling more and more in love with him
I got inspired and couldn’t help but to write a shot. Let me know what you think?

She noticed the way he smiled and laughed. She recognised the slight pitch in his voice when he felt especially euphoric and the way he licked his lips after he finished laughing and just smiled for a whole 30 seconds. She knew, because she counted. She loved these moments with him, as though the whole world had disappeared and all that mattered was the two young teenagers in her old treehouse, looking at the sunset with a dreamy gaze. But she wasn’t looking at the sky with a dreamy gaze, she was looking at him. Just like she always did.

The laughter died and now they were just smiling. He had a soft smile. His smile was very satisfying to look at, just like the sunset and the perfect shape of the moon when it’s full. Y/N felt like she was in a movie as she watched his tar-like hair blow gently onto his shoulders, like it was brushing dust off of him. She felt the itch to run her hands through his hair, just like he usually did with him when he was upset or stressed out because of all the crap that was happening. But he wasn’t upset, or stressed, he was happy- more than that; euphoric. Y/N hadn’t seen him like this for a long time and as happy as she was for him, she couldn’t help the ache in her stomach that reminded her she wasn’t the reason for his happiness.

“You ever think about how the sun feels? Not the Sun in space, but the Sun in our world. The Sun on earth. The Sun on our side of the earth. Is it content with its life being so repetitive? Do you think it likes rising and falling everyday?” He asked, still gazing at the sunset, watching as the small ball of light slowly descended into the earth. Y/N flicked her attention back to the sky before he noticed her staring. She chuckled, he was so full of questions, no matter how odd they were, he’d ask them. Feeling his stare, she glanced back at him.

“I think if the Sun wasn’t happy with it’s life, it’d change it” She replied. His face scrunched into itself a little as he pondered on her statement.

“Do you think he gets lonely?” He said after a little while.

“Why do you assume it’s a he?” She laughed, shoving him a little. He rolled his eyes, mumbling out an “or she”.

She nodded in approval before she replied, “I think the Sun’s favourite days are the rainy ones. The ones where we can’t see him, or her, but she gets to see her friends, Grey Clouds, instead of White, Rain, Lightning. Even though the rainy days are the worst for us, it may just be the best days for the Sun.”

With that it went quiet again. She didn’t mind, it was good for them to feel so comfortable together neither felt the need to talk all the time. Besides, it gave her time to admire him more. His lips were thin, but they looked so soft, especially when he pursed them while thinking extremely hard. His sea green eyes were so firm and focused, yet he looked so relaxed and Y/N found herself wondering how someone with so much emotion and intensity could look so relaxed at any time. She hoped that he was only this relaxed when they were together, doing things like this.

“What are you looking at?” He tried to laugh off the slight blush on his cheeks, but she caught it. She wanted to act proud, but just like him, she laughed off the small redness rising up her neck. Shaking her head, she breaths out a “nothing, nothing” and pauses for a minute.

“Do you remember when we were, what? Seven? I was upset because my Dad said that I was going to grow up to be a beautiful girl, but I told him I wanted to be a construction worker, like him and your Dad were. So, Dad called you guys over, but by the time you’d come I was already in the treehouse” she shook her head, her eyes trained to the ground as she laughed a little because the memory itself was quite hilarious.

“Yeah”, he said already bubbling in laughter before he even started his next sentence, “you were so upset that your Dad said you’d be a girl, you were going ‘I don’t want to be a beautiful girl!! I want to be a strong man!!!’ So- so loud the whole neighbourhood heard. Then you started stripping your clothes off to prove you were a boy ‘I’m going to show you! you said’”. Both of them laughed and it was like they were in harmony with each other. At least to Y/N. “The problem was you always wore about 5 layers of clothes on, because you were so damn sure that it would turn cold all of the sudden, so it took you so long to get even half the clothes off”.

“Well, before I could even get there, you climbed up and gave me your beanie. That damn beanie that you wouldn’t even let me touch and said, ‘This is my magic hat. It’s magic because it makes me strong and sometimes I don’t feel strong. But if you really want to be a strong man, you can wear it instead” He smiled and nodded, shaking his head as remembered that stupid beanie that he loved to death and now lives amongst your box of childhood memories.

“We had a good childhood together- actually, every moment together, from then to now and in the future. We always have good moments”. Said her best friend, her childhood best friend. The first boy she ever cared for.

Suddenly he stared at her with the most intense look. She tilted her head with a smile, trying to figure out what he was doing. He bit his soft, thin lip and sunk into himself.

“Do you think she feels like that with me? The way the Sun does. Do you think it makes her happy to see me because I’m different and unexpected from her life?” She could tell how insecure he was about this. It was the way he took a deep breath before speaking and the fact that he was picking at the wooden floorboard. He wasn’t a nervous person, but she was making him like this.

At this moment, Y/N realised that the Sun, was in fact, a male. Because the Sun was Him, as he went through life, unsatisfied with the works of it. But he was happy when his friends, no matter how sad and different they were from him. He was the light that shone all the way across the earth and brought life to the world. He was the one who sustained everybody. He shone a light so bright, it was sometimes hard to look at or withstand. She realises at this moment, that she was the Moon. Because every day the Sun gets tired, and every day the Moon comes up, a smaller light, shining brightly. While the Sun prepares himself for a new day, the Moon’s watching the world from the sidelines, almost completely ignored because she’s not as bright as the Sun.

“Love looks good on you, Jugg” She said, feeling herself fall more and more in love with him. She realised at this moment that there is nothing that could stop her from loving him. Jughead is the love of her life and all she wanted was his happiness. And if that means letting him love someone else, she would do it. Over and over again.

