live without holding back

sarcasticwitch  asked:

reshaving my hair, zoning out on long car trips, lipstick


cages have forgotten how to contain me.
or maybe i have changed so much they no longer fit.
it doesn’t matter because now i can wander to my hearts content.
walk on springy grass.
scrape my fingertips across the sky.
kiss with reckless abandon.
forget my own name and remember it tomorrow.
dance without rattling chains.
walk without dragging along keys.
live without holding anything back.


want one?

This is the kind of movement I needed when I was a child.

I needed to see people like me living a carefree life without the “rules” of society holding them back.

I wish I could go back and tell myself that being black wasn’t a sin. Society just made it seem like it was. 

We’ve created something so beautiful and we won’t stop until the whole world knows it. And now, I have faith that my child will never have to see herself/himself as someone that was “made wrong”. 

“No, sweetie,” I’ll say. “Black is made of love, strength, and determination.”

Happy Blackout Day, loves!

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NiNaNo Translation

Slow it down

Take it easy

Let’s get it

What does getting annoyed do?

What does being irritated do?

There’s so many things that will bother you

So play while you live (outta my way) 

(Hold on)

Let go of your cares and worries

Don’t think too much

We’re still young

Taking a break now and then is good

Have fun while you live, without holding back 

NiNaNo (nillili nillili) NiNaNiNaNiNaNiNaNo (nillili nillili)

 NilliliyaNiNaNo (nillili nillili) NiNaNiNaNiNaNiNaNo


Light up the silken lanterns (Lights, on)

The forgotten husband has returned

We come and leave with nothing

So we can’t not play(You’re so good man!)

 NiNaNo (nillili nillili) NiNaNiNaNiNaNo Nilliliya 

(T/N: This song is from a 1930 Korean traditional song called “Song of Peace”. Zico’s rap in the middle of the song is original. Here is Song Sohee’s version for reference.) 

Translated by youngha @ blockbintl   

According to the teachings of buddha nature, each of us posseses, at our very root and core, a profound and irresistible longing. This is nothing other than a longing to become fully and completely who we are, to experience ourselves and our lives, fully and freely, without doubt, reservation, or holding back. This final realization of ourselves is described as all-loving and powerful—we discover ourselves as everything that we need to be and, because of that, we become completely available to the world and its suffering beings, and discover utter trust and confidence in life.
—  Reginald A. Ray