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do you have a fave sterek fic at the moment? I'm just looking for a rec :) I'm not picky, any trusty ol' faves?

hmm…i can definitely rec you some of my faves! i need to read some new fics bc i feel like i rec the same ones lol but i love them so i love reccing them :D 

here are some random faves in no particular order:

holding your own weight (circus au, historical au)

between men and lions (college au, secret relationship, coming out)

john hughes did not direct my life (hs au, childhood friends, no hale fire)

sell your body to the night - (prostitute au)

constantly on the cusp (hate sex, coming out, firefighter/police)

acacia honeymoon hotel (secret relationship, hiding from the sheriff)

the moon’s gonna follow me home (derek moves away to heal)

it’s a mad, mad world (mad max au, dystopian/post-apocalyptic)

and you say you’re alone (my fave post s2 fic)

occam’s razor (time travel au)

three marks (soul mate au)

a neutrino walks through a bar (matchmaker stiles, no hale fire)

college: a slippery and cuddly slope (college au)

strong, stronger, strongest (werewolf!stiles)

rainy days never prepared him for this (neighbors, fluff)

only fools rush in (f/p relationship, alive hale family)

you keep showing up (werewolf!stiles, alt s1)

seafoam and sunshine (merstiles)

it does not do to dwell on dreams (and forget to live) (hogwarts au)

so i sat alone and waited out the night (prostitute au)

ain’t nothing so good as the cake and eating it (soulmates, deputy derek, alive hales)

missed deadlines (writer stiles, human au)

make us laugh (or nothing will) (sports/mma)

now as ever (all that is…) (time travel au)

under the endless hours (nyc au, paranoid!derek, cop!stiles)

counting to infinity (canon, post s2, derek goes deaf)

same losing lucky numbers (perfect bf!derek)

the full moon like blood (angel stiles, apocalypse)

je t’aime (french tutor!derek)

living in your letters (post s3a)

broken sundown (punk rock!derek, rehab)

miles away (post s3a)

poker face (teacher derek, adoptive parent stiles)

after you (canon divergence, hunter!stiles)

carry my body safely to shore (merman stiles)

in this twilight how dare you speak of grace (zombie au)

in other words, baby, kiss me (space au)

oh the places we’ll go (grad student stiles, prof/student)

peace and quiet (coffee shop au)

echo (magic stiles, parallel universe)



王室教師ハイネ-THE MUSICAL-

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Any advice for beginner Doom Mappers with no ideas for the full picture?

Oops, sorry, didn’t see this until just now. D: Tumblr eludes me a bit.

Anyways, I can vouch for the tried-and-true method of just jumping in and teaching oneself everything about Doom mapping, since it is a very, very accessible medium of creation - seriously, drawing simple lines and shapes is really all it takes. :P At least for the basics.

However, the community itself is rich in resources to help you get off the ground. There are editing tutorials all over the place:

Of course there’s a lot beyond this - and you might want to make maps, and be able to, but be quite stuck for actual ideas. Again, the community is there to help.

  • There are name generators and theme generators out there. Of course some of these are ineffably silly, but hey, sometimes a silly idea might stimulate you creatively in ways you’d not previously considered.
  • OBLIGE is a level generator that can help you gain a general idea of how a Doom map layout can work. It is generally frowned upon to use these layouts “out of the box” though, so use them for inspiration, but don’t go generating a bunch of maps and then releasing them. :P
  • The Doomwiki is a great resource regarding specifics of the engine.
  • There are innumerable community projects ongoing at any one time, especially on Doomworld, with specific restrictions like using a certain size of playable area, or specific enemy placement. Limitations breed creativity, so hopefully you’ll find one that stimulates and challenges you!
  • Just doodle! Find some blank paper, whether it has lines/squares or not, and get sketching. Interesting things are bound to arise.
  • Play a lot of Doom. Seriously. The maps the community makes are invaluable sources of inspiration. We’re a stupidly creative bunch.

Hopefully this helps! Again sorry for the sheer lateness of this response.

Yuuya Asato’s Twitter banner: anime!Haine cast versus stage!Haine cast. The twist? Unlike other adaptations, for this one the voice actors are also the stage actors… which makes sense, considering that most of them have more experience as stage actors in live action adaptations than as seiyuu.

Clockwise: Bruno Von Grantzreich - Yuto Adachi; Licht Von Grantzreich - Shouta Aoi; Heine Wittgenstein - Keisuke Ueda; Leonhart Von Grantzreich - Daisuke Hirose; Kai Von Grantzreich - Yuuya Asato.

