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Can you feel the love tonight (Yondu x reader)

A/N: For the cutesy challenge. Yondu x reader with Lion king meeting….I’m so lame.

Watching the scene from in the bushes in the deserted forest planet the Guardians had crash landed on Rocket and Kraglin observed the two from a distance. Yondu and their friend y/n had been looking at each other with love struck eyes for some time and giving the teams current circumstances they finally had time alone… except for the two staring on.

 Rocket gave a sigh and shook his head, “I can see whats happening….”.   

Knotting his brows Kraglin looked at the Raccoon “What?”  

 "..And they don’t have a clue..“ Rocket went on.  

 "Who?” Kraglin asked confused.  

 "..They’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line..our trios down to two.“ Rocket said throwing his hand out to motion to the two by the small spring and waterfall. 

  "Oh..” Kraglin said with a fall of his shoulders.  

 "The sweet caress of twilight there’s magic, everywhere and with all this romantic atmosphere disasters in the air!!!“ Rocket mocked, his lip lifting in distaste.  


Can you feel, the love tonight…

the peace the evening brings

The world for once, in perfect harmony

with all its living things.

  Yondu leaned against the rocks and watched the smaller women by the sparkling water. He had been watching her for some time and couldn’t get her out of his mind. He had never felt love towards a woman before and he didn’t know where to begin… ‘So many things to tell her, but how to make her see. The truth about my past..Impossible! She’d turn away from me..’ he said looking down and furrowing his brows.   

Biting your lip you glanced up at the blue Captain through your lashes. He seemed to be distance for the last few days. You thought the two of you had been getting along. Hell you thought the two of you were hitting it off. Looking down you looked into the water. 'He’s holding back, he’s hiding but what i cant decide. Why wont he be the king i know he is, the king i see inside……' 

  Seeing the sadness on your face Yondu gave a grin before running and jumping into the water. Before she could move he leaned up and pulled her into the water with him.   


Can you feel, the love tonight

the peace the evening brings

The world for once, in perfect harmony

with all its living things

  You gasped out at the cold water soaking through to your bones. Hopping back onto the rocks you glared at him. He gave you a crooked teeth grin making you roll your eyes and push him back into the water before taking off across the meadow.  

Can you feel the love tonight

You need'nt look too far

Stealing through, the nights 


Love is where they are……

  Yondu gave a large smile as he ran after her. Chasing her he was quick to catch up and pounced when he got close enough. Tackling her to the ground the rolled down the hill to lay on the soft grass. When he noticed he was laying on top of her he went to apologize but was stopped by her leaning up and kissing him. It ended quickly and when he looked down he saw her blushing and gave a soft smile. Lowering his own head he pushed his lips back to hers.


"And if, he falls, in love, tonight….*sniff* It can be, assumed…” Rocket said looking down.  

 Noticing Rocket becoming sad Kraglin pulled the small creature into his side. “His carefree days, with us are history…”   

“In short our pal…is doomed.” The both of them said in unison. Throwing their head back they gave a sob. With Groot only tilting his head in confusion. 

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine #5- Requested

Anon: Hi! I justo live the way you write! Youre awesome! I entre at your blog every tour yo ser if you write smthing! Can I request you one: an anon is part of the avengers and Pietro is crazy in love with her and try yo be with ver but the other avengers wont ley him because they thing he will hurt her! Thank u! Kisses from Argentina!

A/N: Yesss this is such a cute request! I love Argentina! I can’t wait to go back there! It means a lot to me for you to look at my blog and like the way I write. You’re such a sweet person and I wish I could tell you but its anon so I’m just going to have to tell you through here aha. I hope you enjoy it xox  

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Exo’s Reaction - When They Find Your Makeup

Xiumin - *Is tempted to play around with it but decides to keep it tidy, doesn’t touch it and listens to music instead*

Lay - *Shocked when see see that you have so much makeup but decides to stay away from it just in case you see him touch your makeup*

Kai - *Gets curious of what makeup you’ve got and makes a mess of your display and gets worries that you’ll notice so he tries putting it back the way it was. When you walk in, he just looks up at you and smile like nothing has happened*

Suho - *Finds your makeup in the back room and doesn’t give it a seconds glance as he has other things to do than have a nose through all your makeup and goes to the next room where he hears Mama and starts dancing*

Kyungsoo - *He finds your makeup on he table in the living quarters after waking up and puts your makeup in his room safely while trying not to fall back asleep* 

Tao - *Goes through all your makeup and Gucci Tao appears and gives himself a makeover which was surprisingly amazing* Jagi! How do I look?…… I know, I look fabulous right?

