live wasp and a nightmare

Satsuma, live wasp, nightmares...
  • Jimmy Carr: Which three items did Gordon Brown supposedly throw at his colleagues?
  • Richard Ayoade: A satsuma, live wasp and a nightmare.
  • Ruth Jones: How can you throw a live wasp? I mean a dead wasp, I get that.
  • Noel Fielding: Well, you pretend you're throwing it but really, you're in cahoots with the wasp. And you go, "In a minute, when I release you, just fly straight for his head!"..and then it goes off.
  • Ruth Jones: So it looks like you're throwing it..
  • Noel Fielding: But really...
  • Ruth Jones: It's flying.
  • Richard Ayoade: Why do you think it's weirder throwing a live wasp than a nightmare?