Pokemon GO || Jeon Jungkook

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff (I guess)

Y/F/N - your friends name

“Move out of the way.” You scoffed as you turned on the spot to look at the boy who had just spoken to you so rudely. He continued to walk by as if nothing had happened and you couldn’t stand the air of confidence he radiated.

You watched his back walk away from yourself and you couldn’t help the anger that boiled up in your chest as you stared at him. He had to be one of the most arrogant people you had ever met. He thought he was better than everyone else and because of that he acted like rules didn’t apply to him.

“Don’t let him get to you.” Your friend, y/f/n, said. You let out a sigh, letting the anger disappear as quickly as it came. He wasn’t worth getting worked up over.

“I know, he just bugs me.” You replied. Y/f/n casually slung an arm around your shoulder, pulling you in the opposite direction the boy had gone.

“Jungkook bugs everyone. Don’t worry about it.” You laughed slightly at her words and shook your head lightly.

The best thing you could do right now was focus on making your way out of the school. The final bell had run and you couldn’t stand being here any longer.

As you and y/f/n left the school building, you pulled out your phone and opened the app you had been longing to play all day.

Pokemon Go had just recently come out and you had been ecstatic. Pokemon was probably your most played game as a kid and you were a huge fan of the series. When they had released news about the new app you couldn’t deny that you were excited.

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All Is Beautiful - Part One

Summary:  Sam meets you in a diner and ends up saving you in more ways than one.

Rating: R

Pairings: Sam X Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, reference to sex. Part two will have explicit sexual content.

Trigger Warnings: There is a description of an attempted sexual assault written as a first (second?) person experience.

And yes, I borrowed the town of Castle Rock from Stephen King.


You’re working as a server at Tilly’s Diner when you meet Sam.

You never imagined, at thirty, you’d be a waitress in this shit-hole town. A useless college degree, and a couple of sick parents later, you ended up back in Castle Rock. Right where life spit you out.  You came back to help out your mom when you’re dad got sick and somewhere along the way you just stayed.

Eighteen-year-old you would be furious. Unable to believe that you’re waiting tables in your hometown like all the people you pitied when you were young. 

I can’t believe people stay here, you used to think. Who actually wants to live here. What a boring fucking shit place to spend your life.

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For You (Eliza Schuyler x Reader)

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Reader

Requested?: No

Prompt: Reader and Eliza are in love but Eliza has to marry soon so Reader suggests that they dress as a man so they can marry Eliza.

Words: 1200+

Warnings: Fluff. Some Angst. Crossdressing.



You were helpless.

It was forbidden for a woman to court another woman. The term ‘lesbian’ wasn’t used at this time in society. The lifestyle for women in America was simple; marry young, have kids, and then die. No need to have a job or education, just know how to cook, clean, and bare children. But that wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted to marry the person you loved. Have a job and education. Life your life the way you want to, not how society wants you to live. 

But, sadly, the person you want to spend your lifetime with is no one else but Elizabeth Schuyler.

You and Eliza grew up together. As little girls, you two have done everything together. You played, learned, and practically lived your whole childhoods together. You were adored by Eliza’s sisters and your father was a good friend of Eliza’s father. Your families would spend many dinners together, allowing you to get closer and closer to Eliza. When you turned sixteen, you told Eliza, who was only a few months younger than you, that you loved her. Eliza immediately understood what you meant and accepted your feelings, confessing that she felt the same. That was when your forbidden courtship began. You two were now eighteen and you loved each other more than you did when your courtship began. You wrote Eliza poems and sonnets, every stanza expressing your fondness and ever-growing love for the Schuyler sister. You two were inseparable.

It was a sunny Sunday when you heard a knock at the door. You had moved out of your family home weeks after you turned eighteen but still kept in touch, living only three blocks away from your parents. You had a job as a housemaid for the wealthy politician a few doors down, who paid you well. You also go to church every Sunday with your parents.

You placed your book back on the table and rushed over to the door. You opened the door and smiled when you saw your girlfriend standing there but your smile faltered when you saw the tears streaming down her face. You immediately ushered her inside and closed the door. The moment you turned around, Eliza pulled you into a hug, burying her face in your shoulder as she sobbed. You ran your fingers through Eliza’s hair, rubbing her back your other hand. You stayed this way for a few minutes before Eliza pulled away, sniffling and wiping her tears away.

“Eliza?” You said in a confused tone. “What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?”

Eliza shook her head as she calmed herself down. You were patient so you didn’t push her for an answer. After her whimpers ceased, Eliza took your hands in hers and she looked you dead in the eye. Her eyes showed sadness and anger.

“M-My parents are…” She gulped. “They’re expecting me to marry soon. They threatened to arrange for me to marry a total stranger if a suitor doesn’t appear soon.”

You felt your breath hitched in your throat. Your body went stiff and you didn’t know what to say. You felt your heart shatter into a million pieces. If Eliza got married, she’d have to leave you, possibly move out of the city and will never have time to see you. You’ll be forced to marry someone too or die alone. You didn’t want to live without Eliza Schuyler. She was your soulmate. You loved her more than anything and Eliza reciprocated those feelings. What were you going to do?

“I’ll be your suitor.” These words left your lips before you could think of any other ideas. Eliza looked at you with wide eyes and furrowed her eyebrows.

“(Y/N), you can’t do that,” Eliza stated, tightening her grip on your hands. “You’re a woman. Although I love you so much, you can’t openly court me. You’ll be arrested and sentenced to death!”