Chen - *He asks you why you need all of this makeup and you wont give him straight answers and tell him that each item of makeup was for something they weren’t used for and he gets confused*

Kris - *He could see your makeup out of the corner of his eyes and he goes through it all but couldn’t find what he wanted and every time he picks up a makeup object and doesn’t like it, he will put it back down*

Chanyeol - *Gif* So much makeup!

Baekhyun - *After you leave the dorm, he decides to have a little peep through your makeup and being a little shit, he accidentally on purpose hides your eyeliner from you so he could have it and laughs to himself about it when you struggle to find it later on*

Sehun - *Tries every lipstick you have in your bag and gets hot headed when he finds it more attractive on him than you* You don’t need this do you? It looks better on me anyway

Luhan - *Little shit messes up your makeup and when you ask him about it he denies it all*

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fitzception + "it looks good on you."

this is literally just fitz @ himself, and if you haven’t read don’t trust the moon this wont make any sense 

Putting on the suit feels familiar, like he’s done this before, slid into a role that was made for him. He has, technically. He’s lived through the Framework, he has been this man, Leopold Fitz, the head of Hydra, the Doctor, the one they talk about in the history books. 

“It looks good on you, little brother.” 

“We’re the same person,” Fitz says, the ever familiar words, but this time not responding to the worn out nickname, but stating a fact. The one that is staring back at him in the mirror, the one two steps behind him leaving against an open door way. 

Dressed like this, the same, the pressed suit and tie, the Hydra pin on the lapel, they look identical. 

This is proof if anything why he can’t stay here in this world, even though a part of him wants to, even though it’s the only place that seems to understand him anymore. 

Despite everything Leopold says, there’s now way the two of them could pass for anything other than twins. 

Suddenly he needs to be somewhere else, away from the mirror that serves as a reminder to all of that, he needs to tug back on one of those sweaters that made him feel more like himself and less like - 


“I’m fine,” he says, even though he’s not. Even though both of them know that because they’re the same person.

He can’t help but feel relief when Leopold doesn’t push it, even though he didn’t expect anything else.

He knows him.

He knows them.

He knows himself.


You had been working over at Cara Cara for a while now as a make-up and costume artist, even getting close to the girls, a few of you rented am apartment together. But the time had come for you to get a place of your own, and being the tough biker sweetheart he was, Kozik offered to help you move.

“Thanks again Kozi, there is no way I could have done this on my own,” you said as you carried one side of your love seat couch.

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I'll protect you — always. [Calum Hood]

hey. so I wrote this kinda sorta out of personal experience . My dad is like, abusive ig. Sorta. & This is what I WISH COULD HAPPEN FOR FUCKS SAKE. But praise Jesus that I dont even live in the same state as him. I just visit him sometimes during the summer.

Warning: Self Harm, Course language, abuse, ect.

ps. this was written on my phone.
You cringed as your dad raised his hand up and bucked towards you. “S-stop please.” You pleaded as tears stung your eyes. You sat
between your knees on the ground and he stood up. “You’re such a coward. Running off with your boyfriend when you get scared.” He growled. he brought his hand down to your cheek and you yelped out in pain.

“He doesnt know about anything!” You tried to convince him.

Calum really didn’t know about everything. Every time you showed up with a bruise, you made a quick lie, “fell down my stairs”, “I slipped”, “My friend ran into me”, “I wasnt looking and ran into a pole.”

You never really knew if he believed you, but he didnt ask questions.

“And I swear if he does find out then I’ll kill you.”

You shakily nodded, bringing your palms to your burning cheek. “I won’t I swear!”

You’re phone buzzed and you reached for it. Calums name appeared on the screen and before you could answer the text your dad snatched it from your hands and read it aloud, “He’s asking if you’re okay? You did tell him!”

“No! I’ve been ignoring him since you got home and He’s just worried!”

“Fucking lie!” He kicked you in the stomach and you could feel the wind being knocked out of your chest. “Stop it!” You begged. “I didn’t do anything!”

“Bitch! You should know to never raise your voice at me.” He grunted as he let his fist make contact with your ribs. If they weren’t cracked they were definitely internally bruised.

He threw your phone at you, stomping away as you coughed blood, a few droplets landing on your white undershirt.

You stood up, your vision blurring for a moment before you ran towards the front door.

You’d had enough.

You banged on the door to Calums house. Not even a
minute later, Calum opened it. It seemed as if he was the only one home at the moment. “Oh my god, y/n. Are you okay?”

You shook your head, words not being able to form.