Carlos de Vil

So I’ve recently gotten back into Disney’s Descendants, because I have very little self control and when something I like comes back to life I tend to make grabby hands as soon as humanly possible. And since I’ve “matured” in the past yearish since I’ve last really thought about it, I’ve develop some rather interesting headcanons/reinterpretations for Carlos de Vil. Specifically that his character from the movie, and the books, is completely off for me. Yeah, yeah, he’s a sweet sinnamon roll and blah blah blah. Sure he’s cute, but he’s also the son of Cruella de Vil, a woman so extra and so completely devoid of subtly her name is literally Cruel Devil and lives in a place called Hell House.

So you know where they went wrong? They didn’t make him a fucking diva. I mean, they already lost a golden opportunity not giving Ursula a fucking son, because you bet your ass he’d be a fucking queen and that would be the single ballsiest thing Disney could possibly do, but this is a close second. So grab a soda, get comfortable, and buckle up bitches.

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What bugs me about Wizards and Muggles

ok so in the harry potter universe you cant tell anyone you are a wizard because the statue of secrecy. But no one (outside of muggleborns and maybe halfbloods) actually bother to learn to how to disguise themselves as muggles?

There are  wizards whose fashion sense stays frozen for several decades with the ocasional new fad only be brought by muggle borns, they dont know what a rubber duck does?

And lets say they can avoid talking to muggles most of the time like they have portkeys and the floo network as transportation, but still muggles outnumber wizards and what happens if there ever comes a time where they do have to interact with one?

How come a class like muggle studies is  optional but not mandatory? Or Rons Dad job is treated like a joke, in a secret society where the law say keep magic from muggles, woulnt knowing how they work be an important survival skill?

ok new headcanon

there actually more secrecy violations than we are shown, but since forgetting spells are thing most regular people wont notice, the problem is that there is spending way to many resources and people whenever someone fucks up.

And it all because the ministry of magic is a bit broken as it is they dont even bother creating educational programs that help prevent this violations or doesnt bother to put more funding into the muggle resources department, which could have save thousands of galleons and human resources.

Most of the ones guilty of said violations are mostly pureblood wizards, muggleborns and halfbloods have a much bigger advantage.

Also some muggleborns have noticed this deficency so they decided to make a living as muggle studies tutors offering private classes for adult wizards who (havent taken that class in hogwarts but regret it) and squibs who would probably have a much easier time just living in our world

Parks and Rec Study Moods
  • The Leslie: highlighting, binders full of color coded tabs, ends all-nighters by going out for waffles, Hamilton playing in the background, makes Quizlets and the Google Doc study guide for a class and sends them out to everyone... 2 weeks early, always studying in advance
  • The Ann: studying with classmates at starbs, starts a group chat so everyone can help each other, talks friends who are freaking out to calm down, somewhat color coded review sheets, washi decorating everything, uses all the study research-based tips like writing in blue pen to remember things
  • The Ron: doesn't study bc it goes against the system and screw the system, (when he does it's outside amongst nature, alone, leaves his phone at home, only uses a stack of paper and a black pen, textbook, bonus if there's breakfast food as a snack)
  • The Tom: lives by Treat Yo Self™ down to M&M's for every paragraph read, pop music blaring over headphones, sits in the library and is always part of "that loud table", works best in groups bc always gets distracted by social media when alone
  • The Donna: takes breaks between problems to do her nails one nail at a time, has a ton of colorful gel pens, has fancy headers on all her notes, always puts her v alive social life on hold during exams, sometimes studies in her car (a.k.a. her fav space), listens to classical/opera
  • The April: studying at work, has a tab open for whatever she's being paid for but the rest is all school stuff, takes notes on post its and adds it all on her textbook, listens to dark wave, usually works alone at the library or dark hipster cafe, always with coffee as black as her soul
  • The Andy: energy drinks, tries to get organized the night before the test but fails miserably and ends up just reviewing what he has, that works fine for him, studies right until the test is on his desk, listens to alt rock, sugary snacks and junk food all day, naps a ton
  • The Mark: turns on Do Not Disturb so people won't bother him, sighs constantly, makes mind maps, uses the Pomodoro method but checks for break time /far/ too often, given up on his GPA but still tries on the dl, eats chips, goes MIA right after a test to avoid talking to others about it
  • The Chris: records lectures and listens to them while doing cardio, makes fruit-based study snacks like acaí bowls and smoothies, teaches himself by tutoring others, lives in athleisure, makes lists for everything, uses flashcards to test himself and others
  • The Ben: makes up little stories to remember details, uses mnemonics too, always in the library, bothers all the TAs by arguing over lost points, sometimes loses track of time while watching gamers on Twitch, seems organized but check his planner bc it is A Mess™
  • The Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry: makes silly mistakes, goes to all available review sessions and extra office hours, puts in a lot of effort in everything, makes very visual notes, does what is necessary and then takes time off to recharge, often forgetful, works best surrounded by positivity
Diplomatic Negotiations (long)

The characters in this story belong to @cyikemen from Midnight Cinderella otome game and inspiration with plot portions from @incorrectmidc. Thank you @incorrectmidc for giving me permission to use portions of your story.