“What if I dressed as a man?” You suggested, pull your hands away from Eliza’s and a grin forming on your face. “I can take on a new alias and introduce myself as a suitor. If I play my cards right, your parents will love me and I’ll be able to have your hand. We can get married. That’s what you want, right?”

Eliza’s face held a frown in confusion and concern.She was conflicted about your suggestion. You were a woman but acted so much like a young man. Your chest wasn’t fairly big so if you just bound your chest and wore shirts made of thick material, you’ll make a convincing man. Your hair was long but you just needed to keep it cut and let it grow no farther than to your shoulders. You actually had all of your late brother’s clothes because he lived with you for some time before he passed. And if you could pull this plan off, you and Eliza could be married, being together forever. But, since you were both women, you couldn’t have children. Eliza always dreamed of having her own family. She had to choose between you or the children she wanted. 

“So what do you think, Eliza?” You asked, taking her hands in yours. “Can I be your suitor?”

Eliza looked down at your joined hands and furrowed her brows. You felt your heart speed up and your breathing growing uneasy. You were willing to change your identity and leave your life behind if it meant you could be with the woman you loved. But this meant you couldn’t have children. But you were willing to push that dream away if you could be with Eliza for the rest of your life.

“We won’t be able to have children, (Y/N).” Eliza murmured. She looked at you with a sad and confused look. “Are you willing to not have a family just to be with me?”

You smiled and cupped Eliza’s cheek with one of your hands. “Yes, Eliza!” You said, love and seriousness clear in your voice. “I’m willing to dress as a man and never have children if it means you and I can be together forever. You are a beautiful and intelligent woman. I don’t want to lose you to anyone else. If you are willing to not have children and marry me then that’s all I need to be happy.”

Tears started falling from Eliza’s eyes as she pulled you into a tight embrace. You hugged her back and felt tears fall from your eyes as well. Eliza’s legs buckled and you two ended up on the floor, standing on your knees. After a few moments, Eliza pulled away and looked at you, smiling with such love and happiness. She cupped your face in her hands.

“Yes,” She said. “I would love to have you as a suitor. I want to marry you too, (Y/N).”

You felt your smile grow bigger and You pressed your lips to hers. The kiss was sweet and soft. You wrapped your arms around Eliza’s waist and she ran her hands through your hair. Sadly, you two parted for air, softly panting but still smiling like idiots.

You were willing to change everything for Eliza Schuyler. You loved her so much that you’d give her the world if you could. She loved you the same way. You two were going to live happily ever after. Together.


Request: Hi!could you please write a one shot where Damon fingers the reader under the table back in 1864 and then they have a passionate night in his bedroom because even though he’s a gentleman he simply can’t resist the reader? – Anon AND Damon smut pleeeeaaassseeee – Anon

Pairings: Human!Damon x Reader

Warnings: smut, 

Word Count: 3115

Human Damon, can’t even.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

“Mr. Salvatore–” “Please call me Giuseppe.” He said. You gave a small nod. “It’s really a pleasure to finally meet my father’s closest friend.” You said. He offered an arm and you took it as you two walked into his mansion. “I have to ask, how was the ride going here? I assume it took a little over two days.” He asked. “It did take us to two days, sir.” You answered. “I hope you did not have a hard time travelling.” He said. “Oh, nothing to worry, sir.” You replied. “My boys should be back any moment now from the town center.” He said and you both stopped in the living room.

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I have no idea where this came from. 

Your name: submit What is this?

Warnings: Language, evil step-father & step-brother. 

Word Count: 1700

Tags:  @cyrilconnelly, @impalaimagining, @spontaneousam, @barbedwireandbubblegum, @teamfreewill-imagine, @abbirae99

You did everything you could to avoid going home for Christmas. It had been almost eight years since the last time you sat on the dilapidated couch in your childhood living room and you had no desire to revive old shit.  

You took those painful memories of your step-father and his asshole son and placed them in a shoe-box. That box became their coffin when you burned it somewhere along US-85.

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Title: Deal with the Devil

Pairing: Oswald Cobblepot x Female Reader

Summary: You want Oswald to stop asking Jim for favors, but what the Penguin asks for is completely out of line. You won’t do it. Will you?

Warnings: None I think. Just fluffiness and mild making out.

Originally posted by twofacedharveydent

The tea is good, you think to yourself. It’s somewhat surprising although you can’t figure out why. You just don’t have Oswald pegged down as a tea guy. Or any guy really. He’s more along the lines of… an annoying fly that you keep swatting at but it always circles around the room and comes straight back to you. Or a stray dog that follows you around hoping for a favor or a handout. You spare a look at Oswald over the rim of your teacup. His eyes are wide and bright, cheeks colored pink. Definitely more like a stray dog.

“You know,” Oswald says putting his own cup down. “When Jim Gordon’s sister called me wanting a favor, well, my curiosity peaked. What could I possibly have that you would want?”

“My brother’s balls for one thing.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard me.” You put down your drink on the bar and slide your gaze from Oswald to Fish’s club. Oswald’s club now. Workers mill around like ants in an ant hive, moving tables and booths. Some are putting in new light fixtures. You have to admire how quickly Oswald’s moved. The club hasn’t even technically been his a day and already almost every single trace of Fish Mooney is gone.

