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Toronto Pride is going to be a shitshow this year. Fascist groups are planning on attending/marching because the believe they’ll have impunity without uniformed police marching in the parade. Already planning to attend to counter-protest. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a riot. No matter what happens, at the end of the day BLM is going to be blamed for their completely reasonable request THAT THE POLICE COMPLIED WITH to not have uniformed officers marching in the parade. 

Fuck, guys. It’s gonna be bad.

Hey guys

Hey everyone! I’ve had this account for a few months, but never really introduced myself.  Since my exams just finished and I have a bit of time before summer school, I figured now would be a great opportunity!

  • My name is Demetra (which you could probably already tell from my url oops) and I’m 16 years old
  • I live in Toronto and I’m honestly in love with my city 
  • I’m an INTP and I can speak English and Greek
  • I’m trying to self study Latin (if anyone has any good websites send them please omg) 
  • I’m going to be going into grade 11 in the fall, and I’m taking grade 11 U Chemistry over the summer  
  • I’m addicted to coffee
  • I want to get into the computer science field
  • I am a huge Polaroid addict omg I have cameras that are more than twice as old as me and they’re honestly my children 
  • My first camera was a Polaroid (digital) camera that my grandparents gave me when I was 3 (why they would ever give a toddler a digital camera I have no idea but I’ve been hooked on photography ever since)

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oh you live in Canada! I'm moving there this fall! which part? I'm curious because I'm moving to Montreal but haven't spent a ton of time there (it's for university)

i live in toronto but i’ll be in montreal for school in september too! i’ve only been to montreal once actually and i never went to tour any schools/campuses before making my decision oop!

Harass my daughter on Minecraft? You can't hide from me.

So, my daughter, who was about 8 at the time, was REALLY into Minecraft (as most kids are these days). Also desperately wanting to join the Youtube/Let’s Play culture, I had installed some screen recording software that would let her make videos of the games she was playing so she could later upload them to Youtube.

Anyways, one day I’m minding my own business when I hear her quietly sniffling over on the computer. I asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t want to tell me so I let it go, but decided to keep on eye on her. A few minutes later I discovered what was happening; someone was harassing not only her, but also all the other kids playing on whatever server she was on. This kid (we’ll call him Little Sh*thead, or LS) was saying sh*t about how he was going to rape my 8 year old daughter (she told him how old she was hoping he would stop), how he was going to hack into her IP and steal all her info, swearing profusely (remember, this is a game for kids), etc etc. By this time I had gotten my fiance involved, and she was also obviously quite upset at what a little sh*t this kid was being. We realized that our daughter had been recording the entire incident, and a plan began to form.

I started by googling LS’s username. There were several hits immediately, the most interesting of which involved a page where he was publicly applying to be a mod for a server on Minecraft. I was able to learn a lot about this little POS: he claimed to be 15, likes hockey, used to live in Toronto but now lives in Florida. But the bombshell was easily his skype contact info; it was literally firstname.lastname. I know your name now, you little sh*t.

So I head over to Facebook and search for the name. Nothing. Hmmmm. On a hunch I searched for just the last name, while narrowing my results to only the state of Florida. Several dozen hits. Hmmm. So I have to start combing through each one, until I find what I was looking for: a middle aged man with the same last name, whose profile indicates he was born in Toronto and now lives in Florida. I FOUND YOUR DAD, YOU LITTLE SH*T.

So I sent him a message on Facebook, asking if he had a son named firstname who goes by his username on Minecraft. Dad confirmed I had the right guy. So my wife begins telling the dad everything that LS was saying to my daughter, and we sent him the recorded video as proof. Radio silence for a few days.

Then we got the message back: LS had his computer taken away from him for the entire summer, and had also been lying about his age (he was only 11, I think). His parents were f*cking livid with him, and he surely hated the next few months of his life.

No one f*cks with my daughter.


Gay NYPD officers stir controversy by inviting Toronto police to Pride march

  • Gay New York City police officers have invited their Toronto counterparts to join their 2017 pride march contingency, a decision anti-racism activists find disappointing.
  • According to CTV, New York’s Gay Officers Action League invited police officers from Toronto to join them after Pride Toronto banned the officersfrom officially participating in the city’s pride festivities. NYC Pride confirmed GOAL’s invitation in a phone interview.
  • Pride Toronto voted in January to ban police after Black Lives Matter Toronto protested police presence during the July 2016 Pride Parade. 
  • A list of demands circulating from BLM Toronto activists included the “removal of police floats” from Pride marches.  
  • Janaya Khan, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, disagrees with that characterization of the Toronto Police Department, and called GOAL’s decision to invite Toronto police “disgraceful” in a phone interview. Read more (5/25/17)

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Katherine Barrell  v.  Sharon Belle

Both have played powerful, ginger, confident lesbian characters.               (Nicole Haught, Wynonna Earp / Danny Lawrence, Carmilla, respectively)

They look ridiculously similar irl and on screen

Both live in Toronto, Canada and have made circles with some of the same people!

Their names. Say them aloud…. ahh feel the similarity in the phonetics?

Oh yeah, did I mention the height difference?

Similarity uncanny, yet these are two generally badass individual ladies, brought to us by the strong force of queer representation in entertainment/tv

Seriously. What. The. Fuck, Canada.


Pride Toronto is banning police floats— and now police want the city to defund the group

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The Art of Peter Harris 

Peter Harris was born in London,Ontario and currently lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.  He completed a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Waterloo in 1997.  In the years since he has exhibited his oil paintings in group and solo exhibitions in Canada and the United States. The work included in this post is from the series Art and Architecture.

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