“What happened?” He asked as he pulled you inside and shut the door behind you. “Why is your cheek bruised and— is that blood on your shirt?” You shakily shook your head. The metallic/copper tasted terrible in your mouth. “Y/n, what the fuck happened?” Calums voice was gentle but tense at the same time. “I’ll make the bastard that did this to you burn in hell.”

“You… You can’t. It was my dad.” You said after a minute. The words flew out of your mouth and you felt like you would throw up. Your ribs burned and you doubled over to catch your breath.

“What? Your own father did this?”

You nodded a bit. “That’s terrible!”

You panted, “I… You’re not supposed to know.”

“Why don’t you call the police?!”

“Its not that simple.” You whispered. Your eyes stung again and a few stray tears escaped your ducts. “Yes. Yes it is! I don’t understand! He’s hurting you!”

“He still my dad! Its not simple throwing family in jail!” You brought your hands up to your eyes. Calum gently took your wrist in his hands and examined them carefully. “Are these… scars?”

You didn’t answer and Calum looked at you with wide eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered. He voice shook and he took your other wrist in his free hands. “We’ve been together for 8 months and I Never knew? Why didn’t you tell me about your dad, or that you cut?” Calum whimpered. He didn’t bother hiding his tears as he looked into your eyes. “I thought you had no secrets. You promised.” He cried.

“I—I’m sorry. I didn’t know who you would take it. Usually people who find out their girlfriends cut don’t stick around. I didn’t want you to leave me.” You sobbed. Calum pulled you up to his room as the front door unbolted. He slammed it shut and locked it.

He took my wrists again and kissed each one softly. “Please stop hurting yourself. If you feel sad please talk to me, okay? Promise me. I… I love you.”

That was the first time he said it. You were stunned. He deeply into your eyes with his brown hues. You cracked a small smile. “Calum it’s been a long time since I’ve heard those words. Almost a year.” You shook in happiness. “I love you too. I love you. I love you. You make me happy when no one else can. I trust you with everything. I love you.” You answered. He smiled, the redness in his eyes being replaced with happiness as well. “I love you.” He repeated.

His hands pulled your body to his and he gave you a sensual kiss. The kiss lasted longer than your usual kisses before.

One of his hands wrapped tightly around your back while the other cupped the back of your neck. His tongue continued to gently trace the shape of your bottom lip. Your hands gripped his shoulders as You parted your lips slightly and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth. His tongue massaged yours thoroughly, yours doing the same to his.

You pulled back, breathless. “O-oh…” Was all you could say. He chuckled and leaned his forehead against yours, his eyes turning serious again. “Promise me, y/n. Promise you’ll never cut again and promise me you will tell the police. You said its been a while since someone told you the loved you. You deserve the world for all the shit you’ve been through. If he doesn’t have the balls to even whisper "i love you”, then he doesnt deserve to even look at you.“ He ranted.

"I… I can’t. He didn’t commit murder so he wont go to jail for life. He told me that if you found out, or anyone for that matter, he’d kill me.” You muttered. “Plus, I’m only 17, so they won’t let me take care of myself.”

“You will live with us. I will not let you go back there alone—”

“Aye Mate, you in there?”

“Yeah Michael! Give me a second.”

“Anyways,” Calum started as Michael walked away, “You will live with us. Tonight you and me both will go pack your things, okay? Then we will call the police. I’m going to protect you. We all will. We’re your family now.” He reassured. You nodded, over-joyed that Calum was by your side. He smiled softly and made his way over to his closet. He tossed a plain pale-blue button down shirt that reached your knees at you. “Put that on. It’ll be better than bloody clothes.” He said as he gave his phone to me.

You put on his shirt, not bothering to go into his bathroom. You could feel his eyes roam you body observantly. “He got your ribs too?”

You looked down at your ribcage and saw black and blue. “Mhm. Its why Theres blood on my shirt.” You mumbled absent-mindedly. Calum grunted in annoyance. A moment later Calum knelt in front of you and kissed your bruises gently. “Fucking dickwad.” He whispered. You sighed, pulling him up and pulling him into bed with you.

You lay on your back and Calum lay on his side, an arm draped over your body and softly massaging your soar ribs. You let out a breathy sigh. “I love you.” He whispered as he peppered kisses over your shoulder.

You turned your body to face him. You kissed him gently before resting your head upon his chest and closing your eyes.

“I love you too…”


“Jihoon? Are you in here?” You called out as you kicked off your shoes. You walked into the living room, seeing your boyfriend on the couch, aimlessly flicking through the channels. “Babe?” No answer. That’s weird. You sat next to him and leaned your head on his shoulder. “Jihoooooon~” He looked down at you for a second before putting his attention back on the screen. “Why wont you answer me?”