“I can’t say I understand what exactly you’re getting at, friend.” Oswald drums his fingers nervously against his thighs, seemingly oblivious to the way the word ‘friend’ makes you flinch. It’s the first sign of any emotion he’s shown since mild pleasure at your arrival. Now he’s fidgety and you love it. Nervous people are easy to… persuade.

Persuasion has always been your particular gift since, unfortunately, Jim wasn’t the one to inherit the Gordon charm. That was you. You with your pretty eyes and nice smile. From a young age you learned how cranking up that charm to a twenty could get you things. Some Christmases it got you a brand new bike or a doll from your parents. There were even a couple of (alright, a lot actually) birthdays where your charm earned you gifts from people at your father’s workplace. Yes, charm always got you exactly what you wanted and you’re sure it won’t fail you right now.

“Oswald.” You hop off the barstool and move in closer to Penguin, making sure to flip your hair so he gets a strong whiff of your perfume. His nose twitches and his eyes glaze over for a moment. It’s not as big a reaction as you’d hoped, but it’s good enough. You slide your hand up and down his arm while batting your eyelashes. “We should really just talk honestly.”

Oswald swallows the saliva pooling in his mouth and answers, never taking his eyes off your hand gently stroking his arm. “Agreed.”

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Anon Summary: In which the Reader is different from any other woman Leonard Snart has met. But soon the Reader is taken away by team Flash. How far will Snart go to save our Reader? Would their close relationship be their down fall?

Anon Request: Civilian!Reader x Lenny where shes super shy and quiet, and that’s why he likes her. Team Flash finds out about the relationship tries get information from her, but Lenny finds out and breaks into Star Labs to get her back. Then he comforts her later

Warning: Warm fluffy fluff to sooth your soul!!


“Can I open my eyes now?”

“No because if you do then it would be much of a surprise Y/N.”

You hear a few ruffling going around you and even though it really wanted to peel you hands away from your eyes and see what was going on, you listened to what your boyfriend said and waited.

As if sensing it, you hear a firm, ‘no peaking’ before you feel a small cold feeling around your neck and a pair of strong hands wrapping around your waist while a pair of lips kiss against your neck to your ear.

“Lenny, you’re suppose to be giving me my surprise remember?” You ask in a giggle, feeling him pulling his lips away from your neck but still holding you close. “Okay, now open your eyes.”

When you open your eyes you see your small living room turned into one big comfy bed. Your comforter laid on on the ground with a few of your blankets from your bedroom along with your pillows laid on in front of your couch with a few candles lit enough to bring some light into the room.

“Wow, Lenny..” You feel same small chill around your neck that catches your attention again and you look down to see a sliver necklace, the center designed as a snowflake. You place your finger over it, the designed feeling as if it’s made out of real ice.

“It’s beautiful Lenny.” You say softly, looking back at him as he smirks.

“Not as beautiful as you Y/N.” He replies, taking your hand and leading you the cozy spot he made. You can’t help but roll your eyes with a smile.

“So, I’m guessing you did all this by yourself?” You ask while you sit back on the comforter while Leonard goes to get drinks for you two.

He comes back, a smirk on his face. “Oh yeah, you didn’t think I could pull this off all on my own?”

You can’t help but laugh a little. “Okay, how much did Lisa ask for?”

“About a hundred buckets.” He replies before sitting next to you, his lips pressing against yours gently. “Happy birthday Y/N.” He whispers before kissing you again.

You smile into the kiss glad to have such an amazing boyfriend like Leonard. It doesn’t feel like it’s been one whole year since you’ve met him, time does fly by. You met Leonard on your first night after moving into Central City on your own. You’ve been on your own since you were 18 years old after both your parents tragic deaths, you didn’t sense the need to live in your childhood home anymore so you decided to move out of your city own your own to Central City.

You got your own apartment and went out on a couple of job interviews until you reached Jitters and they hired you on the spot. It was getting dark once you left the interview and since you didn’t save up enough for a car, you decide to head over to the bus stop that was just up the street from Jitters. As you were walking you started hearing heavy foot steps behind you so you picked up speed, walking passed the bus stop which you hope that was were your follower was heading but he passes it up as well, picking up his pace to keep up with you.

It wasn’t until you turned the corner and ran full sprint did you realize that this guy was indeed following you. You continued running, making quick turns to try and shake him but he didn’t let up and soon you felt his hand grabbing onto your arm. Panic sets in and you struggle against your attacker before giving him a hard enough punch to the face, making him loosen up his grip on you.
You take the opportunity and run around the corner of block, a light up sign with the words, 'Saints & Sinners’, come into view and the three people standing under it.

“Help!” You yell out loudly, stumbling a bit but you continue making your way towards the group, seeing that it’s two men and a woman. You reach them out of breath, tripping over your own to feet and landing into the man wearing a blue parka.

“Please help…there’s a man…chasing me..” You let out, breathing heavily as you try to explain to them.
“I think she’s drunk Snart.” The man standing his left says but you shake your head, still holding onto the man in front of you.

“You bitch!” A voice yells a few feet behind you, holding onto his bloody nose.

The woman stand on your right steps forward. “Is there a problem?” She ask.

The man huffed, the look of pure rage on his face as he looks at you. “That bitch attacked me!” He an accusing finger at you, causing you to tighten your grip on the man holding onto you.

“Lisa, take her inside would ya.” He says, his voice cool and calm, letting go of you gently before the woman, who’s name is Lisa, puts a protective arm around you and dragging you into the bar. She finds a table off on the side of the bar.

“Be right back.” She says before walking off.

You take a chance to look around the bar, seeing some seedy looking characters hanging around. You attention is brought back with Lisa brings over a glass before pouring in the dark liquor.