NSFW, some smut, cursing

Wysteria had recently chosen their new Princess Elect. Her. She had been completely unprepared, because who on Earth would really be prepared to wake up one day and become a princess? Either way she was it now. A commoner who lived in town and tutored students now attempting to rule a country. *sigh* What’s a girl to do.

It’s been about a month since her coronation as princess and she’s taken heaps of lessons on a whole array of things: language, Wysterian history, dancing, etiquette, and other important skills to run a country particularly diplomatic negotiations. Now, that was her favorite subject to study. Not because it meant going over old documents about previous trade agreements and current sanctions. No no that’s not it at all. Rather it had something to do with a mysterious country with tenuous ties to Wysteria and a particularly handsome king. 

They met at her coronation and exchanged a brief introduction. The Princess was immediately drawn to him in his dark, pressed clothes and shiny, dark hair. As far as she knew he was off the block to be her prince consort. Why would he be if he barely communicated with Wysteria as it is? But God he was hot as fuck.

A few weeks after the coronation she confirmed it for herself. He was hot, he knew it, and he knew what to do with it. Their first round of diplomatic negotiations had been solved in a rather unconventional way. 

“Princess, what are the terms of trade,” he whispered huskily in her ear as Byron proceeded to kiss his way down her neck, “gold, food, or textiles?” His teeth grazed the spot in the crook of her neck and it made her hot down to her very core. 

“Food,” she moaned as his tongue smoothed over the same spot he just nipped,”for textiles.” Byron was running his hot hands all over her body. Even through her clothes she could feel the heat of his hands roaming everywhere she wanted them to and all it was doing is making her hotter and hotter. Her breath was ragged and panting. He was in no better shape. 

He could feel how supple her body was in her hands and her ragged breath was hot as fuck. She let out a moan as he kissed his way along the top of her dress. Her moan was hot and husky and it did nothing to help the tightness growing in his pants. The princess’s hands were hot and soft as they pulled out his shirt and slid their way up his chest. He wished they would slide lower instead she started to unbutton his shirt, slowly and painstakingly for him. Fuck he couldn’t take it and grabbed her by the ass she wrapped her legs around him while he carried her to his desk.

His cock was hard as fuck and it was rubbing against her ladyhood in all the right ways. It made her so hot she wanted more. She moaned right in his ear as he lifted her and walked her over to the desk. The friction between them was ah-mazing. As soon as she was seated on the desk he smashed his mouth on hers in passionate kiss his tongue exploring her mouth. While they were busy kissing she was making quick work of his pant buckles. He pulled away.

“Princess,” he groaned his forehead on hers as he watched her hands on his pants. It was hot as hell watching her hands pull out his full length and when skin hit skin he almost lost it. 

“Princess, shall we seal our deal?” He was rubbing her through her panties while she writhed on the desk stroking him.

“P-Please…I’m- aaaahhh,” she moaned while one finger teased her entrance. Her panties were off and hanging around one ankle. She leaned back on the desk as he slowly entered her dripping entrance. 

“B-By- King Byron…”

Fuck her moans were so hot he slowly pumped in and out and she wrapped her legs tighter around his waist pulling him deeper into her. Her moans were getting higher, but she was quickly undoing the ribbons to the front of her dress and he was eager to assist her. Once the ribbon was undone her breasts tumbled out nipples erect and begging for his mouth. He obliged.

“Byroooon. That feels so so ahhhh.” He voice was high pitched and he could tell she was getting close so he slowed his thrusts and paid closer attention to her breasts. Fuck they were the perfect handful and her skin tasted so sweet. His tongue swirled around one nipple and pinched the other. 

He surrendered her breasts after thoroughly teasing the other nipple ans whispered in her ear, “Shall I continue princess?”

“Yes, yes. I need you King Byron!”

Her saying his name was almost his undoing. He continued thrusting picking up speed. Her moans were non-stop and the higher the pitch in her voice the faster he went. God he was so close and he worried she wouldn’t get her pleasure before he came. 

“Byron..I-I’m gonna..” Before she could finish her sentence her climax wracked her body and she trembled in such utter pleasure. Watching her climax made King Byron lose it. He came harder than he’d ever done before and he couldn’t help but moan leaning his head back as he gave a few small pumps to finish.