“Cause.” He mumbled, changing the channel for the sixth time since you entered the room. You were pretty sure he wasn’t actually looking for something to watch. You poked his tummy and he grabbed your hand and moved it. You sat up straight and looked at him. 

“Jihoon, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He muttered.

“Doesn’t seem like nothing to me.” You pushed.

“Well it is.” You shook your head at him. 

“C’moooon. Babe, talk to me about it. I wanna make you feel better, you’re clearly upset.”

“Why don’t you talk to him.”

“Who? You mean Jun? Jihoon, you kidding me?” 

“I mean, you’re always with him so why not?” Was he really angry about this? You just let out a laugh. “Why are you laughing? I’m serious!”

“You’re being ridiculous!”

“You’ve been spending more time with him than me! You’re my girlfriend, not his!” He pouted, still flicking through channels. You rolled your eyes at him and took the remote from him and shut the television off. You set the remote on the table in front of you and then turned so you were facing Jihoon. He turned towards you as well, a pout still on his lips.

“Listen, just like you said; I’m your girlfriend, not his.”

“But you’re always with him, we don’t even spend that much time together!”

“He’s my friend, Jihoon! Your’s too!” You grabbed his hands in yours.

“I don’t like how much time you two spend together. I wanna hangout with you, but you always have plans to hangout with him! Do you like him?!” You nearly hit him upside the head for thinking like that. Of course, not in a mean way or anything.

“No! Why would you even ask that, the kid is like my brother!” You exclaimed. “Why are you so jealous?”

“Because I miss you! Its not like I get to see you that much! I only see you once a day or every two days because of my schedule lately and yours too!”

“I’m sorry, Jihoon, you’re always just really tired..”

“But I wanna spend time with you! I don’t care if I’m tired. We could cuddle and watch movies!” You couldn’t help but smile at him. You let go of his hands and moved your hair behind your ears so it wouldn’t be in your face. 

“I’m sorry.” He sighed and shook his head.

“Don’t be, I should be sorry. I didn’t tell you how I felt before hand so its not your fault.” He opened his arms wide and you took the chance to basically launch yourself at him, wrapping your arms around his torso, you heard him laugh and he wrapped his arms around you. “I love you.” He muttered, kissing the top of your head.

“I love you too.” You looked up at him and made kissy lips at him. He laughed lightly and then kissed you on your lips. The rest of the night was spent with you two in your room cuddled up and watching movies until both of you fell asleep. 


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Kurt X Reader - Winter at Graymalkin Lane Pt6

Ch.06 – Danger Room

Reader P.O V

Your hands were shaking a little as you zipped up your training suit. It was the big day, your first session in the danger room with the X-Men. Regardless off all the re-assurance you had from both the instructors, the Professor and your friends, you were still nervous.
You had never been in a battle-situation before. Everyone else was a veteran in some way.

You? Nothing. No experience. You just knew you were going to screw up.

You struggle even more with the buckles on your boots, and there is a knock on the door. You can hear Kurt calling your name.
“J-just a second….” you stammer, failing again to tighten the buckle.
“Do you need help…?” Kurt asks, sounding a little worried. You give in with a groan.

Kurt enters once you finally ask for his help, already in his full X-men gear. Your cheeks go bright red. He looks so much more mature…. so powerful…..

He kneels and helps you with your boots, holding the pieces in place so you can do them up properly. He does the same with your arm guards before standing.
“You look fit for battle.” he says with a smile. You somehow still manage to feel more nervous, hugging yourself a little.
“What if I screw up….” you mumble, heading for the door. Kurt puts a hand on your shoulder and squeezes gently.

“It’s only a training session, you do not have to worry if you make mistakes.”
You try to think positive, but it gets increasingly difficult with each step closer to the Danger Room. Everyone else was waiting for you outside, smiling as you approached.
Jean led the way inside, Mystique and the Professor were watching from the observation room. You stand between Kurt and Peter in a line, clenching your hands to try and calm your nerves. Peter looks at you, a little puzzled.

“It’ll be fine, geez…. you’re making me feel nervous….” he said, smiling. You can feel the colour draining from your face as the simulation begins. Kurt’s tail pats your back gently and you look to him. He is braced for battle, and smiles in your direction.
You swallow your fear and brace yourself too as the simulated environment begins to take shape around you. A battlezone. There was fire and debris scattered about, and you could see the monstrous Sentinels in the distance. You could feel the heat, smell the fire.