“I don’t drink.” You says softly, she looks at you as if you’ve grown two heads before shrugging. “Suit yourself.” She states, finishing off the drink quickly.
“You know it’s dangerous for a pretty girl like you to walk alone at this time of night.” Lisa says and you sigh, mumbling a 'sorry’ as a waiter drops off a glass of water.

Soon the door to the bar opens up, the two men who were outside comes in. The first looking calm while the other one behinds him showing his excitement as they make their way over to the table where you and Lisa are sitting at.

“Looks like someone had some fun.” Lisa says, smiling at the man in the blue parka as he just smirks. You take a moment to look at your savior and you realize just how handsome he is.

As if he notice you staring, he turns his gaze towards you, causing you blush and look away quickly. Lisa looking over at you before speaking. “She was just telling me about what happen before she ran into us.”

“What’s your name kid?” The guy in a parka ask.

“Y/N.” You reply softly, finally looking around at the group.

“Y/N huh? Well, it looks like you owe us one Y/N” He says, a small smirk forming on his mouth.

Lisa looks at the man with a knowing smile before looking at you. “I’m Lisa, but you already know that.” She says. “That’s Mick.” She points to the man in the tan jacket who’s downing half a bottle of rum. “And this is my brother, Lenny.”

The man Lenny sighs a little. “You know how much that nickname annoys me sis.” He replies, sarcasm dripping from his lips. “Leonard, just call me that.”

You got to know the bunch who helped you out and once they dropped you off back at your apartment, you couldn’t help but feel a little sad because even though they seemed like an odd group of people, they were actually pretty cool and since you didn’t have any friends, it would of been nice to have them around.

It was over a week since the whole incident and you’re putting it behind you. You were working late at Jitters, cleaning and putting up a last few of the chairs before you had to close up. Once you made it out and locked the doors, you turn around and nearly jump out of your skin with you see Leonard stand there.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” He says, his voice calm and even. You put a hand over your chest to slow down your breathing.

“No, it’s fine. I get scared easily so it’s not your fault.” You says as he smirks which causes you to form a faint blush upon your cheeks. The night were you spent most of your night with Leonard and the gang, you’ve noticed that he smirks a lot. You also noticed that it’s something you really like.

“I’ll walk you to you car.” He says, dragging you out of your thoughts before you speak. “Actually, I don’t have a car.” You say and he stops. “Oh? So how have you’ve been getting home?”

You rub the back of your head. “The bus.” You say quietly. Leonard looks at you before sighing. “It’s about an hour wait for the bus so I’ll just take you home.” He soon starts walking over to his motorcycle, handing you a helmet.
He makes it to your place in a matter of minutes and you get off the bike, handing him back his helmet. “Thank you for the ride.”

“It’s fine, we wouldn’t want to repeat what happened last time.” He says with a shrug. “By the way, Lisa said to give her a call some time so you can stop in.”
You nod your head, remembering how you and Lisa actually got along and bonded that night. “I’ll be sure to stop in this weekend.” You say with a small smile before going into your apartment.

You did keep your word and made it over to Saints & Sinners where Lisa was hanging out at with her brother and his friend, and to say you had a blast was an understatement. It was going a few weeks since you begun hanging out with your new group of friends and you couldn’t help but start developing a crush on Leonard and it didn’t take long for Lisa to catch on it it.

“I’ll help you two love birds out.” She says one day while you were both out shopping since you wanted to help her stray away from wearing to much black.

You blush, shaking your head. “That’s really unnecessary Lisa. There’s nothing going on between Leonard and I. We’re just friends.”

Lisa nods her head while she picks up a black pair of jeans. “Sure. Friends. And my uncle was a pirate.” She replies. “Look, I know my brother better than anyone and I know when he’s interesting in something and Y/N, he’s interested in you.”

You feel you blush deepen before shaking your head again. “It’s not like that Lisa, trust me so lets just drop it.” You say softly, wanting to end the conversation but you can tell that Lisa wasn’t going to give up.

After one night you get off work, Lisa sent you a text telling to come to the bar. At first you were going to decline the offer but you had a long day at work and needed to relax. Once you had gotten to the bar, you expected to see Lisa there but the bar was empty expect for one person there, Leonard. To say you were surprised would be an understatement and Leonard looked just as confused as you.



You remembered Leonard sighing to himself, realizing what his sister had done. “She’s been trying to set this up for weeks now.” He explained how sister Lisa came up to him a while go, asking him about you but he guessed the answered he gave her wasn’t enough to get her off his back. “She called me and said she needed to meet me here because of something important. I guess I cam here for no reason.” He said and you couldn’t stop your heart from sinking.

“She did this for me.” You say quietly, drawing in his attention. He raises an eyebrow at you as if telling you to go on. You take a deep breath. “It’s because I like you. She set this up because she thought that you felt the same for me but you just proved her wrong.”

Leonard stares at you for a moment, almost if he’s dumbfounded but what you didn’t expect was for Leonard to come towards you, cuff your face and kiss you gently. After that, the rest is history.

Now here you were, laying naked under your comforter as you boyfriend carries you to bed. “Just because it’s my birthday, it doesn’t mean I need to be spoiled.” You say to Leonard but he just sends you his world famous smirk.

“Nonsense, I’ll do whatever I want to make you happy.” He states before getting under the comforter next to you.

You roll your eyes as you lay back, cuddling next to him, feeling his fingers moving through your hair. “I love you Lenny.” You whisper. Leonard leans down, pressing a kiss on your forehead as you soon fall asleep.