The princess sighed as she came down from her pleasure then feeling his hot seed fill her up was the best part hands down. He pulled out slowly and she stood leaning on the desk while she fixed her dress. Byron quickly redressed as the princess pulled up her panties. 

“Thank you for your participation in these negotiations, King Byron.”

“It was truly my pleasure Princess. I’ll have Albert draw up the documents for you to sign.”

“Very well.” She smirked as she looked at him

And so it went for the next few months. Every chance they had they were in bed together. If it was diplomatic negotiations were always held in a study preferably on a desk and personal was usually in one of their chambers. There was one interesting time where diplomacy and personal intertwined in the library. There was a desk, but far fewer documents and a couch. Personally, it was one of her favorite times they had been together. 

It was far easier to negotiate in Stein than in Wysteria. Less nosy bureaucrats and far fewer people. Plus, they could be far louder in Stein.

Now the bureaucrats were getting pushy. They were upping the ante ‘encouraging’ her to pick a prince consort. There were plenty of Dukes vying for her hand, the captain of the Wysterian knights was an attractive man, but a bit vanilla in conversation. Llyod Grandier was definitely something else. Very experienced and knew what he liked. Sid was flighty though and often disappeared for some time before returning and their encounter only happened after a bit too much champagne during a ball the kingdom hosted for the dukes and archdukes in the country. There was a knock on the door to her study snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Come in.”

“Princess, I have a few documents for you to look over and your dance lesson begins in 30 minutes,” Giles handed me the documents. I promptly added the documents to my pile I was reviewing. 

“Thank you, Giles. I’ll be sure to make my way to the ballroom promptly.”

“Very good Princess. By the way the bureaucrats asked me to remind you about your duties to pick a Prince Consort.”

“Giles,” I sighed, “Please remind them I’ve not forgotten and am still trying to determine who to chose. They need to have a bit more patience.”

“Very well.” 

Giles left and I called in Nico who promptly arrived. 

“Nico, could you do me a favor?”

“Of course, Princess. What can I do for you?”

“I suspect Louis will have me practicing my lessons quite hard today. So, do you think you could have a warm bath ready when I’ve finished?”

“That should be no problem, Princess,” Nico smiled cheerily and walked with the Princess to her dance lessons. They chatted lightly about gossip from around the town. 

Her lessons concluded and she made her way back to her chambers for a lovely, warm bath before dinner. Nico, certainly kept his word the water was heavenly. She lay soaking in the tub because just as she suspected Duke Louis had made her work hard on her lessons and quite frankly her feet were killing her. While she soaked enjoying the warm water around her a thought occurred to her. “Wasn’t she supposed to start her cycle today?” 

A tendril of dread and anxiety wormed its’ way to her. Oh shit. She was supposed to start today and she was like clockwork every month. The Princess started thinking back to when she and King Byron had been together. According to her math the last time there were together was roughly two weeks ago. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about what they had done during their last meeting. 

There’s no time to dwell on those thoughts the princess needed to think of a plan. How long does one wait to determine if they’re pregnant? Two days? Five days? A week? There’s no way she could ask the royal doctor to examine her because he would go to Giles right away even if he promised no to. Then Giles would hover and her suitors would fret and worry and bother her till she got ‘better’. 

No she would wait five days just to give it plenty of time to decide and show up. After that she would figure out how to contact King Byron. Yep, that will do for now. The Princess got out of the tub, dried herself off and put on a casual summer dress for dinner. Nico arrived shortly there after to walk her to dinner. 

Over the next few days the Princess went about her breath with baited breath and anxiety. No one really noticed a change in the Princess except Nico who at one point inquired how the Princess was handling her day to day. She was able to quickly reassure him that she was indeed ok. She was not; as the days passed she panicked more and more. 

Finally, during the afternoon of the fifth day the Princess called for Nico to meet her in the garden during her free time. While the Princess sat on a bench soaking in the sunshine as Nico arrived with a tea cart and lovely snacks for munching. 

“Princess? I’ve brought tea and snacks.”

“Oh, Nico, thank you very much.” Nico began pouring tea for them and remarking on the beauty of the garden. 

“Nico, I’d like speak with you.”

Nico sat on the bench next to her. “Of course, Princess. You can tell me anything.”

“Can you keep a secret for me…and maybe help me out?”

Nico was taken aback by my question. “I can keep your secret Princess and I can try to help you as best I can.”

“Thank you. This is going to be hard to say, but I appreciate your confidence. I think I’m pregnant.” The Princess looked away from Nico blushing and trying to calmly sip her tea. Nico stared at her a bit dumbfounded then his expression softened. 