The sentinels were relentless, working you and the team to your limits to take them down. You and Peter worked in unison to trip the machines where you could, utilizing your superior speed to out manoeuvre them. Kurt teleported large chunks of rock and dropped them on the machines to slow them, while Jean and Scott teamed up with Storm to tackle the remaining Sentinels.
You paused for a breather beside Kurt, wiping your face and counting the remaining robots. Only two left. You nod to Peter and race forward, Kurt teleporting ahead. There is an explosion behind you and you turn, watching in slow motion as debris flies towards you and the others. You race forward, pushing Jean and Scott behind a large chunk of concrete, and you see Peter get Storm out of harm’s way. You look around frantically for Kurt, he is stuck too close to the debris and will not be able to get away in time. You rush to his side, pushing his body out of the way with yours. You feel a sharp pain in your side but ignore it as you shield Kurt from the rest of the flying dirt.
The others quickly shut down the remaining sentinels, ending the training program. You cough a little, still lying on top of Kurt. You can hear him calling your name, but it sounds distant and muffled. He holds you against his body as he sits up, you can see worry and fear in his eyes. His voice turns frantic and rushed, it sounds like he’s speaking in rapid German.

You have no idea what’s happening, you feel very light headed, and everything is going dark. You mumble something incoherent moments before you black out.

Kurt P.O V

He could see it happening but was powerless to stop it. She launched herself between him and the debris, shielding him. And now a strip of metal was embedded in her side. She went limp in his arms and he felt his entire body go cold.
She couldn’t die. Not like this….. it was too sudden. He called to the professor for help, to anyone. They were at his side in moments, everyone trying to figure out how this happened. Beast was investigating the robots, as it looked like a part of one of their insides was the cause of her injury.
Mystique came in with a hospital bed and helped Kurt lift her limp frame onto it. She then pried him off so Jean and Scott could get her out. He was screaming for her, but too distraught to manage to teleport. Mystique held onto him tightly, clenching her teeth.
It took Kurt a long time to calm down, but she held him that whole time, even long after everyone else had left. She slowly pulled back.
“Kurt… you need to clear your head. You hear me? She’s going to live, they would have called Magneto to get that metal out safely. She’ll need you to be strong.”
Kurt looked down and nodded, hands clenched into fists. He got up and headed upstairs with Mystique, following her instruction to shower and change his attire.

Once he was done and wearing a plain shirt and pants he headed for the medical room. The door was sealed so he sat down outside, tail lashing with agitation. He could hear voices inside, one of them definitely being Magneto. They sounded very concerned, and it was hours before the doors opened again, Hank stepping out.
“Kurt? How long have you been sitting out here?” he asked, looking tired.
“ ………… a while….” Kurt replied, his voice cracking. “Is… she alright?”
Hank sighed running a hand through his hair and adjusting his glasses.
“She will live but…. it is going to take her some time to heal. She wont be able to train with the Xmen…. not for a very long time.”
Kurt felt his heart torn. She was going to live, which was truly blessed news. But her future with the team was now in question.
“May I see her?” he said in a small voice, looking back up to Hank. He nodded and held the door open as Kurt stood and shuffled inside.

She was lying on the bed, having been carefully moved off the operating table and covered with warm blankets. Kurt pulled a chair over and sat down beside her, taking her hand in his gently. He kept gloves on at Hank’s suggestion, not wanting to risk giving her his power in her weak state and having her vanish unexpectedly.

She looked so pale, lying on the hospital sheets. So tired and helpless, Kurt held her hand a little tighter. She had thrown herself in the line of fire to protect him. Without seeming to care about what would happen. She was a warrior at heart…. that much was certain.

He sat with her for the rest of the day, not moving even when the others came to check on them both. Jubilee brought food for him, though he didn’t have much of an appetite. He looked at the clock on the wall, it was well past sundown, everyone would be going back to their rooms about now, some even going to sleep.
His mind was still replaying what happened over and over, wishing there was some way to go back and prevent this from happening. Hank came back, a folder in his hands.
“Kurt? I figured out what caused the explosion. There was faults in the workings of that last Sentinel, it had been broken and rebuilt too many times. It just took one too many hits and exploded. We can’t tell who or what set it off, but it won’t be happening again. The professor is having Magneto destroy what’s left of them.”
Kurt nodded, understanding this was all just an accident. Still, one he wished he had taken the hit for, not her. She shifted in her sleep, her hand twitching and gripping Kurt’s a little.
He moved his chair closer, resting himself on the bed and closing his eyes.
He was determined to stay by her side until she woke, and for as long as she would allow him for every day that followed.
She saved his life and as far as he was concerned, she owned his life now.


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