You wake up before your alarm clock, checking the time to see that you need to be at work in a couple of hours. You look over to the other side of your bed, seeing Leonard still asleep and you smile before getting out of bed quietly. You shower and change into your work uniform before coming back out, seeing that he’s still asleep.

'Pour guy, he’s been working so much that he hasn’t been sleep enough..’ You think to yourself. You give him a gently kiss before heading out the door for work.

When you first started working at Jitters, it was just a normal cafe that people came to hangout at and to get their daily dose of coffee but now, since the particle accelerator explosion and the city got a superhero, your boss took it upon himself to make a drink in honor of Central’s City speedster and it’s been a hit. It wasn’t until your lunch break that you decided to stop out to grab a bit and just when you’re about to turn a corner to head over to your favorite deli, you feel a gush of wind hit you and soon you’re thrown into a glass case.

“W-What the?” You look around before spotting a few people standing in front of the glass and one of them is none other then The Flash.

“I don’t think this is a good idea..” The guy standing behind him with long black hair says, looking over to the woman standing across from him.

“Cisco’s right, this isn’t how we do things here Barr-I mean Flash.” She says but the Flash doesn’t listen.

“Tell us where Leonard Snart is.” He ask, causing you to jump back a little. “I don’t know what you’re talking about..” You say quietly. The Flash looks at you for a moment before turning around and pressing a button against the wall which causes the metal prison you’re in move back. The door that held your freedom closes, leaving you in darkness.

It felt like it’s been days since you’ve felt sunlight on your skin or had a decent meal. The red headed girl, who find out later is named Caitlin, comes in everyday, bringing you in food from Fat Burger but you can’t stand eating that garbage.

“Please…I just want to go home…” You would say to her but she only gives you a sad smile before heading out, leaving you in darkness again. It doesn’t help the fact that the prison you’re trapped in has a small space and the fact that there are other prisoners there as well.

'Lenny’s probably worried sick..’ You’d think to yourself, playing with the necklace that he gave you on your birthday just days ago and you being to think, 'What could the Flash want with Lenny?’ As you start to think more it begins to bother you because even though you’ve been together for a year, you still don’t know much about your boyfriend Leonard. You knew well enough about him and his sister pass and how he basically raised her once their grandfather died but that was about it. You didn’t really ask much else about him because you didn’t feel like you needed too. There were at times when you’ll come to you house late and sneak in next to you in bed and you always wondered what could be doing at this hour in the night but you never worked up the cougar to ask and it kind of left you feeling out of the loop.

It was then on your first week held prisoner that you woken up from the sound of the alarms going off, making you sit up quickly. The sounds of loud explosions and the prison you are trapped in begins to shake. Soon it starts moving, making you panic a bit more until you see door opening up and Leonard standing there. “Lenny!” The door to your prison opens up and you quickly wrap your arms around him.

“I was so scared, how did you know where to find me?” You ask.

Leonard quickly pulls you away from him. “You aren’t hurt are you?” He ask, looking you up and down to check but you shake your head. “I’m fine..I just want to get out of here..” You say softly before you look down, noticing a fancy gun that he’s holding. “What’s that?” You ask, pointing at it.

“I’ll explain everything later, let just got out of here.” He says, grabbing you by the hand and leading you out.

You notice Mick standing in the hallway, holding a gun similar to Leonard’s but different. “Let the meta’s out.” Leonard says and Mick nods.

“Meta’s?” You look up at your boyfriend but he pulls you alone, speeding walking down the hallway towards the exist. Once you’re both out you see Lisa waiting in the car and you couldn’t be more happier. Leonard opens the passenger side for you to get in before closing it.

“Wait Lenny, aren’t you coming with?” You ask, looking at him in confusion but he shakes his head.

“I gotta handle a few things here but don’t worry, I’ll be over later.” He leans down, giving you a kiss on the lips but it’s cut short when you see the Flash yelling out for him. Lisa soon starts the car and takes off, leaving you looking back at Leonard and the Flash.

Lisa pulls the car into a fancy looking driveway and cuts the engine. You both get out and look at the nice house before you. “Where are we?” You ask as Lisa heads to the front door, pulling out a pair of keys. “Home.” She simply replies before walking in.

The furniture looked like something straight out of Good House Keeping. “The bedroom’s and bathrooms are all upstairs so go help yourself.” She says and you nod. You make it up the steps to the master bedroom and bathroom. You waste no time stripping out of your clothes and getting right under the jet of hot water, really needing a shower. Once out, you find a pair of clothes laid out on the bed and you quickly change into the black leggings and t-shirt. You come back down to the living room, spotting Lisa in the kitchen cooking.

“When is Leonard coming back?” You ask, still worried about your boyfriend.

“Soon probably.” Lisa replies as you lean against the door frame.

“What would the Flash want with your brother?” You ask more question, feeling like Lisa is hiding something from you.

Lisa is silent for a moment, about to speak when the front door opens up with the loud bang. You turn to see Leonard and Mick walking in and all you worried feelings vanish when you rush over and hug Leonard.

“Are you boys okay?” Lisa ask, coming into the living room.

“No..bastards stole my gun. Again!” Mick yells, going into the kitchen and grabbing a beer for himself. You feel Leonard pulling you in closer before planting a kiss on the top of your head.

“I’m going to need a shower after that one.” He states, grabbing a hold on your hand before leading you back upstairs to the master bedroom. Once in, you lean against to door as Leonard takes a seat on the edge of the bed, place the same gun from earlier next to him. Leonard looks up at you, noticing the distance between you too and he sighs.