“Ok,” he smiled at the Princess,”what do you want to do next?”

The Princess was the next one to look dumbfounded. “You’re not going to ask whose it is?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I already know whose it is.”

“Whaaat? You do?”

“Yea,” Nico smiled at her, “King Byron’s, right?”

“Nico, how did you know?!”

“Princess, I know you don’t visit Stein as often as you do because you like the scenery.” Nico chuckled lightly.

“Well then,” the Princess remarked. “I guess you can help me after all. I need to get a message to King Byron about this preferably without alerting the bureaucrats or Giles.”

“Well you could write out a letter send it via pigeon.”

“Aren’t pigeons kind of dumb and easily confused?” The Princess asked hesitantly. “What if I do write a letter and have you deliver it to Stein?”

“Me?! What makes you think I would get into Stein?” Nico was taken aback by the Princess’s suggestion. 

“I know that we were in Stein that you would meet with King Byron on occasion. So you must have some sort of ties to him.”

Nico rubbed his neck and chuckled nervously, “I guess I could. I should be able to ride to Stein at night and have the letter to King Byron in a few hours.” He was hesitant.

“Look, Nico, I won’t tell anyone about your ties with Steins. I mean you’re keeping my secret and helping me out.”

“Alright Princess. We can get the message to King Byron.”

“Thanks, Nico. I really appreciate your help.”

After we finished our tea and conversation in the garden I went to my study and began writing my letter King Byron. 

King Byron,

I hope this letter finds you well. It has been some time since our last meeting. I would like to inform you of some important news. I suspect that I am pregnant. Our last meeting lines up appropriately and I thought you should be informed. 

Best wishes,

Princess of Wysteria

That evening Nico left with the Princess’s letter and made his way to Stein in the cover of night. Fortunately, Stein castle was roughly a four hour ride from the Princess’s castle. 

Stein Castle

“King Byron! King Byron!” Albert rushed to King Byron’s chambers where he had just retired after a long days work. There was an urgent knock on the king’s chamber doors. 

“Enter.” The king’s steely voice echoed in his room. Albert entered panting furiously with a light layer of perspiration on his forehead. 

“Your Highness, and urgent letter from Wysteria.”

“What? Wysteria? It’s so late,” King Byron’s voice was soft. “You may go Albert.”

Albert took his leave while King Byron stared at the letter. “What on Earth could Wysteria have to notify me of that is so urgent?” He opened the letter and read it quickly. 

King Byron was stunned. His mind had gone blank. He had no idea what to think. “The Princess is pregnant and I’m the father?!” Byron was elated. He was going to be a father! There were a few hurdles to tackle until the Princess was with him so he could care for her and their growing baby. He needed to bring her to him through permanent means which could easily be arranged. However, he was unsure how long she could keep this concealed from the palace staff. Someone must know how else would the letter of gotten to him. He needs to begin making arrangements for her arrival, but first she needs to know he got her letter. He left his chambers still partly dressed and headed for his study to write her a letter

“Albert,” Byron called for his Captain of the knights.

“Your Highness,” Albert was promptly by the king’s side, “what can I help with King Byron?”

“Bring me Spinner and when the staff awakes tell them to begin preparing the Queen room.”

“Your Highness?”

“I’m responding to the letter from Wysteria,” Byron stopped and turned to face Albert in the corridor, “in the morning I’ll be extending a proposal to the Princess of Wysteria.” Albert truly looked shocked and taken aback.

“My King? A proposal? Why have you made such a decision at this hour?” Albert inquired as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

“Nevermind why Albert. Please do as I have asked you.”

“My Lord.”

Albert left to retrieve Spinner for King Byron. Byron continued to his study and sat down and promptly began to write his letter to his Princess.


I have received your letter and I will care for you. Have some patience while I work things out.


King Byron of Stein

 King Byron stood and looked out the window in his study at the stars while he awaited Spinner. Shortly thereafter Albert arrived with Spinner. Byron attached his letter to Spinner and stroked the bird’s white feathers. He spoke to the bird in a quiet voice, “go to the Princess you know the way.” King Byron opened the window and off flew the white bird.

“King Byron what is going on?” Albert dared to ask his king.

“Don’t worry about it Albert. Get some rest until the staff awakes.”


Just before dawn the heard hooting on her balcony and she rose to check on the owl that she knew would be Spinner. That means King Byron received her letter. She removed the response from the owl and stroked his feathers. Reminding him that he is a good bird. After the brief affection Spinner departed for his home before the sun rose high in the sky. She read the letter even though it was brief.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Nico entered.

“Princess you’re already awake. I expected you to still be asleep.”

