live your anthem

When I was in 3rd grade, my mother carefully went over every single part of the Pledge of Allegiance until I understood exactly what it meant. She then let me decide if I was going to stand with my hand over my heart, and pledge my allegiance to a version of God I didn’t believe in, and words I didn’t feel were a completely accurate description of my country.

I chose not to stand.

And over the years I was hated and punished for it by teachers and students alike.

But I never stood for the Pledge of Allegiance again, and that was my right.

I firmly believe in standing up, or sitting down for you and your people’s rights and beliefs, even in the face of patriotism. If your country has done wrong, you do not have to pledge your love and trust to it until your country reflects the words of the anthem for everyone equally.

Patriotism is supposed to honor your right to speak, to protest, to be safe, and to believe if what you believe in to begin with. That is kind of the point of our anthem and our pledge.
  • white ppl: colin kaepernick? fuck that guy. he RUINS the good name of football and america itself!!!
  • same white ppl: josh brown won't play because of domestic violence allegations? look that's his personal life :// we can't judge what goes on at home & who knows if it's even true :// it's not our place to get mad at him ://