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VIDEO of the Day (NEW Photoset Preview Edition): “So many nerds, as far as the eye can see!” (TWRP, “Live Action Tour”) — The Fillmore Silver Spring — June 22nd, 2017

Deleted Scene- Long Live Rock

Married Bughead Epilogue

Flash Forward

Jughead slammed the hatch on the station wagon and slid behind the wheel. “I can’t believe we are really doing this.” Their new Volvo station wagon had been packed with the last of the essentials, their suitcases and the valuables that Betty hadn’t trusted to the moving company.

“Wave goodbye to New York City, Jugs.” Betty raised a hand and waved out the window as Jughead pulled the car out onto Amsterdam Avenue. Jughead hated driving in New York City. Just getting out of town was going to take way too long. The GPS already showed a big red exclamation point: there was a backup on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Of course.

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Vermillioncore - Steven Wilson