“No Nico I’m awake. I heard Spinner at my balcony with King Byron’s response so I have remained awake.”

 “Good news from Stein?”

“King Byron simply said that he will care for me and to have patience.”

“I trust King Byron has a plan.”

Nico helped the Princess get ready for the day and they proceeded to the dining room for breakfast. Giles went over the Princess’s schedule for the day. Busy as usual. I’m not sure how Giles thinks she was going survive being that busy. Just then one of the servants brought in a letter to Giles.

“What is this?”

“A letter from Stein,” the servant noted.

The Princess’s interest was piqued and watched Giles read the letter while she continued to eat. Giles read the letter furrowed his brow and read it again. The Princess was growing far more concerned as the time ticked on.

“Giles?” She asked.

“Princess,” Giles paused brows still furrowed,” the Kingdom of Stein has made you a marriage offer.”

She stared at Giles pretending to be shocked at the unexpected offer. Truly, she wasn’t all that surprised. King Byron did say he was going to take care of her and this would accomplish that goal. She thought of what this would mean and really she could find no fault in the plan. The Princess remained quiet and thoughtful for a moment.

“Princess? Are you alright?”

“I accept Stein’s proposal of marriage. I feel it will benefit both countries to have such a bond.”

“Are you sure? Do you need to give it more thought?”

“No, I’m certain. This is something that needs to be done.”

‘Very well. I’ll notify Stein and make arrangements.”

A week later the Princess and Nico were on their way to Stein as the Princess was headed there to be with her fiancé. She was glad Nico came with her and that he would be staying in Stein with her. Her things had been sent before her so her room would be ready. The carriage ride was rough and it jostled her much more than usual or she was becoming queasy much more easily.

At last they arrived after a few hours and King Byron greeted them out front which was very unusual for him. Nico stepped out first and King Byron assisted the Princess out and placed her hand on his arm wishing to keep her close.

He whispered in her ear, “Is it true?”

She looked at him with happiness and compassion. “I believe so, it still has not come.”

“Very well, we will get you settled and I’ll have a Steinian doctor examine you.”

“Thank you,” she said smiling at him.

After settling in and resting for a period of time one of the royal doctors came and examined her thouroughly. King Byron entered her chambers after approval from the doctor.

He looked from the Princess to the King speaking with confidence.

“My King, I do believe, with confidence, that the Princess is with child. Not far along I suspect, but definitely in the family way.”

“Thank you doctor. You may go. Do not speak of this to anyone other than the Princess and myself.” The doctor took his leave nodding in agreement.

Byron turned to the Princess and sat next to her on the couch gently touching her cheek. He kissed her softly whispering, “So it’s true. We will be parents.” Byron smiled. “I’m going to be a father.” He appeared wholey satisfied with the current situation. “We won’t tell anyone until we are married. It will be no more than three weeks time.”

“After we can announce that our heir is on their way.” The Princess beamed.

King Byron smiled at his princess, his future queen, and mother of his child.

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公演初日まであと5日!本日より、カウントダウンのスペシャルコメント映像をお届けします!!最初はチャラ王子のあの人から!#王室教師ハイネ #あと5日

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this is going to be long and not about fitness but I just had to vent a little (a lot)

I heard someone at the grocery store talking about immigrants today, specifically how they’re “so lazy” and “don’t want to learn english” and I put back the milk I was there to buy and left. 

I left because if I hadn’t I probably would have lost my shit. 

I was born in the US, in New Jersey specifically. But I’m first generation American and I’ve grown up my entire life being acutely aware of what my parents had to give up and do to give my brother and I that. 

My parents grew up in Barranquilla, Colombia, my mom middle class- one of two daughters of a single (my grandma separated from my grandpa when my mom and aunt were both under six years old- which was rare at the time) school teacher, who later went back and became an attorney. 

My mom graduated high school at fifteen, the youngest in her class. Went on to graduate with honors as a Microbiologist at a university in Bogotá. 

My dad grew up poor, one of four brothers raised by their grandparents. My grandpa had come over to the US already and started working for American Airlines (he worked for them his whole life) and requested my grandma, my dad’s mom to come over a little while after my dad’s youngest brother was born. My dad, who’s about 5 years older than my mom, went to a different college in Bogotá, graduated as a dentist.  My mom was 23 (only a year older than me today) when she came over. My paternal grandmother had put in a request for her sons, my parents married shortly after and my mom was able to come as his wife.

Dental degrees don’t transfer across countries, or at least not from Colombia to here. So my parent’s lived in a rented basement while my mom worked as a maid in a hotel to pay rent (she couldn’t find work in her field when she first moved) while my dad did night school at NYU to get his dental degree. again. I was about a year old when my dad graduated. 