“What is that gun? How did you know where I was? What did the Flash want with you? Why did he have to kidnap me? Who are you, really?” You ask question after question until finally come to a stop.

Leonard sighs again, looking away from you. “This is a cold gun, I use it to freeze people. I knew where you were because I’ve been there before. The Flash was being a dick because he knew that you were important to me so he took up.” He answers before looking at you. “And I’m a criminal.”

You look at him dumbfounded, feeling your eyes welling up with tears. “I don’t believe you..”

“Believe what you want kid.” He says, getting up from the bed slowly. “I rob from people, I steal very expensive things in order to survive. I do bad things Y/N and the Flash thinks that it’s time for me to finally be put away for all the crimes I’ve committed.”

You shake your head. “I don’t get it…how come you’ve never told me any of this before we started dating? Why tell me now? Why wait until I’m in love with you to finally tell me everything?” You ask, your voice shaking.

“Would you of honestly given me a chance if you knew what kind of person I am?” He ask, leaving you to think. “You’re too good for me Y/N, that’s why I didn’t want to tell show you this side me before. I love you, Y/N, I don’t want to walk away from this..” He says, pulling you towards him. “But if you want to leave then I’ll completely understand.”

You’re still for a moment before wrapping your arms around him. “I don’t want to leave you Lenny..” You whisper and you hear him let out a sigh of relief before pulling back gently.

“Let me go take a shower and when I get out we’ll watch a movie and rest.” He says, leaning down and kissing you on the lips before heading into the bathroom, leaving alone in the room. You soon walk over to the queen sized bed and sit, looking at his cold gun and you can’t help yourself so you pick it up.

“Wow..this thing is kind of heavy.” Without you noticing, you fire it off at the TV, causing it to freeze, tip over and break. You stare in shock from the gun to the broken TV before calling out.

“Lenny…I think the TV’s broken!”


After request done. To the Anon that sent in the request I hope you enjoyed it and to everybody else who sent in request, don’t worry I’m going to get to yours soon. As always if you want to send in more request by all means do so. Hope you all enjoy!!!

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Actually astrology can tell you about your past, if I am not wrong I have Aries in the 4th house (which it said that in my childhood I have violence or difficulties) and when I was little I just to be bullied and also my mum used to have depression and she was raising my sister and me all by herself, and that's why I have such a strong bound with her and also in my birth chart indicates that. Some people can be a little open minded sometimes.


I have placements that indicate abuse (and I’ve gone through it) but it also doesn’t necesarilly mean if others have it they must have gone through it too, maybe they have those personality traits based on other things in their lives. Correlating is key.

Your childhood made you a fighter! I hope your life is better now, as well as your mom 💜💜

A Mother Knows Best

A/N: I had always pictured this situation in my head and I finally got it written down! Basically, the reader and Spencer were childhood friends, and after many years apart, got a chance to reconnect. Enjoy, friends!!

You plopped your bags down in your childhood living room - this was the first time you’d been home in years. You looked around at the room you grew up in. You smiled at the horrible floral wallpaper, the pictures of you in your awkward stage scattered around the room, and that horrible blanket you knitted in fourth grade that your mother, Kris, insisted to be displayed brought back a flood of old memories.

“Oh sweetie, I’m so glad you’re here! It’s been so long, my love” Your mom said as she gave you a tight embrace. Due to your busy job, it was hard to visit her as much as you wanted to. Ever since your dad died, your poor mom lived here all alone.

You sat and chatted for a while - catching up on all of the small town gossip, your work drama, and of course, your love life.

“Mom, seriously, I’m not seeing anyone. I’m just too busy, and I rarely even go out!” you attempted to reason with her. Of course, she was having none of that.

After a few hours of catching up, your mom told you that she made plans to meet up with her friend and old next-door neighbor, Diana. You had always loved Diana – she was such an intelligent, caring woman. Her and her son, Spencer, moved next-door when you were in grade school.

The two of you became fast friends and spent most of your time together. He was one of your only friends, and you were his. You hadn’t thought of Spencer in such a long time – you smiled as the memories you shared flooded your memory. You freshened up and were on your way to see Diana.

You arrived to the center Diana lived at and were directed to her room.

“Kris! Oh and who do we have here… Y/N? Is that you? You sure grew up nice… It’s been ages!” Diana exclaimed as she embraced you. You smiled and sat down on the sofa in her room.

“Hey mom, I brought you your dinner, I tried to get the chicken but all they had left was…” Spencer said as he walked into the room He stopped as his eyes met yours. “Y/N and Kris are here! …Mom, why didn’t you tell me they were coming?” he asked in a surprised tone.

“Oh, we wanted to surprise you kids. It’s been so long since you two had seen each other… plus we were talking the other day and we thought you two would look cute together!” Diana explained in a nonchalant tone.

Your mom giggled as your face and Spencer’s turned bright red. “Mom!” he squealed in embarrassment. Your moms always rooted for you two to get together, living next-door and all. You adored Spencer, but his accelerated intelligence and going to high school and college at such a young age made it hard for you to stay in touch.

“Oh honey, you’re not getting any younger. Just go down to that little restaurant a few blocks down and at least talk. It’ll be fun!” Diana urged in a hushed tone to Spencer.

Spencer and I looked at each other. We shrugged and decided we couldn’t argue with Diana or my mom, so we headed to the restaurant.