My mom hated it. When I grew up she told me all about  how much she hated it. How she’d cry in the empty hotel rooms she was cleaning. How she missed her home, how she felt silenced by the language barrier.

Eventually, with my dad opening a practice and my mom working in the MicroLab of a nearby hospital things leveled out. They bought a house in a nice town when I was four. Even when things weren’t great financially, my parents made sure we never lacked in education. Sent my brother and I to great schools our whole lives, math tutors for me because I’ve always been awful at it. 

Now I’m 22, a first year law student and my brother is 18 a freshman engineering student. And every bit of that is due to every sacrifice my parents made and the work they poured into it. 

And my parents, successful professionals, still have heavy accents. In fact I usually write their formal letters when they need to.  But they’re also two of the most intelligent people I know. I can’t even begin to imagine moving to a foreign place where I can’t communicate the way I always have (or go to school with only a small grasp on the language, like my dad and dental school). I don’t think most people can. It sounds terrifying. But they did it. 

So when people say immigrants are lazy or are condescending to the fact that their accent is notable, I lose it. My parents might be the closest example to me but I could tell you dozens of stories about other family and friends who have similar tales of hard work to make it here. And I can speak spanish, my first language, just as well as I can english. I don’t have an accent in either. So I know the inherent privilege that comes with that. I also know that no one gives a shit about british or european accents. Those are attractive and interesting, never have I heard someone be called dumb for having one of those accents.  

My parents might pronounce some things funny, but they didn’t raise my brother and I to hate people different from me. At the end of the day, I think that matters more. But yeah, you can keep your bigoted and ignorant comments on immigration to yourself. 

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Number 9, for Tsuna. Several of the others are already too accurate...I'd love to see Reborn or the Vongola's reaction when they come to train him and find these animals wandering around the town, and everyone else is so used to it it doesn't even register and they are like....?????????


Reborn blinks as he looks from the address he was given to the high walls and intimidating gate bearing the appropriate number.

It’s been more than a bit of a hassle to find where Tsunayoshi and his mother ended up, after the divorce. Sawada Nana, now Hayashi Nana had not wanted her husband to be able to find her, after he signed the papers, but some careful research in Namimori, and judicious questioning of the neighbors eventually netted Reborn a phone number and an address.

Examining the gates again makes Reborn relieved he finally decided to call ahead on this particular journey. The walls of this property are high, and there’s something subtly off about them that makes him certain that climbing them would be a mistake, possibly a final mistake.

Pressing the buzzer for the intercom set into the gate, Reborn wonders what exactly is on the property that requires such formidable security.

Yes? Who is it?” a woman’s voice inquires, staticky through the intercom.

“My name is Reborn,” he replies, more sure of his decision to be honest about his name now than he was when he first offered it. “I called earlier about potentially tutoring your son?”

It was certainly an interesting coincidence, to find the help-wanted ad for a live-in tutor at the same address he already needed to reach. Reborn is intrigued though, about the wording the ad used. Needing someone who is ‘mentally flexible’ and ‘adjusts well to unusual circumstances’ is unusual for a teaching position.

Oh, welcome, Reborn-san!” the woman on the intercom–likely Hayashi Nana–says. “Please, come in! Just wait by the gates until Tsukkun comes to get you. The path can be hard for strangers to follow.”

While Reborn is blinking, trying to understand why a path might be hard for strangers to follow, there’s a sound like shearing metal, and the gates creak open.

Stepping through, Reborn eyes the path at his feet. For a moment, it seems like a straight, well maintained dirt road, leading to a large, traditional house. And then, in the next second, it blurs before his eyes until it’s a narrow, overgrown path, leading into a shadowed forest. Leon makes a startled noise, and darts into Reborn’s collar, shivering faintly against his skin.

Well, he thinks. That explains that.

He waits, patiently, for what feels like nearly half an hour. Eventually, there comes the sound of hoofbeats, and out of the shadowy forest–which has shivered and changed several times while Reborn has been watching–a pale light emerges, swiftly resolving into a snow-white horse, with something wrong with its back, and a rider crouched low over its shoulders.

Reborn quickly realizes that there isn’t something wrong with the horse, there’s something wrong with his vision, because he cannot be seeing a winged horse making its way towards him.

Except that’s exactly what it is, and when the pegasus comes to a halt barely ten feet away from him, it takes genuine force of will to keep his mouth from dropping open.

“You must be Reborn-san,” the boy on the pegasus’ back says cheerfully, as though he’s not mounted on a myth made flesh. “Welcome to the Hayashi Preserve. I hope you adjust faster than the last tutor. I hear he’s not responding particularly well to therapy.”

Reborn blinks for a moment, and then smiles. “I will do my best, Hayashi-san.”

Tsunayoshi laughs. “You’re already doing better than some,” he says, before nudging the pegasus forward and offering Reborn a hand. “Come on, Hayabusa can handle two easy as one, and the woods are being annoying today.”

Taking his student’s hand, Reborn allows himself to be pulled astride the pegasus, tucking his legs under the folded white wings and wrapping an arm around Tsunayoshi’s waist at the boy’s direction.

“All right, let’s head back. Mom’s got the whole explanation laid out, and the sooner we get that out of the way, the sooner you can decide if you’re going to stick around or run screaming.”

Reborn smiles into Tsunayoshi’s back as the boy urges the pegasus forward. Training Dino was rewarding, primarily because of the screaming. He has a feeling that this round of tutoring will be enjoyable for entirely different reasons.

How I Became The Help: My Au Pair Story

Brace yourselves. This is the story of how I made a slow descent into madness. 

I met the Maline* family the third day I arrived in France. I had already skyped the mother twice the week prior and had fallen in love with her vivacious spirit. Marie*, we will call her. She was warm and sunny. She had long auburn curls and an infectious smile. I could just tell she was the most popular mom in the neighborhood. She already had two babysitters, but she was looking for a live-in english tutor. She assured me that my  *sole* responsibility was to help them with their english homework and babysit them every now again. Weekends were completely mine and I received weekly pay on top of free housing, a phone, and money for transportation. Who would turn down a deal like that? 

The Warm Welcome

Three months ago, Marie picked up my mother and me from our hotel promptly at noon. Her energy was through the roof. She was excited to meet us and my energy quickly matched hers. Their home was something of Martha Stewart perfection. Every room was immaculate, carefully constructed to allude the perfect balance between elegance and modesty. 

Hugging the entire back of the house were 5 shuttered French doors, which on this first visit were completely open to allow in the sun’s natural light. In the backyard were two little boys, ages 6 and 9, bonding over soccer with their father. In the living room was the eldest daughter, age 12, intensely focused, practicing the drums for an upcoming recital. 

What I loved most about my surroundings were the decorative artifacts in every corner of the house. Congolese masks in the office, Russian dolls in the den, Japanese art above the oven. They were trying to make a statement, for sure. “Not only are we well traveled, but we fully embrace other cultures within our home!” Honestly I dug it.  It was a nice touch to an otherwise vanilla home. 

After having a 5 course meal complete with red wine AND Champagne, Marie asked me when I was planning to move home. HOME. Whether this was a result of broken english or not, I took this as a sign that she already saw me as one of the family. I looked over to my mother & had an Orphan Annie moment. 

I moved in a couple days later, believing fully that this was the best gift I could have received in my move.

I was wrong. 

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Fractured Fairytale


They were of a poor people, but when Sakura stood in the clearing at the center of the ring of stone megaliths she was dressed in more finery than she had ever seen in her life. Her beauty had cost her this; the last spring born virgin was a thing no mother wanted for their daughters to be. At her ankles on the stone alter a white lamb bled out, staining her naked toes red. Soon that too would be her fate. They had tied a cord of woven gold to her ankle and knotted it to the hind leg of the slaughtered lamb.

‘We are a pair of scapegoats,’ she thought, shutting her eyes and trying to breath without taking in the forest’s air. It was different from anything she had breathed before, and she knew why. This was the world of the thing the old gods scorned. This was something the children called the forbidden forest and the adults called it The Maw.

In her mind’s eye, she replayed the memories that refused to be ignored any longer. Scenes and flashes of conversation screamed inside her mind, demanding attention. One was more overpowering than the others and laid claim to her attention.

‘They think you are going to die this spring, this is why they mourn,’ Baba said. “Being fed to a monster, they think.”

Outside on the shortest day of the year, the last solstice before the Spring Equinox, a community dressed in black and made sure every door in town was adorned with holly and mistletoe. Sakura couldn’t remember when the tradition had been joyful instead of solemn, even though feasting and games were also part of the tradition.  

“I’m not going to die though, am I?” Sakura asked, already knowing she was different. All the other spring born girls who had been sacrificed had lived their life as they pleased as long as they remained maidens for the Bone Husk King to feast on come the Spring Equinox. Sakura, however, had been spirited away to live in isolation, tutored separately and raised with great care by a small army of nursemaids and elder women.  

“Not if you’re smart about it. You’ve got a better chance than the others.” Baba looked down thoughtful at the pipe she held in one hand and the dried grasses she clutched in the other. A moment later she shook the thought free and stuffed her pipe. “You’re going to marry him instead.”

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