The walk to the restaurant was awkward – you and Spencer hadn’t talked in almost 10 years. Once you were seated, Spencer began the conversation.

“So Y/N, last time my mom wrote she said you were working at a bookstore, is that what you’re still doing?”

“I am… well actually the owner just died, sadly, and he gave the business over to me… so I’m a bookstore owner now!” You hadn’t even told your mom that news yet – there was something about being around Spencer that was so easy and comfortable.

“Wow, that’s great Y/N! I mean, I’m sorry about your loss… that’s terrible. But you’re a business owner!”

The rest of the night went along those lines – he told you about his work at the BAU, your hobbies, the books he read recently, both of your goals and future aspirations, and everything in between. In fact, you two talked so long, the waitress had to tell you that the restaurant was closing.

After you left, you could both tell neither of you wanted the night to end. Spencer was the first to address it:

“It’s still pretty early… do you maybe want to, um… go to that park we always used to play at when we were younger?” he asked nervously.

“That sounds lovely” you replied with a small smile. You grabbed his arm and you walked to the park where you shared so many childhood memories.


You and Spencer sat on the swings you use to use so frequently and slowly rocked back and forth. You began to reminisce on old memories you shared:

“Do you remember when we made that bike ramp one summer? You calculated the perfect slope - just so we would get a little bit of a jump, but not so much that we would get hurt… we had so much fun with that thing” you laughed thinking of Spencer trying to ride his bike.

He laughed, “Yeah, I remember that summer. We spent so much time together…” he trailed off. “You know, I uh… used to have a, um… little bit of a crush on you, you know” he blushed a deep red.

You smiled. “Oh Spence, it wasn’t exactly a secret. You did spend most of your time at my house, doing things to woo me” you winked. He smiled as you continued “You know I had a big crush on you, too”

“What? Really?” he asked in shock.

“How could I not? You were my best friend, my secret-keeper, and my source of every fact I could ever know!” you chuckled.

You and Spencer looked deeply into each other’s eyes for a moment. You said softly, “You are still the best man I’ve ever met…”

Spencer took your face in his hands and stroked your cheek with his thumb. You leaned in and began the kiss that you had been waiting for your whole life. It was so sweet, and his lips were so soft.

It looked like your mom and Diana really did know what they were talking about.

Jelly Love

Character: Solar (Mamamoo)
Word count: 971
Summary: Love is formed in many different ways. For you and Solar, it’s through strawberry jelly (ft. Wheein) | #fluff #high school!au

Originally posted by mmamoo

There she was.

The only girl in school that could make itchy pleated skirts and stiff shirt collars look good.

Kim Yongsun.

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Hello there loves,

I thought it would be nice for me to provide my favorite food list of the city. Majority of my favorite places will be in the South End since that is my neighbored and am little bias. Please feel free to ask me any questions on anything you want you lovely people. 

Diner: Mike’s City Diner- South End  (Breakfast will always be my favorite food and I love having it all with the pancakes, sausage, eggs, and etc.)

·         Emergency Room and get the side of corned beef hash 

Brunch (I cannot pick one) : The Neighborhood Restaurant- Somerville

·         Does not matter what you order, get the cream of wheat. There will be a line but make your way over to Union Square Donut

Trident Booksellers & Café-Back Bay

·         The Lemon Ricotta French Toast

The Friendly Toast- Cambridge

·         Ole Miss

Zaftigs Delicatessen- Brookline

·         Banana Stuffed French Toast

Beehive- South End

                Anything and come for the live music 

Donuts- Black Bird Donuts- South End

·         Salted Toffee

Lobster Roll: Neptune Oyster- North End

If the line is crazy walk down to the seaport to James Hook

Sandwich: Sam LaGrassa’s- Downtown (make sure to place your order a head of time because it can be a little of a wait)

·         Chipotle Pastrami

South End Formaggio- South End

·         Avocado Black Bean & Goat Cheese Torta

Burger: Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burger- Harvard Square

·         The Hillary Clinton

Pasta: Dave’s Fresh Pasta- Davis Square (You can go anywhere in the North End for an amazing pasta but if you want to make a meal at home this is everything)

·         Porcini Mushroom Ravioli- try the samples and make sure to grab a sauce


·         Strozzapreti

Nebo-Seaport (small plates are also yummy)

·         Tagliatelle Cappesante

Food Trucks go Sundays to Sowa in the South End

·         Roxy’s Grilled Cheese- Munster Grilled Cheese

·         Bon Me- Soba Noodles Chinese BBQ Pork with whatever sauce you like

·         Cookie Monster- live your childhood dreams with ordering anything

·         Mei Mei- Double Awesome

BBQ: Sweet Cheeks-Kenmore

·         Honey biscuits with honey butter are to die for

Tapas: Toro- South End

·         Mexican corn and order everything here it is hands down my favorite place

Small Plates: Salty Pig and Butcher Shop- South End

Dumplings: Gourmet Dumplings- Chinatown

Thai- Brown Sugar Café- Allston

·         Drunken Noodles (say it is your birthday)

Chinese: Myers& Chang- South End

·         Dan Dan Noodles

Sushi- Douzo- Back Bay

·         Torch

Pizza: Picco- South End


Salad: Stephi’s On Tremont-South End

·         Roast Turkey Club Goes Salad (Brunch is you can make your own Bloody Mary FYI)

Dining Experience: Lolita Cocina & Tequilia Bar- Back Bay

·         On Monday’s all you can eat tacos but what they serve at the end is a popping surprise

647 Tremont- South End

·         On Tuesday $2.00 tacos, do I say more